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    Changed: Stinger launcher price changed from 50,000 to 30,000 Poptabs. The state of "Environment Sounds" saves over relogs/restarts. Fixed: An issue that wouldn't let you open the Loadout Trader. The server randomly not unlocking on restarts.
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    First attempt at making this style of edit. Colors were a bit off at times and some cinematic felt a bit weird, but hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to give feedback on it as id like to make more like this in the future.
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    @Cerin I didn’t know you took your rig to exhibitions?
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    Where the hood at.
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    So we will be adding these turrets to Spawntowns in the future, they will only lock on to Armed Heli's\Planes within 800m of the center of the spawntown marker. THIS IS A JOKE BTW!!!!
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    Added: Anti floor peeking script - Thanks to DB/Dave from MGT and Sa-Matra from KOTH. We only have it to activate in first person to hopefully not disrupt any legit players experiences.
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    Changed/Fixed: Flag and Safe hacking: While a player is placing down the laptop and disconnects, the hack will cancel correctly. Fixed some safe hacking messages showing as flag hacking. Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the 5 hack limit per territory each restart. Changed position of "Check Hack Percentage" option to the top of the list. Everyone within the territory radius will now get detailed update messages about the hack. Instead of just the player who started hack. "Fixed" the hacking fail chance (There may or may not of ever been a chance to fail) A hack has a 15% chance of failing while the hack is active. Once a hack fails, the laptop has a 50% chance of destroying. If a hack fails, it adds to the total amount of hacks that can be done for that territory for per restart. Deleted some trees that were in houses at Balota. All information for raiding can be found here:
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    Admin Base The admins have built a base on the server. You have to attack it and kill all inside! You and your group will have to gear up and come and try to kill us! We will be heavily armed to defend the base! There will be crates filled with money and high end loot will be in the base for you guys to take. Event starts on: Saturday, April 06 - 9:30 PM GMT There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Bring your own gear. Rules: Dropping items from the safes isn't allowed. Breaking any server rules during the event will result in the same punishment as usual. Prizes: Crates with Money, Building Supply's, Raiding Equipment, Weapons. Good Luck.
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    It set to 2 minutes for a reason
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    Would like to get this to 1K! More Arma and BF5 content coming soon!
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    Changed: ESM (Discord) raid notifications: Each different type of raid notification has its own separate cooldown. Notification cooldown time changed from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Added: In-game notification when receiving your Discord reward. M320 silencer to the loot table - Thanks to @Pertubator for the idea. Group XP to raiding. Similar to Capture Points: Any group member within the territory radius will also receive XP once any raid mechanic is complete. Fixed: "Crate Storage" on some vehicles: All Urals can now hold 4 crates. SUVs can now hold 1 crate.
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    Added: Radiation to Chernarus Isles' debug area.
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    Terrible transitions but whatever
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    Added: New Trader (Safe Zone) to Altis - Thanks to @William Wallace
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    Amazing vids man. Made me decide to make the switch from my previous server.
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    Leave any comments on improvements!
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    Nice video. Those MAAWS shots are on point
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    CUP and RHS have idiotic rules and wont let us have their mods on our server and there is not really anything else sadly
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    Changed: Spitfire rearm price set to 2,000 Poptabs. Rangefinders and Binoculars no longer sell when using "Sell All" at traders. Disabled the Inmate Market ability to list vehicles due to exploits. Safe/Flag Hacking improvements: Performance increases during active hacks. The hacking laptop screen will "flicker"a lot less as it now correctly checks to update the loading bar or not. Weed Bags, Gold Bars and Money Stacks now spawn in the radiation zone. Improvements to Altis Gravia airfield building placements. Fixed: Wastedump now calculates backpack/uniform/vest items to sell price. - Thanks to @LiveJasmin for reporting. Loadout Trader not removing some blacklisted items. - Thanks to no one reporting it but instead abusing it
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    Hi everyone. Recently reinstalled ARMA as I was getting tired with CSGO. Thousands of hours in ARMA 2 and 3 but I've now got 2 young boys so my playtime isn't what it used to be. One week I might be on for 1 night, the next week I might be on 4. Quick bit about me: UK 30yo Loads of ARMA time Enjoying taking it seriously when missioning/PVPing, and enjoy talking s*** while on the way to missioning/PVP Had a brief chat in Direct with a couple of UK guys at the West safe zone and did some dabbing. Holla if that's you!
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    Welcome. Hope you have tons of fun!
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    Tbf, it seems like its balanced as it is. If it's a decent gun on the loadout the armor is shit, and the ones with guns not that great, the armor is better. I get one tapped from pistols and mp5's all day wearing CSAT gear (full armor). And you're a fresh spawn, not supposed to be running around with decent gear after being killed.
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    @Winky @Jordan' Be careful.
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    ALPHA CP CAPTURED .............. LiveJasmin [ Spitfire MkVb Green ] You [257m]
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    I must agree with Jasmin every time he kills one of us we just go to BM and whip out a stinger and then he’s dead and for you to be complaining about cost @Cashcake you are in one of the biggest groups funding a stinger shouldn’t be hard if donkeys can’t afford to pay for a stinger you are doing something wrong
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    Killed by Taric (2103m, homie)
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