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  1. Are they really fans if they don't have RGB...
  2. Changed: Base/Vehicle Painting: New dialog. New "Paint All" option for base parts. E.G: You select to paint a Conrete Floor, then "Paint All" and it will only paint all Conrete Floor's. Note that painting all is not instant. It may take a minute or two if you have a level 10 base with full 300 parts. It will notify when it completes. You can hold right click and drag to move your camera around the object. Please note that all current painted base parts have been reset to default.
  3. It will never happen. It's not that kind of server and never will be.
  4. Changed: Base Spawning: Live count down timer. Once the timer hits 0, it will allow you to spawn at your base. Please note that if you wait too long on the spawn selection screen, the server will kick you.
  5. Changed: Metal Hedgehog's can now be destroyed by using 2 metal breaching charges.
  6. Added: 10 minute cooldown for "fixme" due to exploits: The cooldown resets on a new life. The automatic checking will still fire when it detects your bugged gear. Changed: "fixme" script due to exploits: Remade how it replaces your gear. It now only replaces your uniform, vest and backpack.
  7. A player can only have 1 spawned quad bike at a time. So as you said, you killed a player and took their quad. That player would of respawned and spawned a new quad in which deletes the one you just stole.
  8. Changed: Autorun: Improved the previous fix^.
  9. Changed: Autorun: You can no longer "jump" while autorunning. You can no longer instantly pull out your weapon when you stop autorunning. You can no longer instantly standup using auto run. Edit: Further less annoying fixes will come next restart.
  10. Changed: Replaced Exile's HMMWVs with our new ones for all mission vehicles/rewards. AI skill level changed on dynamic missions. They seem to be a lot more aware since using a Headless client. (The difficulty was lowered a tad ?) Added: Base camera fix again. I forgot to add it when we switched to a new server.
  11. WIPE CHANGES!! Mod: [SG] Mod: Added "Vurtual's HMMWVs" mod. (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1337128157) Rheinmetall MG42 APT ammo type. Gas grenade and gas GL grenade - Thanks to @LYSY for providing the script. Lasts for 20 seconds. If a player is in the radius for the full amount of time, it will deal around 70 health point. Can only be obtained from Radiation loot at this time. Fixed: LRR Suppressor image. Armour values for all custom clothing. SVD Ammo damage. Players randomly looking "naked" to other players. Not tested but should work ? Changed: MAAWS HE ammo mass increased to 70. MAAWS HEAT ammo mass increased to 80. All SMAW ammo mas set to 80. Changed: Decreased the amount of launchers on AI at missions. (We will monitor the affects on this) MAAWS Mod 1 price increased to 18k Poptabs. All MAAWS ammo prices increased by 1kPoptabs. All SMAW ammo prices increased by 1kPoptabs. Nyx (Autocannon) price increased to 150k Poptabs. Increased all XP again by 25%. "Daily Rewards" rewards... Increased price of Rheinmetall MG3-KWS varients to 4,100 Poptabs. Increased price of Rheinmetall AP ammo. Increased price of MK 48 Mod 0 to 2,000 Poptabs. Increased price of MK 48 Mod 1 to 2,100 Poptabs. Increased price of MK 48 Ammo. Increased price of SMA ACR to 1,500 Poptabs. Increased price of SMA ACR Ammo. Radiation Zone loot changed up. Fixed: Vehicles spawning on top of each other when purchasing them. Added: Visual timer to the 8G Player Scan cooldown. New North West Black Market on Chernarus. - Thanks to @MrAndy New North West Black Market on Altis. - Thanks to @MrAndy
  12. Wipe time will be 3PM (BST) on 13th June 2019! New server IPs: Chernarus: Altis: You can also search [SG] on A3L and favourite them!
  13. All rewards will be disabled for around a week after the wipe. All rewards = Discord and Forum. Daily rewards will still be a thing.
  14. The time has come. A wipe. We know not everyone will like this, but it's over due for both servers! Chernarus last wipe: 31st August 2018. That is a little over 9 months ago. Altis last wipe: Never! Released on the 6th July 2018. 11 months ago. The wipe will happen on the 13th June 2019 at 3PM (BST) Both servers will also be changing IPs on the wipe. We're moving providers to hopefully better our performance both on the servers and network. New server IPs: Chernarus: Altis: You can also search [SG] on A3L and favourite them! There will be some new additions/changes to both servers. Nothing major. Some rules will also be changing. They will be posted soon. All current active Premium members have had their reserved slot extended by 7 days. If anyone has purchased something from our store RECENTLY, and no longer wish to play after the wipe. Please PM me on here or Discord. We are also releasing a new server! It will be on the up coming Livonia map. Go to this topic to find out more: <link coming soon>
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