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  1. The changelog hasn't been updated in awhile but some things have been changed/fixed/added. I am just waiting for the Exile update before I add anything major to the server. All of the following changes have been made since the 2nd of January until today. I have probably missed a few changes, but it will be nothing major. Changed: Day/night cycle. It is now permanently day. Armed HMG hunter and striders ect. have been removed from AI vehicle list. Fixed: Rearming at trader/fuel stations. Simulation on some map edits causing them to not open. Added: Fuel stations you can place at your base. Buy them from the Hardware trader for 30k. SPAR-16S to traders. New NIArms sniper rifles to traders. Some missions displaying the wrong information. "NO PVP ZONE" on screen messages. Removed: "Advanced Towing" as it was just making vehicles fall under the map.
  2. Mods: Added JSRS Mod as an optional mod. Added JSRS NIA as an optional mod. Changed: Capture Point Poptabs reward is split up into the two reward crates. Kill message format is more simple. Cargo Tower mission is now harder. Night Stalker price increased to 1500. Capture Point AI has a %5 chance of spawning with a launcher. It was 25%. Added: Flares to Armed Little Birds Fixed: God mode not enabling on bought vehicles. Removed: Some buggy vehicles.
  3. Nothing will change with the server apart from the IP. All your progress will be saved and nothing will be lost.
  4. I have an idea on how we can combat this. Once we have sorted out the server, I will get around to do stuff like this.
  5. Randomly getting kicked

    The kicks are probably just BattlEye and there is nothing I can do to fix that. The lag should be fixed now. I believe I figured out what is was. It was a dumb mistake that was made when testing some queries with stats.
  6. Fuel stations

    We wont be able to add lockers that you can only take a certain amount out of. It will be possible but not worth the work. As for adding lockers to fuel stations, I kinda like people having to carry money on them if they wish to use the rearming/repairing from a gas pump.
  7. Lag on doors/safes?

    Yep, already been reported to me many times I am in the process of sorting this. We're even moving our TS and website onto a VPS instead of the same box as out Exile server. Every little bit helps.
  8. Mods: [SG] Mod updated. Added: Decrease base spawn timer perk. Increase locker limit perk. Fixed: Mission helicopters spawning with rockets. XM8 Crafting App will now show the concrete mixer if required. XM8 Apps will no longer disappear when the XM8 is closed. Random "No Building" zones around the map. Also added debug codes to each zone, so if someone is bugged again, we can see why. Changed: Stinger missiles now travel faster and do more damage.
  9. Spawn town change Kamenka to Vybor

    There is a 1000m block on building around Vybor I will add it as a perk when I get time. I also want to add more perks anyways. But if the spawn point doesn't end well as a perk we can always make a public spawn point or remove it totally.
  10. Mods: [SG] Mod updated. Fixed: Perks not actually giving you the perk. Sorry for those who bought perks and had to deal with it. (I did only get the report last night) Mercedes vehicle engine sounds form the [SG] Mod. They are now back in traders as well. Changed: Trader categories should be more organized and you can double click on an item to see if it's from the Black Market or normal traders by looking at the colour. Thanks to @MrAndy for sorting this. All the new vehicles have been correctly configured for the Crate Loading. Thanks to @MrAndy again.
  11. Will be updating the mod again soon. Now is the time to get yours in!
  12. Fixed: [SG] Mod performance issues with the Shounka vehicles. Some cleanup issues with bodies and AI. Added: Dead bodies within 500m of a spawnzone will delete after 5 minutes. Correct textures on safes. Thanks to @Demples' wife for these. Removed: Some armed vehicles from random vehicle spawns.
  13. Random Vehicles...?

    Most vehicles you would of seen on the map were players vehicles. That's why you're not seeing as many. But there are still a few that the server spawns each restart.
  14. Spawn town change Kamenka to Vybor

    For now we will add it as a perk. We can change this in the future at anytime because we have put a building restriction there.
  15. We are offering our players an extra 20k Poptabs for FREE! All you have to do is comment your in-game name down below. THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE. EVEN IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT IN THE PAST! (Each request is dealt with manually, an Admin will like your comment once he/she has given you the 20k) !! NOTE: If your post has been marked with a *confused-smiley*, do another post with your current name on the server !!