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  1. Added: Vehicle Painting for Premium members.
  2. Pawnee prices

    This was a mistake. They no longer have stingers
  3. Added: Different hack times per safe level - Find out more here:
  4. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    You will never over take me in likes m8. pls don't embarrass yourself.
  5. How to reserve a slot

    Reserved slots are to be purchased from our Store:
  6. Changed: Switched to Exile's Virtual Garage system. Our own flag hacking system to be compatible with Exile's Virtual Garage. Wages now go into your player wallet.
  7. CDF Bridge

    FYI: Bridge is fixed thanks to @ImUnleasheD again
  8. CDF Bridge

    Bridge will be looked at when I get time. For now, just don't go over it in vehicles you have issues with. Locked.
  9. Base raiding XP Perks

  10. CDF Bridge

    I don't see bumps on the bridge tbh. I don't know what you guys are on about... EDIT: And there is no need for any attitude Hvar, Rosco asked a simple question but instead of answering him, you had to give a snidey comment...................................................
  11. Exile PKP OP

    Already done mate:
  12. It will be fixed on the restart Hopefully anyways, the fix worked on the test server. EDIT: Missed the restart. Fix will be in next restart...
  13. I have reproduced the issue and found the error in the code. Most things in this Exile update doesn't work correctly...
  14. Maybe that hack could of just failed just at the end? I'll test it as soon as I can get someone to help me with it.
  15. What is the exact message it gives you when it fails?