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  1. It went through just fine on my end. In-game perks will just take a server restart to activate.
  2. Changed: Replaced the new Inmate Market with the old one. It just works better for our server with the restrictions it has. Scroll actions priority: Thermal Scanner and planting mine actions are near the bottom of the list now. Rebreather's can be saved at the Loadout Trader. Shooting armed vehicles from bases height restriction has been reduced to 5m from 10m. Fixed: Issues with the server's not starting correctly after a restart . An issue that would not allow you to claim mission vehicles. Added: Save Weapon State
  3. it should be a rule you cant sit in the server afk


  4. The real question is why would we go recommending other servers on our own forums As for the mods we use. It depends on the server you want to play on. Chernarus: Altis:
  5. Added: "Chat Settings" app in the XM8 to replace the "Disable Chat" app: Allows you to have some small customization of what shows up in your chat. Fixed: The correct weapons are now enabled on the Churchill tank. When moving a container, the inventory had a chance of vanishing. It's still advised to empty a container before moving it! Changed: Missions vehicles no longer have a chance of spawning with a code. All mission vehicles will need to be claimed with a code lock if you wanted to keep them. Reminde
  6. Nothing major but the changes for the April wipe. More coming Mods: Added: Apex RPG7v Alternative to Arma's default RPG that doesn't require DLC. Added: Anti-floating script in bases. Helps prevent dying to a wall. Following vehicles with dumb down weapons and can only be obtained by missions: AFV-4 Gorgon AMV-7 Marshall Churchill MK3 tank MAAWS HE rocket to Black Market Changed: GAU 19 price changed to 180,000 Poptabs. Littlebird Gunship price changed to 100,000 Poptabs.
  7. Wipe time! It is very long overdue. The wipe will happen on Thursday 22nd April at 3PM (BST) Tomorrow basically The wipe is for both Chernarus and Altis! Everything is being wiped. Nothing is staying! We have some changes to come. A changelog will be posted tomorrow before the wipe. The [SG] Mod will need to be updated, that will also update before the wipe giving people time to download it. Some rules will also be changing. They will be posted soon.
  8. That can be found at the black market.
  9. [SG] Exile Rules These rules only apply to our Exile Taviana server! General Rules No Hacking. No Advertising. No Duping. No Wall glitching. This includes but not limited to, looking through walls/floors, running at walls/floors to gain access to a base, vaulting through windows or peaking through an object to gain an advantage. No Exploiting. This includes but not limited to, laying inside of objects or abusing broken Arma mechanics. No "Stream Sniping". Caught doing so will result in an instant ban! Accusing players of doing s
  10. Tips and Useful Information for our server! Connection Information Server IP: Search: [SG] Exile Taviana General Information You can revive a player using defibrillators. Disconnect 5 minutes before server restart to not risk gear loss. Vehicles left inside a Safezone will be unlocked upon restart and can be stolen. Compensation will be only given if you have video evidence! No exceptions! You can press "9" to disable environment sounds. You can bind multiple custom keys in the infiSTAR Keybinds menu.
  11. The following list includes the Required Mods and the Optional Mods on our Exile Chernarus server. Required: Exile Mod CBA_A3 CUP - Terrains Core CUP - Terrains Maps Taviana NIArms All in One Multi-play Uniforms Specialist Military Arms (SMA) [SG] Mod Alternatively you can download all these mods on A3Launcher - Download Here
  12. Releasing on Saturday 31st October at 3PM GMT! (Tomorrow) Required mods: LINK Rules: LINK Server IP: Or search "[SG] Exile Taviana" on A3L and favourite it. You cannot join it yet so please don't ask, it's passwored... Wait for release date/time. Thanks to @Winky @AGR0- @Rosco Coltrane @Jacob Kirby @Socurious for helping with ideas and creating map edits. There are still things that need to be done after launch due to me having little time to sit down and gets things done. Such as Sector B, it will be empty fo
  13. Added: The ability to push vehicles on land. - Suggested by AidenTheMeme#2134 Added red smoke grenades to spawn kits tier 4 and above. - Suggested by Urd3d#7641 Vehicles save instantly when locked to prevent role back on restart.
  14. Added: AT Mine to Black Market. Extra XP Level so all perks can be unlocked. Only requires 1 XP more than 150 to unlock. Vehicle count of current and max vehicles in the Virtual Garage dialog. Automatically turn off a vehicles engine: When getting out of the drivers seat. When getting out of the vehicle from any seat and no one else is in it. - This one varies on Arma Fixed: Interior locking not unlocking vehicles when the entire vehicle crew dies. - Hard one to debug on your own Please let me know if this issue still oc
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