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  1. Added: Radiation to Chernarus Isles' debug area.
  2. Changed: Spitfire rearm price set to 2,000 Poptabs. Rangefinders and Binoculars no longer sell when using "Sell All" at traders. Disabled the Inmate Market ability to list vehicles due to exploits. Safe/Flag Hacking improvements: Performance increases during active hacks. The hacking laptop screen will "flicker"a lot less as it now correctly checks to update the loading bar or not. Weed Bags, Gold Bars and Money Stacks now spawn in the radiation zone. Improvements to Altis Gravia airfield building placements. Fixed: Wastedump now calculates backpack/uniform/vest items to sell price. - Thanks to @LiveJasmin for reporting. Loadout Trader not removing some blacklisted items. - Thanks to no one reporting it but instead abusing it 🙂
  3. Removed all optional sound mods. Decision was made by a poll on our Discord:
  4. Removed all optional sound mods. Decision was made by a poll on our Discord:
  5. Changed: Moved all the custom keybindings to the infiSTAR Keybinds Menu.
  6. There are hundred of people joining each day. How can we identify you? You haven't given us any information about yourself... Steam IDs... In-game name...
  7. Sorry there hasn't been many updates recently. Had a lot to deal with IRL. I still won't be active for another week or so. The following changes been made since the last changelog, some might be interesting for someone 🙂. Changed: Safe/Flag Hacking now only checks for alive players within the laptop radius. Stops dead players from allowing the hack to continue. Altis CDF now has walls around it. A new one possibly coming soon. Reverted Auto-Run to default Exile. Armed Orca price increased to 100,000 from 70,000. Armed Nyx price decreased to 69,000 from 100,000. Scout Nyx price decreased to 35,000 from 70,000. Respect loss percentage from NPC's changed to 1% from 2%. Fixed: Kamyshovo spawn point should no longer spawn you on the smaller islands in the water. Free Premium for the first 2 people to claim it. Use code at checkout: GIMME
  8. You don't seem to be loading the Exile mod. These are the required mods for Altis, make sure you have them all enabled:
  9. The issue has been resolved. Any false bans have been removed.
  10. Added: New and improved Virtual Garage: New GUI to make storing and retrieving vehicles more fluent. Ability to search through your stored vehicles. Auto complete on vehicle nicknames so vehicles can be stored with just a button press.
  11. Fixed: Visual bug with respect not displaying correctly after capturing a CP. Added: In-game scoreboard Sell All button at traders. You will keep your XM8, Map, GPS, Compass and Radio if you have them. Automatic selling of your previous loadout when purchasing a loadout from the Loadout Trader.
  12. Fixed: Incoming Missile warning. The warning would still appear although you're no longer in an air vehicle. Inmate Market notification when selling something. There would be trailing decimals after the actual sell price. Flag/Safe hacking laptop position. It should no longer sink into floor objects. Vehicle spawn positions. Vehicles should have a less chance if blowing up when purchasing/retrieving them. Changed: 1 Million Poptab limit on players: When picking up over 1 Million Poptabs, it will no longer completely block you from picking it up. It will take away the amount you can pickup, and leave the rest.
  13. Something can be done about this but full black is not a good change imo. Ill look into changing it though so it's more fair.
  14. Sean


    @ACAB My apologies, I didn't realise it would ban anyone. I do have a question though, how did you obtain a titan that sold for 0?