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  1. Hi Sean, can you please do me a favour and check my base on cherna, Base name is + Retired +?

    Its not here anymore, I play alone that time that's why I have no idea I did st wrong?

    Or I did not pay in time??

    Greets Michael

  2. Added: The ability to get Pin Codes for doors and safes by scrolling on them. Default only territory owners have permission to get codes. Permissions can be changed in the Territory Management App. Fixed: Fix me no longer deletes scopes that are your backpack/vest/uniform (was fixed a while ago) Removed: Navids from spawning on AI. You can obtain Navids from: Radiation Zone CDF mission crates Underwater sea crates Daily Reward Some bugged Exile vehicles that caused FPS drops when shot at. An update for the [SG] Mod is being worked on. This will bring more content and changes. We hope to release this before Christmas.
  3. Mods: Added back DS Houses as Livonia assets cause FPS drops.
  4. Mods: Removed DS Houses. Added: Replaced standard CUP buildings with Livonia's equivalent. Hide locked kits button on the spawn menu. Fixed: Defibrillators no longer get placed below floors when reviving over water. Hacking laptops no longer get placed below floors when a hack completes/cancels/fails. Kicking issues when setting way points on drones.
  5. Nick

    I love you like fat kid loves cake. ❤️ 

  6. Added: New-ish Base Camera System You can now name cameras. (Only territory moderators can change camera names) Cameras always show in the same order. (Order based on first to last placed) Fixed displaying the wrong camera in use. Fixed: Breaching charges "nulling" when placed - Thanks to DB from MGT.
  7. [SG] Exile Altis changing server IP! As some of you may have noticed there has been an issue with mod signatures and connection lag on the server for a few days now. This is due to our host, we've had a similar issue in the past with another server on the same host. We've got a new dedicated machine with a new host. NEW IP: This will be live next server restart! (6PM GMT+1) Nothing will be lost, everything is staying the same except IP.
  8. Added: The ability to purchase multiple quantities of items at once at the traders. (Currently limited to 10x) Fixed: Reviving no longer continues when the player reviving dies.
  9. Changed: Altis: You can no longer shoot an armed ground vehicle within 500m of CDF while the mission is active. There is now a 5 second cooldown between "jumping". (Does not apply to vaulting)
  10. Fixed: Some actions not showing on the Concrete Tower when above a certain height. (Such as the Breaching action) Changed: Breaching charges required for some constructions: (Default is 2 charges for everything) Concrete Tower now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Helicopter Pad now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Hangar Gate now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Wire Wall now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Watch Tower now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Box now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Mixer now takes 5 Big Mommas to destroy. Construction damage textures: (Left) Will show when a charge has been exploded on an object. (Right) Will show when an object is 1 charge away from being destroyed. The amount of charges for different objects will be kept up to date here:
  11. Fixed: Other methods to instantly pulling out your weapon while auto running. Added: Claymores to Black Market. New Safe Zone Protection: All client side, so people with higher pings cannot bypass it sometimes. Drivers get "Eject All Crew" option. It ejects everyone in the vehicle except the driver. Vehicles are still protected after you die. (If you log off, vehicles left in the Safe Zone are not protected) Changed: Spawn loadout level 10+ primary weapon "Kovrov AEK-971S (MTK)" to "Izhmash AKS74 (MTK)". Spawn loadout MP5 secondary weapon ammo from "FMJ" to "JHP" type. "Fixme" now only refreshes uniform/vest/backpack. It will no longer reset your weapon zeroing. RPG-42 HE Rocket price from 1500 to 5000. MAAWS HE 44 Round price from 4000 to 7000. Mk.6 HEAA price from 4000 to 6000. Mk.3 HEDP price from 4000 to 6000. Mk.80 NE price from 5000 to 7000. Removed SMA 6.8 ACRs as the sound is bugged on them.
  12. This rule only appies to static missions. We currently only have 1 active static mission on the server, that is the "CDF Work Camp". Shooting players or AI that are near/at the mission is not allowed. Shouldn't be an issue if you don't make your base just to camp it This is if you're watching over the mission getting information for you and your group from the safety of your territory. It's not an easy rule to break really. Just depends on the location of your base. The building block radius around CDF was recently increased on Altis due to people breaking this rule. I believe the radius is 1500k from the center of the mission. I'm glad you're reading over the rules . If you have any more questions about any other rule, feel free to ask.
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