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  1. Fixed: Family Moderator permissions. Should all work as expected. Added: A method to combat players shooting through walls by peaking through them. Grenades get refunded when thrown in SafeZone's.
  2. So for the past 5 months I have not had much time to work on new stuff for the servers, but some stuff has been changing slowly. The following changes are the few that I remebered/found since the last changelog, there is probably a few more but it's hard to back track over 5 months. Changed: Fixed SafeZone ESP displaying duplicate names for players in vehicles. Mines get refunded when placed in SafeZones. Ladders can no longer be crafted as they were just being abused and it's imposibble for staff to manage. Added a checkbox to the kit selection menu to spawn with or without NVGs. Stopped some vehicles ability to shoot when there is less then x amount of players online: Altis: 35 Players Chernarus: 45 Players PO-30 Orca WY-55 Hellcat AH-9 Pawnee Spitfire Added moderators to families. Family owners can promote/demote current members. Moderators can kick/invite players. Added Repsect reward to the Discord loaderboard. PS: If anyone has scripting/modeling knowledge for Arma. Message me
  3. They are not planned and there are none planned currently.
  4. You were trying to bypass an infiSTAR ban and failed
  5. All you had to do is scroll down on the home page https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/forum/138-exile-server-rewards/
  6. I've not had any experience with in game squad emblems so I can't really offer any help there. I'd say just make sure your squad is active on the Arma profile you're using.
  7. We haven't disabled anything like that. You must be doing something wrong if it's not showing in game.
  8. Sean

    Loco The Lunatic

    You trying to embed the video? If you can't get it working, just post the link and I'll do it for you.
  9. Sean

    All my Rep is gone

    Please make a ticket in our Discord. Will be much easier to get your info from there Invite: https://discord.gg/BYpagPx
  10. New posts in the "Looking for group" channel in our Discord are posted each day. Maybe worth a look there for group mates: https://discord.gg/BYpagPx
  11. Changed: Better saving for vehicle/container inventories: Stored weapons with attachments no longer split up into individual items. Backpack within a backpack saves correctly. Such as a UAV backpack within a normal carryall backpack. Also applies to players. Better saving for player inventories: Facemasks should not be overridden by the selected one on your Arma profile. Basically every inventory will be the same... Server restarts for vehicles/containers and relogging for players.
  12. Changed: Hide objects around mission reward vehicles. Incase a mission decides to spawn near trees, rocks ect... Increased the price on the Avalanche to 15,000 from 6,000 Poptabs. Increased the price of the green Hummingbird to 12,000 from 7,000. Stopped infiSTAR from locking vehicles when using them to trade. A tower in the Chernarus radiation zone didn't have simulation, it now does. Disabled double XP for the XP System. Vehicles can now be flipped while the engine is running. Unloading crates from "Crate Storage" now cannot take damage to prevent accidental loss. Radar on all vehicles has been disabled. Added: 3 new helicopter steal missions: Huron Taru Y-32 Xi'an
  13. Fixed: Turning off the Arma HUD would interfere with other UI elements such as the Rangefinder.
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