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  1. Sean

    Savezone bug

    I did update the safezone protection yesterday. This should no longer be a thing. Sorry for the issues.
  2. Fixed: Random naked AI. (Maybe) Changed: Equipment that AI can spawn with. Moved Rheinmetall MG42 to Black Market. Price of Rheinmetall MG42 to 6000 from 4100.
  3. Fixed: Get compatible items for your current weapons at traders not showing all items.
  4. Changed: XM8 Territory Management App: Remade the entire app. Added the ability to change your territory flag. NOTE: All current territory permissions have been reset, you need to redo them.
  5. Added: SDAR to Diving Trader. Minedector to Black Market. Removed: Navid from Black Market. Now only obtainable by looting and missions.
  6. Fixed: UAV simulation issues. (UAVs freezing when no players are nearby)
  7. Changed: You will no longer lose mines when placing them down in an anti-mine area.
  8. Added: Livonia: Military compound to Gliniska spawn town. - Thanks to @William Wallace A mission specific for Pawnee's, Hellcat's and Orca's
  9. Changed: "Access Denied" doors can be unlocked/locked by territory members while the territory is in "Raid Mode": Only territory members can bypass "Access Denied". Any other player still has to wait out the 5 minute delay. This bypass only works when a territory is in "Raid Mode". When bypassing a "Access Denied" door you get a notification.
  10. Can't really comment on this as I don't play so I don't know the current "state" of stingers. Not heard any complaints though. A slight performance increase maytbe but I think we will have a lot of angry people. I don't think that will be the right move personally.
  11. Changed: Pawnee's and Hellcat's have been removed from the Black Market trader and can now only be obtained by mission rewards. (Now live on all servers)
  12. Added: More missing Contact DLC content. Changed: Pawnee's and Hellcat's have been removed from the Black Market trader and can now only be obtained by mission rewards. (Currently Livonia only) Armed pook price increased from 15,000 to 35,000 Poptabs.
  13. Fixed: "Flick Jumping". You can no longer jump over a huge distance. You can also jump while pressing shift now.
  14. Fixed: Simulation issues with vehicles causing bugged sounds and stuck vehicles. Livonia North Black Market randomly killing you. Changed: Livonia West Black Market - Thanks to @Conzole Added: Red border on the map to indicate the debug radiation area.
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