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  1. What about this?: I know it's bad quality/small but you get the point. (It's currently 3:30 am)
  2. The ban has been removed. You will have to wait until restart to be able to join again.
  3. Sean


    Our servers are 65 slot servers, however only people that have a reserved slot are able to join when the server has more than 60 players on. Reserved slots are part of our premium package, which can be found here: https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/store/category/1-exile-store/
  4. I did have it optional not long ago but some people had issues with flying because they didn't know how to change their settings. I suppose I can change it back
  5. Sean


    There is probably a way to do it with our [SG] Mod, but I've not looked into it so I don't know if it's possible. But for now you can turn off chat in the XM8 apps.
  6. There is nothing on the forums with information about the kits. I do plan on integrating the XP system within the spawn kits as well. So maybe once that has happened, I can have a detailed list on each level.
  7. It sounds like you're being kicked for signature check timeout. That can be caused due to high pink or poor performance. Or it can be BattlEye client not responding, like Supafy mentioned there isn't much we can do to help. The easiest solution is to wait until restart.
  8. I was told to keep the XP reward the same for the main capper, but any group member within 300m of the CP will also gain some XP.
  9. I can increase the XP reward for capturing the CPs. I could also give a smaller amount of XP for group members that are close by, like it does with respect.
  10. Added: Loadout Trader (Allows you to save upto 10 loadouts and buy them back at anytime. Black market items, rare loot and building materials are blacklisted.) Note for above: If you find something that needs blacklisted that currently isn't. Please message me (@Sean) with the item name. Abusing this system will result in a ban with no chance of appeal. Fixed: Perk system resetting. (100%* this time ) Changed: Some trader cleanup. Thanks to @MrAndy
  11. Sean

    Bugged stinger?

    Do you still have that "bugged" ammo stored somewhere?
  12. Sean

    New prices on BM

    Don't be silly m8. Something like that is never getting added.
  13. This is a common bug with Exile. I have a query setup to run every 5 minutes that should fix this. Are you still having this issue?
  14. Mods: [SG] Mod Added a new stinger (Should be more reliable). Thanks to @MrAndy & @Rosco Coltrane for hours of testing. All Red Eyes have been replaced with the new stinger, including rockets. Changed: Removed "Premium Vehicles" and added all the textures to vehicle customs available for everyone. Fixed some spelling mistakes in the perks system. Fixed vehicles randomly changing back to it's default texture. Re-balanced a lot of Black Market vehicle prices. Underglow from the Tuning Shop has been dimmed a lot on Abramia.