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  1. That can be found at the black market.
  2. [SG] Exile Rules These rules only apply to our Exile Taviana server! General Rules No Hacking. No Advertising. No Duping. No Wall glitching. This includes but not limited to, looking through walls/floors, running at walls/floors to gain access to a base, vaulting through windows or peaking through an object to gain an advantage. No Exploiting. This includes but not limited to, laying inside of objects or abusing broken Arma mechanics. No "Stream Sniping". Caught doing so will result in an instant ban! Accusing players of doing something illegal must be backed up with proof! Suspect someone of cheating? Please let us know on TS, Discord or the forums. Do not accuse them in-game. If you have a problem with any of the admins, please contact Senior Management (Community Owners or Head Admin) on TS or via PM on the forums. Any form of public slandering or abuse in any chat will not be tolerated. Joining with another account while currently banned is considered "Ban Evading". This will result in a longer ban duration. Combat logging is not allowed. You will be punished. Air to Air, Air to Ground and Air to Base Kamikaze is strictly forbidden (including parachute against other vehicles and players) Do not log out inside of other players bases. Logging out for the restart is fine as long as you log back in after a very short amount of time. Impersonating Staff will result in an instant ban. Impersonating another group/person is not allowed. You will be kicked without warning. No inappropriate language, racism, sexual comments, health threats or life insults! English only in side-chat. Use <NumPad 6> if you wish to speak another language, thanks. Deploying vehicles inside any object is not allowed. This includes other vehicles, walls, players, etc. Placing/Crafting objects/items into vehicles/players is an exploit. Do not do this. Rappelling is not to be used in such a way that the rappelling rope goes through objects making you reach positions that you wouldn't normally be able to access, doing this is considered glitching. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into a spawn zone or any kind of trader is not allowed. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into the cement mixer area is not allowed. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) to any static mission is not allowed. (Currently we have 2 static missions active. CDF and Quarantine Zone) Grouping with other families or parties is not allowed. (This includes but not limited to teaming up to counter/do raids, missions, capture points and looting with other groups\families) Safe Zone Rules No Safe Zone ramming. Your vehicle will be deleted without warning! No stealing in Safe Zones. If it's not yours, do not touch it. This is including dead bodies. Do not follow a player out of the Safe Zone to kill or engage them in any way. Do not block traders with vehicles or crates. Vehicles left in the Safe Zones on restarts will be unlocked and can be taken within the first 5 minutes. Once a vehicle is taken, the driver owns it. Do not attempt to take it back. Legitimately stolen vehicles are owned by the person that drove it into the Safe Zone. You cannot take it back if you got it taken from you! Do not troll the new owner by locking the vehicle etc. Destroying vehicles in the Safe Zone is forbidden. No trolling within the Safe Zones. Scouting from Safe Zone is not allowed. No shooting other players within 500m of the Safe Zone. This is considered the "NO PVP ZONE". (The red circle around the black circle) No combat evading into the Safe Zone or "NO PVP ZONE". If you have been shot at, do not enter these zones for at least 2 minutes of not being in combat unless you kill the player(s) shooting at you. Once you enter the "NO PVP ZONE", any form of combat or engagement is not allowed. (The yellow pillars surrounding the safezone indicate this zone) Do not camp the border of the "NO PVP ZONE". Building Rules You can only have 1 base per family or group and only have access to that base! Bypassing this in any way will result in bases being deleted. The entire thicker part of the flag must be visible and it must be placed on the terrain. (This means not floating, under the terrain, in/over water or on rocks) You cannot place anything on the bottom half of your flag. To protect your flag, you need to make at least a 1x1 flag room using Exile Wood/Metal/Concrete walls. You can place a roof for your flag room but there must be space for players to stand. The flag room must be empty, including map objects. If your flag room is more than 1x1, then you can have objects within the room but not within a 1x1 radius. Multiple layers of walls can be used for your flag room. You do not need a door to access this room. You can place destructible objects on the top half of the flag to protect it. The use of indestructible items to surround your flag is not allowed. Flag room example below. No floating rooms, containers or concrete mixers are allowed. Safes must be placed on ground level on a floor or on terrain, this means no more safes up on or in towers\helipads etc, ground means on ground. All safes must be accessible at all times with floor\terrain underneath them. You can block them off but players must be able to access the safes inventory. Safe kits, concrete mixers and fuel stations are not to be placed within the terrain or prebuilt objects. This includes but not limited to rocks, houses and trees. You are allowed to build objects on top of them (floors, walls, hatches, etc.) Accessing safes or containers through objects including walls/floors is not allowed. Do not build on roads. You are allowed to build over roads but room has to be made for vehicles to pass under. (At least 2 walls tall) You can build at the end of the road such as a dead end. Do not build over the 25m height limit! Objects above 25m will be automatically deleted on each restart. Walls are not to be used as floors/roofs. This includes placing towers horizontally, due to walls and towers not being a walkable surface. You are not allowed to use ladders to pass through walls/floors. You are not allowed to build in the debug. Doing so will lead to your base being deleted. You are not allowed to build within 500 meters of major cities or towns, such as ...... (If it allows you to build a town then you're allowed to build there. Some towns are blocked, making it impossible to place any object.) You are not allowed to build within 2000 meters of CDF. (Measured from the static CDF marker) You are not allowed to build within 1500 meters of Radiation Zone Island (Measured from the Radiation marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 600 meters of an Aircraft trader. (Measured from the Aircraft marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 600 meters of a Boat Trader. (Measured from the Boat marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of any Safe Zones. (Measured from the Poptab marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 1200 meters of any Black Market. (Measured from the grenade marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 500 meters and Bambi towns. (Measured from the Dummy marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 800 meters of any concrete mixer. (Measured from the concrete mixer marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 300 meters of any fuel stations! (Measured from the fuel pumps themselves) You are not allowed to build within 300 meters of any military building. Raiding You're only able to steal flags when you're close to the bottom of the pole, doing this through a wall/floor is not allowed. You can only hack safes if you have a line of sight on them. Doing this through walls/floors is not allowed.
  3. Tips and Useful Information for our server! Connection Information Server IP: Search: [SG] Exile Taviana General Information You can revive a player using defibrillators. Disconnect 5 minutes before server restart to not risk gear loss. Vehicles left inside a Safezone will be unlocked upon restart and can be stolen. Compensation will be only given if you have video evidence! No exceptions! You can press "9" to disable environment sounds. You can bind multiple custom keys in the infiSTAR Keybinds menu. Crates stored in vehicles over restarts are saved. You have to pay protection to maintain your territory every 8 days when a base is not maintained for 8 days, it will be deleted! Recommended to pay every 7 days. If your base has been deleted due to missed protection money payment, then we offer a base restore option on our Store. (This is only possible up to 7 days after deletion) If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, doors and safe codes are set to 0000 after 2 days. If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, the base will be deleted after 3 days. (The base will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored) Breaching You have to craft or find breaching charges. They maybe sold by players in the Inmate Market. Breaching charges are used to destroy construction objects within territories. There are 3 different types of charges that take different amounts of time to place: Wood breaching charges take 3 minutes to plant. Metal breaching charges take 5 minutes to plant. Concrete breaching charges take 7 minutes to plant. (Big Mommas) Different construction objects take different amounts of charges to fully destroy: All objects take 2 charges to destroy by default Concrete Tower now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Helicopter Pad now takes 4 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Hangar Gate now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Wire Wall now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Watch Tower now takes 3 Big Mommas to destroy. Concrete Mixer now takes 5 Big Mommas to destroy. Construction damage textures: (Left) Will show when a charge has been exploded on an object. (Right) Will show when an object is 1 charge away from being destroyed. Flag and Safe Hacking Starting a hack requires 25 players online at the time. You need a "Base Laptop" to start a hack. There can only be 2 concurrent hacks per territory. A hack has a 15% chance of failing while the hack is active. Once a hack fails, the laptop has a 50% chance of destroying. You have 5 attempts per object to successfully hack it. Each fail counts as an attempt. You can only have 5 successful or failed hacks per territory each restart. Starting a hack will notify the whole server and mark the location on the map. It takes 2 minutes to place down the hacking laptop. The hacking progress will show on the laptop screen. At least 1 player must be within a 15m radius of the hacking laptop. Hacking times per object: Flag Pole: 15 minutes Level 1 Safe: 15 minutes Level 2 Safe: 20 minutes Level 3 Safe: 25 minutes You can unlock perks to lower the hacking times. You can interrupt the hack by scrolling on the hacking laptop. You can check the exact hack percentage by scrolling on the laptop. Grinding Grinding requires a grinder. A successful grind will consume 4 batteries. A failed grind will consume 1 battery. Grinding a lock will take 7 minutes. Grinding has a 60% fail chance. If a grind fails, there is a 75% chance of the grinder breaking. Grinding does not notify anyone on the map. Starting a grind after you have stopped will take off the time you have already spent grinding. Virtual Garage A level 1 territory will have 4 garage slots, with each territory upgrade you will get 4 extra slots. All inventory items in the vehicle will be dropped on the ground when stored. When storing a vehicle into the Virtual Garage it will save its exact location, position and condition. You can grant territory rights to your friends to allow Virtual Garage access. Territory Levels Level 1, 25 Building items, 20 meter Radius, 4 Virtual Garage slots, 10000 Poptabs to buy. Level 2, 50 Building items, 25 meter Radius, 8 Virtual Garage slots, 25000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 3, 75 Building items, 30 meter Radius, 12 Virtual Garage slots, 40000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 4, 100 Building items, 35 meter Radius, 16 Virtual Garage slots, 60000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 5, 125 Building items, 40 meter Radius, 20 Virtual Garage slots, 100000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 6, 150 Building items, 45 meter Radius, 24 Virtual Garage slots, 150000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 7, 175 Building items, 50 meter Radius, 28 Virtual Garage slots, 175000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 8, 200 Building items, 55 meter Radius, 32 Virtual Garage slots, 200000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 9, 225 Building items, 60 meter Radius, 36 Virtual Garage slots, 225000 Poptabs to upgrade. Level 10, 250 Building items, 75 meter Radius, 40 Virtual Garage slots, 250000 Poptabs to upgrade. Territory Object Limits 20 Containers per territory. 2 Concrete Helicopter Pads per territory. 2 Concrete Towers per territory. 8 Concrete Wire Walls per territory. 2 Concrete Hangar Gates per territory. 8 Concrete Boxes per territory. Territory Raid Mode Plus Starting any kind of raid mechanic will set the territory into "Raid Mode". Meaning members of that territory cannot remove/move/place anything in their base for 20 minutes. Every raid action will reset the 20 minute timer. Placing a charge, starting a hack/grind, stealing a flag. If these actions are not done then the base owners are free to remove/move/replace anything they wish as their base is not being raided. If an enemy is in a territory after a restart, the base owners cannot remove/move/place anything for the first 5 minutes of the restart. Raiders have that amount of time to set the territory into "Raid Mode". Base Raid Protection Territories are protected until your base reaches level 3. Territories are protected for 2 days (48hrs) if your base has not reached level 3 yet. As soon as your territory reaches level 3 then it is free to be raided no matter the age of the territory. Once your territory is over 2 days (48hrs) old, then it is free to be raided. It is only protected for 2 days, no matter the level. Your items/vehicles can still be taken/destroyed just no raiding mechanic can be started while the territory is protected. Cleanup Routines Unlock/Reset all vehicles that were not moved/used for 2 days. (Virtual Garage vehicles are not affected) Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for 3 days. (Virtual Garage vehicles are not affected) Base parts that are over the height limit will be automatically deleted each restart. Workbenches outside of territories will be deleted each restart. Constructions that are outside of a territory, will be deleted each restart. (If you have a flyaway object then save some form of proof) Dead bodies within 500m of a spawn zone will be deleted after 5 minutes. (15 Minutes anywhere else)
  4. The following list includes the Required Mods and the Optional Mods on our Exile Chernarus server. Required: Exile Mod CBA_A3 CUP - Terrains Core CUP - Terrains Maps Taviana NIArms All in One Multi-play Uniforms Specialist Military Arms (SMA) [SG] Mod Alternatively you can download all these mods on A3Launcher - Download Here
  5. Releasing on Saturday 31st October at 3PM GMT! (Tomorrow) Required mods: LINK Rules: LINK Server IP: Or search "[SG] Exile Taviana" on A3L and favourite it. You cannot join it yet so please don't ask, it's passwored... Wait for release date/time. Thanks to @Winky @AGR0- @Rosco Coltrane @Jacob Kirby @Socurious for helping with ideas and creating map edits. There are still things that need to be done after launch due to me having little time to sit down and gets things done. Such as Sector B, it will be empty for launch but we do have plans for it. Below is our final map. (Concrete mixer is due to change)
  6. Added: The ability to push vehicles on land. - Suggested by AidenTheMeme#2134 Added red smoke grenades to spawn kits tier 4 and above. - Suggested by Urd3d#7641 Vehicles save instantly when locked to prevent role back on restart.
  7. Added: AT Mine to Black Market. Extra XP Level so all perks can be unlocked. Only requires 1 XP more than 150 to unlock. Vehicle count of current and max vehicles in the Virtual Garage dialog. Automatically turn off a vehicles engine: When getting out of the drivers seat. When getting out of the vehicle from any seat and no one else is in it. - This one varies on Arma Fixed: Interior locking not unlocking vehicles when the entire vehicle crew dies. - Hard one to debug on your own Please let me know if this issue still occurs. Changed: Stopped the ability to shoot the NTW HEI round when you're above 500m.
  8. Added: Disabled the "Ground" tab when accessing a container within a territory you do not have build rights on. Before: https://i.imgur.com/Ex3b24e.png After: https://i.imgur.com/VmCNun3.png Disabled the ability to pack containers within a territory you do not have build rights on when the container is not empty. JP's uniform set is available at Black Market for those who wanted it.
  9. Fixed: Family Moderator permissions. Should all work as expected. Added: A method to combat players shooting through walls by peaking through them. Grenades get refunded when thrown in SafeZone's.
  10. So for the past 5 months I have not had much time to work on new stuff for the servers, but some stuff has been changing slowly. The following changes are the few that I remebered/found since the last changelog, there is probably a few more but it's hard to back track over 5 months. Changed: Fixed SafeZone ESP displaying duplicate names for players in vehicles. Mines get refunded when placed in SafeZones. Ladders can no longer be crafted as they were just being abused and it's imposibble for staff to manage. Added a checkbox to the kit selection menu to spawn with or without NVGs. Stopped some vehicles ability to shoot when there is less then x amount of players online: Altis: 35 Players Chernarus: 45 Players PO-30 Orca WY-55 Hellcat AH-9 Pawnee Spitfire Added moderators to families. Family owners can promote/demote current members. Moderators can kick/invite players. Added Repsect reward to the Discord loaderboard. PS: If anyone has scripting/modeling knowledge for Arma. Message me
  11. They are not planned and there are none planned currently.
  12. You were trying to bypass an infiSTAR ban and failed
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