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  1. ESM Reward: Cooldown decreased to 5 days. Poptab reward increased to 40,000. Respect reward increased to 20,000. XP reward increased to 25,000.
  2. Buffed damage on Vanilla Arma 3 weapons: AK-12 13dmg Car-95 to 12dmg Cyrus 19.5 dmg Mk200 13dmg Mar-10 18dmg Mk18 and Spar-17 variants 17dmg Promet 13dmg Rahim 17dmg SPMG 16dmg Type-115 13dmg Zafir to 15dmg Added: New Loadouts that require 200k Respect and Perk. New Leg-strap for backpack slot to Black Market and normal trader with capacity of 600. M107-X back to Black Market with ammo. MRC to Black Market with new config to fix bugs. New Textures to Base Paint, weapons and Family Uniforms
  3. Added: The ability to name containers within your territory: The names can only be seen by your territory members. Changed: The freefall height when ejecting from air vehicles.
  4. Changed: Xi'an is no longer available. Latest stinger changes reverted. It is now back to how it was for previous years. Added missing vehicles to the list of vehicles that can't shoot below 25 players: GAU 19/Gunship. Pook Gunship. UH1H. Increased Honey Badger sound to 200m. Removed static AA gun from CDF (Pretorian 1C). Customizable party ESP and 3D marker: Find in the XM8 settings tab. New base protection increased: New territories are protected from being raided until they are
  5. Base Raid Protection - Updates Old New territories are protected from being raided until they are 48hrs (2 days) old or until the flag reaches level 3. Whichever happens first. New New territories are protected from being raided until they are 7 days old or until the flag reaches level 4. Whichever happens first.
  6. The Discord link works for me. discord.spartangaming.co.uk The stats page is down while it is reworked. We had people crashing it with bots so they are to blame.
  7. Added: The ability to consume canned food with a knife. Changed: You can purchase items from the Inmate Market while the seller's account is full. The seller will get a notification in-game or via ESM that they need to empty their Inmate account.
  8. Added: Various Armed helicopters back into Black Market. Navid and ammo back into Black Market . Maaws Mod.1 back into Black Market. Live Leaderboard XM8 App: Changed: Adjustments in price for multiple vehicles and weapons. Track Suit uniform removed from Spawn Kit Selection (We had to reset all saved kits to enforce this) Items moved to Black Market: 3GL rifles (This one is still in Safe Zone traders). 3GL Ammo. Track Suit uniform. Various .300 Blackout rifles. Explosive ch
  9. It went through just fine on my end. In-game perks will just take a server restart to activate.
  10. Changed: Replaced the new Inmate Market with the old one. It just works better for our server with the restrictions it has. Scroll actions priority: Thermal Scanner and planting mine actions are near the bottom of the list now. Rebreather's can be saved at the Loadout Trader. Shooting armed vehicles from bases height restriction has been reduced to 5m from 10m. Fixed: Issues with the server's not starting correctly after a restart ?. An issue that would not allow you to claim mission vehicles. Added: Save Weapon State
  11. it should be a rule you cant sit in the server afk


  12. Added: "Chat Settings" app in the XM8 to replace the "Disable Chat" app: Allows you to have some small customization of what shows up in your chat. Fixed: The correct weapons are now enabled on the Churchill tank. When moving a container, the inventory had a chance of vanishing. It's still advised to empty a container before moving it! Changed: Missions vehicles no longer have a chance of spawning with a code. All mission vehicles will need to be claimed with a code lock if you wanted to keep them. Reminde
  13. Nothing major but the changes for the April wipe. More coming ? Mods: Added: Apex RPG7v Alternative to Arma's default RPG that doesn't require DLC. Added: Anti-floating script in bases. Helps prevent dying to a wall. Following vehicles with dumb down weapons and can only be obtained by missions: AFV-4 Gorgon AMV-7 Marshall Churchill MK3 tank MAAWS HE rocket to Black Market Changed: GAU 19 price changed to 180,000 Poptabs. Littlebird Gunship price changed to 100,000 Poptabs.
  14. Wipe time! It is very long overdue. The wipe will happen on Thursday 22nd April at 3PM (BST) Tomorrow basically The wipe is for both Chernarus and Altis! Everything is being wiped. Nothing is staying! We have some changes to come. A changelog will be posted tomorrow before the wipe. The [SG] Mod will need to be updated, that will also update before the wipe giving people time to download it. Some rules will also be changing. They will be posted soon.
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