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  1. Added: "My Listings" filter on the Inmate Market. 1 deployed vehicle at one time per player. Your previous one will delete when you deploy a new vehicle. Changed: You must keep your 8G Network on while scanning for 8G Users. (Player Scan)
  2. Added: Search function on the Inmate Market. 15 listings limit per person on the Inmate Market. Changed: Improved the GUI of the Inmate Market.
  3. Fixed: Tuning Shop not saving edits over restarts. Corrected the deployed vehicle despawn timer. Added: Safezone protection gets enabled on vehicles being sling loaded. Changed: Restricted the amount you can extend cargo ropes.
  4. We do have the permission to use these already: https://steamcommunity.com/id/iFlarz/myworkshopfiles/ But do we really need more of these kind of vehicles?
  5. Sean

    Spawn Cooldown

    Wont be happening. Please refer to this post:
  6. Added: Ground vehicles cannot be stored when they are above 15m. This is to combat the increase of people making hideouts for their vehicles in the air dominating sections of the map. Fixed: Corrected vehicle trader dialog. The stats positions were off.
  7. Fixed: Territory moderators don't require pin code only on doors. No longer works on vehicles or containers. Added: H-Barriers and Sandbags can now be blown up using wood charges.
  8. Mods: Added JSRS SMA as an optional mod. Added: Territory moderators no longer require pin codes for doors. Only if they are not in combat. Only territory moderators can access the Virtual Garage. You can no longer access the Virtual Garage while in a vehicle. Few more base painting textures. Fixed: Correct some M107-X ammo. Stopped M107-X HE ammo from spawning. Klen trader aircraft spawning.
  9. Mods: [SG] Mod Fixed fuel pumps to actually allow refueling. Added new Barrett M107. Added Concrete Watch Tower. - Made by @ImUnleasheD Added Concrete Hangar Gate. - Made by @ImUnleasheD Added the ability to Hide/Show netting on Perched window. Added Weed bag, briefcase and gold bar. Used to craft and sell for money. Gold bars are obtained by the "Gold Rush" mission. Added more uniforms, vests and helmets. - Thanks to @Pennywise (More to be added later) Added 4WD skins. Added BTR skins. Added: Max territory parts to XM8 so you can see your current limit in-game. NO PVP zone circles on Altis. Another NWAF edit. - Thanks to @I'm Trash GMG vehicle variants to mission rewards. Changed: Klen trader - Thanks to @I'm Trash Zelenogorsk trader - Thanks to @I'm Trash Stopped the ability to paint damaged constructions. Stopped the ability to access the inventory of vehicles being towed. Explosives attached to vehicles are deleted once in the safezone, rather than detaching. Reduced the amount of launchers spawning at missions. Fixed: Damaged construction textures resetting after a server restart. Vehicles enabling/disabling god while being towed in/out of safezones. Safezones theft protection gets enabled on towed vehicles when entering safezones.
  10. Think you have miss understood what Trash is saying. The tower was removed by an admin. No one is denying that. It was done by me when clearing up all the quads and dead bodies around. It wasn't "packed" it was deleted via an admin tool by accident.
  11. Sean

    More Slots

    More slots = Less server stability. That's something nobody wants.
  12. They will be in next time the [SG] Mod updates
  13. Sean

    global ban

    I've already told you, we don't do this. Locked.
  14. READ THIS FULLY. DOING IT WRONG WILL RESULT IN YOU NOT GETTING ANYTHING! This topic only applies to our Exile Chernarus server! New wipe, new post. This is available for all! Post your Steam ID below to get 20k Poptabs in your locker. You can get your Steam ID from here: http://www.steam64.com/ Your Steam ID is 17 characters long. No less, no more. If you end up with something that isn't 17 characters long then you're doing something wrong. Posting your Steam ID instead of your player name will allow us to give you your money faster. Just remember that. When a staff member has liked your post, that means you have been given the money into your locker.