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  1. Winky


    Apart from @Rosco Coltrane fuck that guy amirite
  2. Sean you and your night time make me sick
  3. who is winky? sounds like a prick
  4. Literally 0 point in night time because literally every player just ramps the gamma up just like I do so you can see normally lmao it's just pointless
  5. This has always been apart of arma and always will be it's just one of those things you have to accept as lame as it is
  6. We play on Abramia now played way too much cherno over the years and I'm sick of it tbh
  7. If you ever speak about altis in this way ever again I'll murder everyone u love ):<
  8. Get some friends to cover you and that won't be the case
  9. The odds are stacked against you that's the whole point it's not like it's just gonna give you a free 60k every time
  10. Let us spawn with launchers and then it'll be fair ok
  11. Vehicles can last a long time with the right people using them
  12. Yes I did read your post and I still think that a tank camping a spawn town from 2k away for three hours is too long and because people can't store them they will camp the shit out of stuff to get the most possible out of it while they have them.