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  1. Winky

    What Wat? Part 20

    Wish you’d get some chemo so your insides didn’t look like crap
  2. Winky

    To much rpg!

    I do agree that you get a shit ton of rockets from capture points I personally wouldn't have a problem with AI spawning with just one rocket In the launcher and no spares in the backpack it makes no difference to my playstyle even if it stays how it is because WAT as a group tend to shy away from armed vehicles because it's too easy ?
  3. Winky

    More Slots

    Add 500 slots and get rid of premium cus the server doesn't need money to survive OK
  4. I had fun at the event I died a million times but it was still fun
  5. You guys really salty as hell
  6. Ok this is my last post now I'll let you continue watching Jake and Logan Paul now bye ❤️
  7. What are you gonna do dab at your monitor till I'm dead or something
  8. Accept it then and stop moaning about this on Forums/Discord for 24 hours hot damn
  9. because the entire staff team and 20 people that voted think you are wrong making you wrong lol