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  1. Winky

    What Wat? Part 16

    cancer wub wub music is gud
  2. The lynx is part of my culture and if it got removed I'd end my own life ok
  3. Winky

    New prices on BM

    You must understand that you are part of the 1% that does fly the big groups can deal with Pawnees easily but for the solo and duo players it's almost impossible so it's no fun for all those other players
  4. Winky

    New prices on BM

    Can you please add those fun facts because I'm in the mood for some fun and no not everyone does that but some people do quit a map because there isn't enough trees to hide in...
  5. The way you nail those fresh spawns with a panther makes for very exciting gameplay
  6. Winky

    New prices on BM

    iMagine IF ThEre wAs a BuTton u coUld pReSs to dePloy couNtermEasurEs
  7. Winky

    New prices on BM

    Flares boom fixed
  8. Winky

    New prices on BM

    It takes literally 20 minutes to get 100k and with one Pawnee you can easily get like 20 kills its perfect how it is now 😛
  9. If you wanna shoot helis down the static titan launcher is the only way to go the red eye is a complete waste of time it doesn't work at all
  10. this would completely ruin spawn town combat 100% disagree with this
  11. Who is the dominant one in the relationship Kara or Raheem?
  12. Kara is a fuckin snitch don't tell him shit