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  1. Pink Wat?

    k d00d wil do but ive run out of lyks so cant :/
  2. Pink Wat?

    how do i report a like 4 like bot? :///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  3. What Wat? Part 13

    dun it boo l4l 4 lyf
  4. Remove rappel mod.

    the rappel is fine if someone really wants to glitch into a base they will but they will get banned so whats the point in removing a mod it'll change nothing..
  5. What happened to Harry?
  6. Rocket Launchers

    they're fine as they are you guys just want to frag fresh spawns with cars doood
  7. Exile PKP OP

    With the new Exile update it has made the PKP easily one of the most over powered guns and i really think it belongs in black market because it's basically a Navid with more range and people hardly go black market anyways so people need a reason price should also be upped to the same as Navid/SPMG :P
  8. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    @Sean when you've got ten minutes spare just make us a completely custom Tavi just with a different name ok? >:(
  9. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    for people with bad PCs 2fps can be a lot
  10. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    you know whats better than forcing people to use something they don't want to or can't cus they have trash PCs? Choice.
  11. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    the higher the view distance the better if people wanna snipe from far away let them do it :P
  12. What Wat? Part 12