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    hes a streamer!!!!

    decided to start streaming again for a bit, any new players who want to ask me anything about the server or the game come by and ill try to help follow twitch.tv/simplicityyg too who gave me the idea to start streaming again
  2. why isn't there armor on a lot of the purchasable loadouts especially when its over 200,000 respect to use them, imo the ak is either better or equal to all of the guns and therefore it just doesn't make sense to use anything else than the default class, would be nice to try new loadout classes and not die in 1 bullet to a p07

    Part 3

    accidentally started the video at 32 seconds fixed it
  4. nah man im right in the action boring if not
  5. npc bug is happening a lot more to myself and my group, is this happening to anyone else? use to never happen to me now the past week all the time, im seeing a lot more npc bugged players in trader too
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