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  1. make it cheaper plox navid gang gang
  2. raid this man, no balls - literally has 25 mil in his base ban me if he doesnt
  3. LiveJasmin

    Some Clan Montage #1

    Video wont play, says its still processing
  4. RIP Spitfire 2018-2019 ?
  5. Spitfires dont really get used by anybody but me anyway, its not really witchwork to stinger it either. 1-2 rockets and im its down and again, no flares. If you want to force airfield rearm you might aswell remove them because it would make them useless. They are quite balanced in my opinion cuz you just need a 35k rocket to take it down if youre playing it smart and 2 if youre a monkey that can use his eyes and press mouse 1. I literally dont go near any positions that have stingers because I will get one shooted if im not far enough out.
  6. I'd love to put one of those in my base
  7. that first clip. it scares me.
  8. Deathscreen can stay as is in my opinion, ofcourse its not gonna help solo players so they complain about it. It adds another way to play as you have to decide whether or not to go to that body as you dont know if he will be back soon or if hes just waiting for you to run up and loot and give the call to his teammates.
  9. dont shoot me or ill 25 man raid you - the mentally disabled guy
  10. I like it the way it is, those changes are probably not going to attract new players anyway but im sure its gonna make some quit playing.
  11. Would probably help KOOKOO with his drug addiction, you can hear him snort a line and pump out CP's every time he falls down below 500k
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