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  1. Just pay the $10, it's an hours work at McDonald's.
  2. Winky just play like Taric you puss.
  3. Remove all LMG's and bipods and lets see how many people can actually shoot straight. @Nick get it done.
  4. Is this Taric's seed or something? Who the fuck puts bipod homie kills in a montage? Taric you suck.
  5. K00K00


    Simple get back to streaming I didn't say you could stop.
  6. K00K00

    wipe hype

    When did Simplicity begin to smile???
  7. Livonia - no more tree simulator for most.
  8. K00K00

    Server wipe memories

    a lil throwback to jsrs i like it.
  9. Bet I'm the first one to have 20 mil again.
  10. rt rt I heard @Kara is looking for teammates if you'd like to shoot him a message on the forum.
  11. Kara gave me the confidence to get the many many frags you see in this clip, too bad he's defected to the reds now.
  12. Looks really cool, choke me daddy @Sean pls add.
  13. It only took you all this long to realize that I'm too good for every other Pawnee pilot. Who do you think I am? Jimlad???
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