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  1. That last video of the solo raid looks like they stumbled on into my swamp with all that gear.
  2. Why you using ph00n type music, u not a speed demon.
  3. K00K00

    Base Boy Taric

    I will forever be the best baseboi on the server. @Dazhy can confirm this.
  4. Chances are I have both your door and safe codes.
  5. Do I need to give you my social security number along with my full name and address?
  6. K00K00

    SG vol. 10

    All I'm taking away from this is Ice Cube's message. Fuck 12.
  7. This went from being a forum discussion about a rule that may not be clear enough to pointing fingers. Someone get my juice box.
  8. If you're in combat - don't fly or run to safezone like a little bitch. Simple as that. If being chased by a heli or ground vehicle that is shooting at you, not putting you in the "combat" with the icon, you're still in combat!!! STOP COMBAT EVADERS, BUILD A WALL!
  9. K00K00

    Spray can

    Premium only!
  10. And this is why @Rosco Coltrane makes fun of us any chance he gets. baseboi juice > baseboi tymek
  11. I have the exact same problem, it was resolved when I changed my HDR quality to Standard and my PIP (Picture in Picture) to High. However, it reverted back to the usual ArmA bugginess and I can't seem to get it back to normal.
  13. Welcome to the rest of your life, Gc Jay.
  14. The peeks of a recovering cocaine addict. I like.
  15. @ImUnleasheD Lingor or Panthera a far-in-the-future possibility?