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  1. So are we being given an ultimatum...?
  2. Since I just get all your codes without you knowing this doesn't affect me in the slightest but let's not be bitches, choose #2. Don't boo, vote!
  3. Best thing out of Pittsburgh since Clemente with the Pirates.
  4. Unpark your CPU cores (if you haven't already; http://www.coderbag.com/programming-c/disable-cpu-core-parking-utility), you can use a CPU boost (by TechPowerUp, useful for about 5-10 extra frames). Task Manager > Processes > arma3_64.exe > Right click and set priority to high. What are your video settings/resolution? That could have an impact as well.
  5. You're right @wd-40, Pennywise did write a completely false hit-piece on you. Maybe talk to Saul Goodman? I heard he's a really good lawyer for civil suits especially. Yeah those parameters (when put into place) create this...
  6. Now I understand why I have low FPS, I run on an expensive potato that has a few wires sticking out of it. I don't think it's 100% the hosting company, though they may take out a chunk of frames when the server pop goes up - not convinced they're the culprit.
  7. Yeah I play on a laptop (i7-6700 HQ, GTX 960M, 8GB DDR2 RAM, 1 TB HDD) and I get around 30 frames average, 20 if it's bad. However, I do constantly face FPS stuttering, that being whenever I shoot, being shot at, or crashing into an object (I just accept I need to play like that unless on my desktop). As for your problem, can't put much insight in as I don't believe it's all due to the host.
  8. Yeah I'm gonna be blunt. I blow dick at ArmA, however...I can sell snow to a ski slope, I can sell evil to the Devil, nonbelievers to a temple, shit I can sell water to a speedboat. Just stop parachuting on me I'm tired of having to look up every few seconds to make sure no one is free balling it into my backyard.
  9. I made it in the video!!!! Wooohoooo #ParachutingPumpkins
  10. K00K00

    more rewards

    Imo I don't think you should be rewarded for helping others (just be a good person ya know) and reporting whatever is a problem (players, bugs, etc.) - though that's my opinion and I've been told I have something wrong with the way I think.
  11. First one to get to Blackbox island wins? If you know you know.
  12. Can we throw it back to some Overpoch type shit and have Camel/Spitfire events? It'd be litty titty, only half of the players would make it off the ground!
  13. That shit is fucking mids. You're better off smoking oregano.
  14. Listen, if you're gonna put drugs in the game, do it right! Only the purest bricks of Peruvian Cocaine, K00K00's organic nug (the best money can buy), and an entire bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos to aid your stomach ulcers.