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  1. K00K00


    Zombies mean less frames. I've never hit negative FPS but I'm sure I would with them.
  2. It was rigged against people with bad frames. -1 bad event.
  3. Sounds good, downloading NetLimiter now.
  4. 500k. oof. So do we just stare at each other until someone falls or what. You did a shit job at explaining what the concept is @Dazhy.
  5. Exile Woodland or Survival Fatigues Kool Kids SWAT Vest (only the best) MollE 50L SOPMOD/Mk48/ACR MAAWS Mk1 w/ 3 HEAT & 2 HE
  6. It doesn't matter what's there - I'm getting in and tearing that shit up like Hulk Hogan deep in PornHub pussy.
  7. K00K00

    Admin Base

    I better see a crate with another 100 gold bars in it.
  8. K00K00

    What Wat? Part 23

    Still waiting on my Newports and babywipes.
  9. K00K00

    What Wat? Part 23

    DMX owes nearly $10 million in child support.
  10. K00K00

    PAcket base?!?!?

    Yes, you can choose any spot to build as long as it's within the base building rules.
  11. I got a wocket in my pocket, I call it my pocket wocket.
  12. Better than Taric's. 6 > MORE > View Distance Settings > Terrain > Low
  13. K00K00


    Boing boop bop beep yoop coupe poop schute aim. 10/10 montage.
  14. Then let's make pawnees and any other armed vehicles only rearmable at the traders which you purchase them from. Edit: just buy more stingers and stop being pussies.
  15. Just buy more stingers, unless you're running out of the dinero.
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