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  1. You forgot to include peeking through walls and sniping Balota from a base.
  2. It's rumored that Jordan now has full blown AIDS and will not be able to play anymore. Was the gas station toilet seat worth it @Jordan'?
  3. I don't like that its mainly navid and spmg clips but you redeemed yourself with some NWA. (if you turn your details/quality to high/ultra your scopes will be less blurred).
  4. altis is dogshit and anyone who plays on there is a subhuman who would have more use as a shield during the alien invasion.
  5. hi mako. remember mako, BIPOD MOUSE 1
  6. As if the go prone, bipod, hold mouse 1 with Navid/PK/Rheinmetal (Hi, Wild & hohols) isn't enough.
  7. Must care too much about respect to stay and fight. Add that in there.
  8. You haven't played here for long & it shows.
  9. I can confirm this. Communist pigs deserve to be put in the gulags.
  10. Everyone gonna be crippin thanks to this post.
  11. So we can expect to be able to tag other peoples bases now?
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