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  1. Oof.. Base + Static GMG lol. Nice first montage. 😉
  2. Very nice. You make me proud son.
  3. Nick

    SG vol. 10

    Very nice video. I love the diversity of music.
  4. Nick


    Good stuff! The ending song was great. I forgot about that song lol.
  5. Nick

    What Wat? Part 21

    I only liked the video for the song in the background. The gameplay was... meh
  6. I agree with The Rosco The ending was my favorite part.
  7. It wouldn't be fun if you played for 3 days and were max level. It's meant to be a grind. 🙂
  8. I've never seen this issue before. I was messing around trying to recreate what happened in your video but had no luck. I'd suggest disabling PIP so the bullet cam doesn't work.
  9. Hands down.. my favorite part was the UAV Drone kill lmao!
  10. You guys can place down another flag so you can move your base, or you can buy the base packing. It's really up to you. Just be sure to have your old flag deleted once your new base is set.
  11. Honestly, it's probably not going to be added to the server. It would have all weapons disables, thermals disables, radar, etc. It would just be like every other helicopter.
  12. Uses overpowered weapons and calls it a montage lol ❤️ I love you! ❤️