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  1. You're currently on the website for the only good server.
  2. Nick


    No bugs and we did not delete it. You did not pay for it in time so the server deleted your base.
  3. Sorted in ye old Discord
  4. Imagine this being the new zerg @Rosco Coltrane
  5. We're aiming for somewhere between today and 2023. Don't have an exact date just yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Should be within the next couple years
  6. @JavierCR Sorry for the late reply. Your base has been restored and will reappear on the server the restart following this reply.
  7. Nick

    M320 SNIPER

    Buy another one unless you have video proof of it disappearing. Do you play in a group? Maybe someone else from your group took it?
  8. Disconnect somewhere safe. That's my tip of the day
  9. Nothing can be done because none of this makes sense. Can you try to describe your issue better or with more detail? Because we do not understand.
  10. We have no way of checking on your base because we don't know what it is called and the Steam64ID on your profile is for Gabe Newel Idk about the safe resetting, my only guess would be you didn't set the code after placing it or maybe placed it too close to a restart for it to save. As for your base parts disappearing, could be a similar issue, placed too close to a restart, or maybe they were partly outside your territory radius? Could be some totally different bugs or issues, but again, we have no way of knowing for sure.
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