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  1. Yep, they still do explode a lot of the time. I recommend to always land on the actual terrain and not wood or concrete.
  2. Yes. They will be exactly where you stored them and how you stored them. If you store a vehicle with broken wheels or anything it will remain like that when retrieved.
  3. Pretty much what Carnah said. Just wanted to add make sure you are within your territory when you try to store a vehicle. For example, if you have a level 1 base and land a heli next to it it may be outside your territory and you won't be able to store it.
  4. If you want PVE play a singleplayer game. As stated by others Exile is mainly based around PVP. Exile PVE servers are extremely low population servers and for good reason.
  5. Nick

    Arma 3 Exile Montage

    Nice montage.
  6. R.I.P Pawnee. Nice shot.
  7. Nick

    What Wat? Part 15

    Pro player!
  8. I look forward to seeing a lot more players using the m320 now it can be suppressed when the update releases!
  9. Nick

    New prices on BM

    +1 to add ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. It would be a nice touch to have fog with rain on Cherno and Snow on Abramia, but if it's going to impact server performance at all it should be left out.
  11. Nick

    More gamplay

    Good stuff as always! You always post 20+ minute quality PVP videos.
  12. There are no actual physics with the snow terrain so having a snowmobile is completely pointless.
  13. Absolutely nothing! I suggest you watch ArmA gameplay on youtube / Twitch to get your fix.