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  1. Nick

    Now was a good time ARMA

    Lol at least you still killed him.
  2. Forwarding this to infiSTAR. Global Ban incoming!
  3. *Sits in base, gets stinger kill, puts it as montage opener*
  4. Nick

    sorry not sorry

    I thought he lived in his base 24/7? When did he switch to trees?
  5. Nick

    Arma 3 Cinematic

    Looked pretty good. My only complaint is turn the crosshair off. That would have made it 100x more cinematic.
  6. If a flag is stolen and not replaced after 3 days it will be deleted.
  7. Nick

    What Wat? Part 23

    Bruh.. changed it to a better gif.
  8. Nick

    What Wat? Part 23

    Where the hood at.
  9. Nick

    Arma #1

    Nice video. Those MAAWS shots are on point
  10. Nick

    Arma [SG] Exile #6

    Very nice!
  11. Nick

    Kill comp #1

    Good content
  12. Sadly at this time, there are no plans to open a new server or increase the number of players (will cause performance issues) You can always purchase premium to get a reserved slot. If that's not your thing, I suggest noting when the restarts are so hopefully you can get in as soon as it occurs. Also if you're able to play in a few hours the population usually drops off a bit.
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