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  1. The devs for the servers are working on much more important things than retexturing and adding armor to vehicles. I can assure you of that.
  2. ^ That sounds like a lot of work for something that may not be used quite often. Instead of retexturing vehicles and increasing armor, it would be much more logical to just add different already textured and armored vehicle mods. That's most likely not going to happen though.
  3. Love the tall gate! No more unnecessary stacked gates that are a pain to open!👍 The glass floor and wall are insane as well. Will they be bulletproof? Imagine watching someone from the safety of your base and they can't do anything about it. lol.
  4. Nick

    SG Wattage

    Nic work. You have some pretty insane shots in there!
  5. Nick

    Some debug`s changes

    If players go into the debug and an admin see it, they'll be punished. As Rosco said, adding something like what you suggested would add more stress on the server and most likely create lag or reduced fps. I guess the best course of action is to simply report them with evidence and it'll be handled.
  6. What in the hell kind of tactic is that @2:33 bunnyhop spray? LOL Great video! Awesome bonus clip by the way. Those AI never saw it coming! Now stop harassing me on steam 😁
  7. Gotta be careful when selecting from your scroll wheel options! It would be nice to have an option to disable it in the scroll wheel if that's what the player wanted. Idk if that's even possible, but a few players have mentioned removing it from the scroll wheel due to too many accidents lol. Maybe it's something we can look into, but I can't guarantee it'll change.
  8. Would have been a better event if I was there... Just saying 😉
  9. Nick

    More Slots

    Mo people = mo problems
  10. To clarify a little. In my opinion, the Rad Island is intended to get you some easy money. It shouldn't be some overpowered area where someone can go to get filthy rich. Instead of doing a mission you can easily go to the Rad Zone, loot for a little while and come out with a decent bit of money.
  11. You want to add fruit and weed plants to rad island?
  12. Nick

    New military uniform

    Now I see them. Looks good!
  13. Nick

    New military uniform

    Images aren't loading for me either. R.I.P 😒
  14. Nick

    Mozzie Mod?

    Hm... I do sort of like the idea of maybe making it available with a perk. Although it's already so easy to get around with the kart and quad.