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  1. Noone's watching the flank! R.I.P them.
  2. The ending was my favorite part lol 😁
  3. It could be that your character was bugged so you were an NPC and logging back in set you back to being a regular player. Although, I don't know for sure.
  4. Nice kills and music choice lol! 😉 Most of these clips must be old. I haven't seen some of these players you killed in months.
  5. Nice quality video as always!
  6. There is a custom loadout trader at any safe zone. There you can save the gear you are currently wearing to make re-buying it much quicker the next time. Just go up to the trader with what you want to save. Enter a name at the bottom left and save it.
  7. Nick

    Building (Barracks)

    The Altis map is HUGE! There aren't that many of these buildings or any military building to restrict building too much. 500m isn't far at all. There are plenty of nice locations all over the map. Since these buildings are classified as military buildings and spawn military loot, I don't think the 500m restriction will be removed.
  8. Sounds like a good event idea. We may use this in the future. 😉
  9. Lol. Nice video. Good kills + some humor. 10/10
  10. Very nice! 10:41is my favorite part!
  11. Sounds really interesting. I hope something like this can happen.
  12. Paintball Hype!
  13. Nick


    As far as I know, roaming AI are not going to be added.