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  1. Best heli pilot @ 4:00 😂
  2. Nick


    Gillette, The Best A Man Can Get!
  3. You want AA option huh? Might as well go full freaking militarized then.
  4. R.I.P that -10k from the friendly fire 😉
  5. You can't loot anything underwater. To get those crates you need to use a SDV (submarine) and you can load the crate into that and take it to land. You can tow the SDV onto a faster boat which I recommend doing because it's extremely slow. Alternatively, you can use a 2 man team with a helicopter, deploy ropes, swim down and attach the ropes to the crate and lift it out.
  6. That squeaking in the last clip is going to give me nightmares!
  7. 10/10 for that opening clip 😉
  8. @Jordan' Why you so rude to poor Finance? 😞
  9. Pretty much what Sean said. We need some more info before we can identify the problem Your in-game name or Steam 64 ID and which server are you trying to join @tyronebigtie ? There could be a hundred different reasons why you can't join. Something simple like you don't have a reserved slot and are joining when the server is past 60 players. Or it could be something a little more advanced like a mod missing or screwed up another way. I'd suggest verifying Arma 3 and all your mods and trying to connect again.
  10. @xait No, we do not require any DLC to play on SG. He will not be able to use the DLC weapons, vehicles, clothing etc, but he will have no problems connecting or playing on the server. -Nick
  11. Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy it here on SG! 😉
  12. Hm... by the looks of the kick message you need to purchase a reserved slot. That means you have a few choices. 1: You can purchase premium here on the forums and you'll be given a reserved slot and can join the server if it's above 60 players, plus some cosmetic ingame features. 2: You can wait until a restart or until the server population goes below 60 players and you can join without the reserved slot. The servers are 65 slots, but if it is above 60 players then you require a reserved slot.