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  1. Mako

    Return to SG

    Where is BEEF? 🙂
  2. Mako

    And still...

    Vegas 15... Maybe it's because my records are too high in bitrates, than when YT renders it, it's cut too much...
  3. Mako

    And still...

    I've try everything, my video looks very good on pc after rendering...but upload fucks it... I'm recording with shadowplay, first with default settings, than moving it higher and higher...this video up is recorded with 1080p, 60 fps and max bitrate allowed in shadowplay. Also I did try trick with higher render settings, I've rerender that video in 4k...than upload it, and it's still says 1080p... As I said, video on PC looks very good... I did tried different encoders, H264, H265, AVC, MPEG2 etc... Maybe my Sony Vegas is bugged and all encoders are broken, but video on pc looks good, so I don't think that's the case. Fast pace action scene needs to be rendered proper way, and I think that youtube do it ''the cheapest fast way'' and the result is shown above.
  4. Mako

    And still...

    Youtube just won't let me upload quality video...when they encode it, it turns into pixel shit. Tried everything, some people say ''if you don't have views and subs youtube put lower quality because of the servers and shit''...
  5. Mako

    The Infantryman

  6. Mako

    New prices on BM

    Like yours 1500 kills in Balota you mean ;D
  7. Noooo you must think on cheekydog
  8. need to render it using only PC...this is new GPU render, it's fast but bad quality.
  9. Page is broken...
  10. https://youtu.be/Rw5Zct0iYMM
  11. Im not in fear of change...we are all tired of cherno...cherno is like my 3rd fav. map. I've played panthera, namalsk, napf, esseker, a bit tanoa,altis...it's just my opinion that is too open...
  12. Mako

    The wanderer

    Yh they are copyright...but some of them alowed to be used if they put adds to video. Others don't alowed it at all...