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  1. Yeah, i had just killed an NPC bugged player then some other random ass npc bugged player came up to me
  2. https://gyazo.com/39e07fe390a726bc6f3a6c489a2d0287 oof
  3. Nice, but 5:13 "Next 5 min donkeys graveyard" you killed 2 donkeys xd
  4. Cashcake

    Spray can

    Underrated suggestion wtf
  6. It might be possible, but a simple override in your gpu drivers could possibly remove grass without being noticed by any anti cheat. Just like with the recent Battlefield V texture abuse.
  7. 2. Grass. Should be ON. No ability to turn in OFF. People who play without grass should be banned. There are no real fps improve when u delete it, just few fps. Low-end PCs should be upgraded, not Arma gameplay downgraded. This will effect the meta of the server drastically. It will make the whole server rely more on snipers and make it little to none of close combat. This mostly due to lower fps but also favoring long distance shot because it is somewhat easier to see people further away if grass is covering your proximity. You have to keep in mind that the grass you see wont be seen by players 200m-2000m away from you.
  8. Cashcake

    Week #3????????

    Okokok, sorry. 3rd one in like 3 weeks, just wanted to get rid of the clips before new pc arives. promise no more spam. >inb4 Noobtube and camping montage
  9. We came, we yoinked, we left.
  10. What about removing respect from NPCs in exchange for NPCs only making you lose 1%?