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  1. is there other guns than lmg in this game?
  2. stupid gay ass walking intro lmfao
  3. Now that you cant buy pawnees/hellcat/orca from black market, they are much harder to obtain. Stingers are now more used to shoot down random planes & littlebirds rather than actuall armed hellis. So my suggestion is either, remove them, because pawnees arent that hard to shoot down with a normal LMG. Or Increase the price of rockets/stingers.
  4. hahahahahahahahaha you fucked my guy ACAB hahahahahahahaahhahasha
  5. PLEASE STOP OPENING UP OLD THREADS THANK YOU Please check the date on the thread and if it's more than 1-2 months old dont reply to it as it is most likely a dead and inactive discussion that doesnt need to be brought up again. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. if possible, stop bumping old threads.
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