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  1. Wild

    sorry not sorry

    No balls won't mention names
  2. Wild

    PAcket base?!?!?

    Admin packs the entire base for you into a storage crate. You dont have to do anything except paying for it.
  3. Going out with a stinger everytime is going to drain your bank pretty quick if you dont sit in the middle of the forest somewhere. Or have tons of teammates to cover it if/when you die, not everyone has that. Increase pawnee price. Imagine if a big group of 6-8 players decides to go full retard with 6-8 pawnees. All with flares, not much you can do then imo
  4. Wild

    NPC Bug

    Better not play at all then. Cause this game kills you if it wants to
  5. I have a high end pc. Turning off grass improves frames for me. Done
  6. Number 1.The enviroment is nice to turn off as it is way to loud and sounds in Arma are not really optimized well. Number 2. grass do decrease your fps. And also I would presume it adds extra load to the server it self. You cant ask people to upgrade their pc’s just so you can have grass. Number 3. Yes you could have sunset but no darkness. Allthough I don’t see the point as it doesnt really effect much. Number 4. Why in gods name would you want fog? It is ugly and really annoying. Turn your viewdistance down if you want it. Number 5. I agree Todays version of SG works for what it is intended to be. It isnt trying to be Dayz, if so the server would just as dead as the standalone game.
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