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  3. Cashcake

    Fragtage #2

    Another fragtage, just had to test out new editing software
  4. @Jacob Kirby thats what i like to hear :)
  5. Oof.. Base + Static GMG lol. Nice first montage. 😉
  6. Yesterday
  7. This is my first video. You'll immediately see only the best of editing and worlds best cutting skills. Roast me
  8. You might not of been there but their was a Suv Armed event, we got obliterated within the first few minutes, must of been around 6 cars to.
  9. @Jamez The map will not be too big for the first wipe.
  10. This is great news :D, how about map size? Im hoping it wont be too big of a map since its a new server. Just so people can find each other to pvp.
  11. In-game Name: BoonkGang/Cameroon Number of Hours: 2008 Discord User: Cameroon#6987 Steam Name: Cameroon Steam Profile:https://steamcommunity.com/Cameroon/ Why do you want to join SFB?:Just ready start playing need a clan/gang to road with chill with and know how to have fun at the same time... I want to make new friends and have my brothers back when they need me the most...if you want to know more just asked and I will be happy to tell you my skills and experience on arma 3
  12. I'll make sure me and my friends check it out.
  13. Can t seem to find you on discord. Can you add me? Solomon#2518
  14. That last video of the solo raid looks like they stumbled on into my swamp with all that gear.
  15. But do it in Discord, I am in there. Rarely checking forums. ❤️
  16. @Gimax I will definitely message you if needed!
  17. Last week
  18. There wont be any restrictions on this server currently. In the future we can see about that
  19. Any team limits? duo/trio/5man ect? sounds good, ill jump on
  21. In-game Name: TehWeeb Number of Hours: 6,928 Discord User: TheWeeb#6526 Steam Name: Rugged Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RektShiro/ Why do you want to join SFB?: To Be Honest, it gets boring playing solo and on this server I've seen many groups so trying to go against 4+ other guys at once is a little excessive at times. I would like to be part of a group rather play solo.
  22. Dont want to open an additional thread for this. Just an other event suggestion, should be easy to handle and be pretty funny imho. Participants get teleported to one spot of the map, Everyone gets the exact same gear containing a rocket launcher with some rockets and lets say an axe in their backpack in case they run out of ammo. So no primary and secondary weapon. From the start on basically everybody against everybody. Last man standing gets a price and probably some booby prizes for places 2 and 3.
  23. I can't remember us doing a convoy on taki, but the one we did on chernarus didn't end well, if we didn't airdrop people back into the convoy we would've been fucked in the first city we hit rofl
  24. Excellent song. Going to see him live soon.
  25. Special Forces Brigade is now back & recruiting! We played long ago but now we're back. We are currently playing on Altis. Our goal is to become the best operating group in the server. We are a serious group but we are also a group that knows how to have fun. We expect experienced people as we raid very often and engage in pvp with other groups. For now, our rules are fairly loose but there will be more rules added as we expand for comms purposes. It is important to know that we do not force certain tasks on others that could prevent them from having fun. Leadership comes from all of our combined ideas and based on the moment's decision. You will not be forced to follow a certain person if you don't feel like it. Remember, we're here to Spill blood, have Fun, and Become the top dogs! We await your applications... Requirements to join: -Needs to have good knowledge of Arma 3 & Exile -Good Microphone -Fluent in English -Has patience -Capable of following & accomplishing given tasks -Age: 16+ -----Members in group----- Leader: SSG Forest Co-Leader: SGT Solomon Members: John Rivers Leviathan Moopy Valentine Trial Members: -None- --Use this Template-- In-game Name: Number of Hours: Discord User: Steam Name: Steam Profile: Why do you want to join SFB?:
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