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  4. might want to turn down the volume a bit and watch in 4k
  5. Looking for people to play with on Altis or Cherno, not fussed. I'm 27/Irish. Have 1k+ hours from over a year ago on KOTH/Life. New to the Exile mod but should pick it up pretty quick.
  6. oh look .22 raiding another wooden 1x1 level one base.
  7. Earlier
  8. it means the server is too full and you need to wait until a slot becomes available, otherwise purchase VIP and you can join without having to wait
  9. Здраствуйте почему я не могу зайти на ваш сервер ? при входе кикает и пишет что нужно зайти на ваш сайт и как то зарезервировать место или слот ???
  10. Can't get into server. Keep getting session lost error
  11. Hello! Our arma clan is looking for new players to join, we require atleast 1000 hours on arma, exile experience, 18+ and regular gaming.
  12. In the top right you should get a menu for the building keybinds. If it's not there, I think the keybind for the menu is 5. The vectoring is done by pressing 7 as well I believe, and then using q/e wasd ect.
  13. excuse me. how do I plant a sloping floor (like an stairs)?
  14. Hi. I'm new too. How are you guys doing? Do you have situations when you are kicked out of the game?
  15. Awesome videos. I used to be a solo player too. Wish you creative success. It's a shame that you don't post videos that often.
  16. I understand you perfectly. Advise you to watch reviews of other gamers that show how quickly they pump the hero. The main thing is not to give up.
  17. I don’t play on servers that doesn’t allow this mod. Arma is 100x better with this, when getting a suppressing fire from an enemy is still so damn scary
  18. Just watched the video. This is fantastic. Almost certain half the clips are of me. Lol. Genuinely emotional over how brilliant this looks.
  19. hello, i am Cowessess Nuka how are you? get-vidmateapp.com get-mobdroapk.com
  20. Don't bring a Fart to a Shit fight ! submitted by WAKNER
  21. one more for the boys >:)
  22. hello, i am Cardi Benneton how are you? b2b spice myfiosgateway com
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