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  3. I feel like a lot of players (myself and group included) have been asking for more features to be enabled like thermal, more Anti Air, heli rockets being enabled etc. I believe a duplicate server but fully-militarized would attract more players to the SG network since semi-militarized like we have now can seem slow paced. After looking around there a select few fully-militarized servers (I wont name names as I dont want to promote them) which means there is high potential for an [SG] fully-militarized server to thrive and bloom.
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  7. Great post and great website. Thanks for the info!
  8. Was that you Jacob??? FUCK SAKE JACOB!!! Reference
  9. Definitely enjoyed this lol. Especially the clip of you jumping out of the heli whilst shooting a launcher at another.
  10. I know this is a 2 months old but if you guys are still recruiting... ___________________________________________________ -In game name: PaPa Strudl -Age: 21 -Location/Time zone? CET +1 -Do you have a Mic and access to Discord: Yes (PaPa Štrudl#5847) -How many hours u got in arma? 690h -How much hours have you played on Exile: Most of my arma 3 hours -Why do you want to join Envy? I've been playing solo most of the time on exile servers, I have been a part of clans before but not in arma 3, so this would be a great new experience. I love the game even tho its broken at times but I can keep my cool and I don't give up easily. I have spent 1300+h in both armas. _________________________________________________________
  11. how often do servers wipe? whens the next one?
  12. please can someone sort me out a valid discord invite please
  13. Evvo

    Flag issue

    Excuse me, I thought I replied to this ages ago... Server restart placed the flag upright and it no longer causes issues. Problem solved, I just had to wait.
  14. HK 417 RECCE 16in H&K G3/SG1 Scar-H STD FN FAL 50.00 (RIS) Troy M14 SOPMOD M-14 DMR M-21 Ect. Those are like the main DMR's that all 1 shot with 20+ round mags, just get the mag with the most damage, which should be around 17+. If you want something more close range just use any of the 5.56 guns that use the Mk262 Mod 1 SBLR That does like 12.4 damage and you can laser.
  15. then i dont know, use Troy Sopmod better gun
  16. you need to buy the mags without using that, just try all the 17dmg ones from NiArms
  17. when u click the addons for the mk1 or the mk18 there is no other mags coming up then the 11 damage one
  18. Or you can just buy one of the many modded guns that are better
  19. you can use the ammo from modded guns in it
  20. Sorry for my english btw Can we make the mk18 damage more then 11? the scar, troy, some of the H&K and others damage 17,2, but the mk18 only damage 11, its a good weapon, but since all the modded guns damage more no one uses the mk18 and its a shame, so why not add some mags for this weapon so its worth using.
  21. Depends what I'm intending to do... Looting: a bit of food and drink, a pistol (preferably an Sa 61), a big backpack, not much else except an extension cord to spawn a quad. Looting a "busy zone" (like Balota): anything that takes a STANAG, preferably an M4 or Sanitised AR, otherwise see above. It'll be no time until you pick up all the attachments and ammo you need. Mission: marksman rifle like a Mk1 EMR or an M14, AMS, suppressor. Camping: large calibre long-range rifle like a Lynx or M107 and appropriate optics. Lots of food/drink. Base defence: Shotgun or LMG/SW with low recoil, like a LIM, MXS or SPAR-S
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