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  2. fortycal is this what i do
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  4. A bad workman always blames his tools.... Any prick can pickup a Navid, takes a special kind of Prick to use one well x
  5. Mirror mirror on the wall, who will become salty now
  6. Winky

    What Wat? Part 16

    cancer wub wub music is gud
  7. If it must stay then that's the place for it 😉
  8. What about this?: I know it's bad quality/small but you get the point. (It's currently 3:30 am)
  9. im not exactly sure what the issue here is.. there isnt a balancing issue.. anyone can get their hands on an SPMG, navid, lynx, and even an epilator (not sure why you'd buy one), so its balanced.. you chose not to bring one of those guns yourself, so thats on you.. in my opinion there would only be a balancing issue if i felt forced to use one of those guns because otherwise i wouldnt be able to win my fights, which isn't the case. i just use whatever gun i feel like using.. and i especially dont think any guns should be removed in general because removing guns would only limit my options, i'd get bored in no time 😛 aslong as you die when i repeatedly hit you in the face, its a fair fight in my eyes
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  11. What a random request the spmg does not normally get bad press. . . You start removing them then may as well take out all lmgs as they do the same thing. Just learn to adapt. Many assault rifles aim and fire much quicker. They just don't spray
  12. The lynx is part of my culture and if it got removed I'd end my own life ok
  13. MG-42, KSVK, PKP, FAL, M14, M21, G3 rifles also have the power to oneshot people at 1k pluss and also alot of them have suppressors Even the CZ550 22lr BOLT ACTION oneshots ppl at 1k
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