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  2. Pawnee prices

    I don't have an issue with them. Yes frustrating if they catch you in the open but as many has said you can bring them down with most guns.
  3. Jimlad Hacked My Account To Post This (jk)

    That sniper shot x
  4. Added: Vehicle Painting for Premium members.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Got told I should submit the video here. So hope its for everyones liking as I'm not very fond of sharing my videos on other sites than just uploading them to youtube. Enjoy Nonetheless lads . (Copyrighted music. Not allowed to embed the video on other websites, sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phx1nJDlEOE
  7. Pawnee prices

    Garuntee this post is because Shell is a good fucking pilot. Just shoot his ass out the sky <3
  8. Pawnee prices

    This was a mistake. They no longer have stingers
  9. Pawnee prices

    AI's now have AA's some time.
  10. Weekly Event #24

    Strider GMG DEATHMATCH Sunday 24th 9:15 PM GMT Preparation: There will be an message on the server before the event starts. Only players writing *TP* in chat get teleported. Make sure to save your gear by putting it in your safe as you will lose anything on your body. Players will get teleported to the arena in the debug area. The arena has a lot of space to drive around as well as some ammo-refill & fuel-refill stations. You have to create groups of 2 players. After rules got explained to those who haven't read this topic, you will be teleported with your friend (or randomly with somebody if you have no one to play with) to an Strider GMG. What to do? You will need a driver and a gunner, decide in your group who's doing what. There will be a grace-period of a minute, you are not allowed to kill anyone during this phase. When the grace period ends, you have to kill any other Strider GMG driving around the event-area. The team with the only remaining Strider GMG wins the event. You will get some duct tape to repair your Strider GMG once it got damaged. Rules: 1. Do not glitch/hack/bug use 2. Do not team together with other Strider GMG's 3. Only leave your Strider GMG for repairing purposes 4. Do not leave the event-area 5. Do not enter the event area again when died Rewards: 1st team: 100k Poptabs each OR Large building crate each 2nd team: 75k Poptabs each OR Medium building crate each 3rd: 50k Poptabs each OR Small building crate each Participation reward: 25k poptabs
  11. Nuclear Zone...

    Don’t be so insecure, it’s not all about you pal.
  12. Nuclear Zone...

    we were only 2 guys. sincerely the guy that blew your brains out
  13. Nuclear Zone...

    Then we completed our objectives well ;)
  14. A bit of everything

    Ermergeredd SkireBurds Epeen Lvl 1000
  15. Drop your steam id's :)

  16. Last week
  17. A bit of everything

    Go balota kill collector...
  18. A bit of everything

    Don't see you on the scoreboard
  19. Nuclear Zone...

    Lol never seen group there
  20. A bit of everything

    Forgot to add the part after u killed American Dream, where me and my boy came in and pounded all of u
  21. Nuclear Zone...

    Squads of 4/5 guys usually there, can’t get close lol
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