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  5. This is vol.21...by the volume 19 I didn't even know about SG. discord media... Just go and ''man up'' harvesting Ghost town.
  6. Me and my friend are recreating the old group we've had here before a few times, we've played on both cherno and altis throughout the years and we are both very experienced (2k+ hrs). We've just started playing on altis, and are looking for more people in order to grow bigger. There's only 2 of us so far, so don't expect fireworks from the first days. Here is our old recruitment post. If you want to talk, pm me on the forums or for faster response on discord Solomon#2518.
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  8. Hi I'm 21 Years old Male from Singapore with 869 Hours on Arma 3 amongst my other games. Stealthy game style is my type of choice if I can find a silencer probably.... Hit me up if youre lookin for a teamplayer yo! IGN: James O'Conor
  9. Im not EU but Asia. Prolly good in team communication.
  10. if you're putting something expensive in your safes, make sure they are hard to get to.
  11. Castle Towers can be destroyed with 3 Big Mommas. Each construction will take 3 charges, just like the Exile constructions.
  12. Looking to buy poptabs on altis for cherno, 1:1 ratio. Have 670k. Pm or reply
  13. Been the same on every exile server I've played on just part of exile and missions there is nothing anyone can do about that so not sure why you have made a post about it .
  14. Actually, I think he was just asking that Exile players look into their hearts, and have some mercy on new players... unfortunately he doesn't realize, we're heartless and we don't give a shit.
  15. Also remove traders to prevent trader camping
  16. Hello, I am David from New London I am Data Analyst. Excel Dashboard Course is the best to solve the problem data analysis related to the organization. Excel Dashboard Course is the only way to learn in a simple way and work in a smart way.

  17. dont forget about the base campers, remove bases and we get rid of them as well
  18. @Nick Simple, remove missions and there will be no mission campers anymore, problem solved.
  19. Jag gillar att spela onlinespel https://wyrmspel.com/online-casino/mr-green/ . Det finns en möjlighet att vinna en stor summa pengar. Prova själv.

  20. And what exactly can be done about mission camping? It's a legitimate part of the game and will probably never change.
  21. Good evening, I wanted to address the following topic as you can read in the title. Lately, people have been chatting more and more often, complaining about how they're always being camped out on missions and checkpoints. Most of the time, they are even shot from very far distances. For any new player or people that have potato pcs'(cause they can't render so far), this can certainly be frustrating and take away all the fun. However, if you look at the A3 launcher, these two servers are the only really ones, and there is not really any other server choice. Perhaps in the future you should pay more attention not to push it too far (since it is often always the same few players), and also give inexperienced players a chance. PS: sorry for my bad english
  22. Looking for some people to join up with to make the game a bit more fun, I'm experienced when it comes to shooter games as well as strategic minded. 25 Y/O, got a mic - from sweden. Msg me here or on discord GhettoStar#0242 - or even ingame, name: [768]GhettoStar
  23. any cool stuff you could add to kits or anything for 300k + rep ? would be cool to do something with my rep when I've got 300+k of it instead of it giving almost nothing after 200k :D
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