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  2. just put in the AA Nyx into the rotation
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  4. Friendly reminder if you buy the DLC before the 25th then it’s 10% off, not much but it’s something
  5. Roar

    What Wat? Part 24

    xddddd ez monuh
  6. Dexter M

    What Wat? Part 24

    A few moments later XD nice vid though
  7. Yesterday
  8. That's a pretty valid argument.. not sure why there isn't one there. @Sean Possible?
  9. Can we have a boat trader somewhere along the river?
  10. Pretty simple, just a boat trader on the right side of altis. there is a left one, there are two middle ones, and there is a north one; but if you want to get to the right side from one of these in a boat you are separated from it by over 10,000m on either hemisphere.
  11. Last week
  12. And you have the new Humvee's that has Minigun and Gau19 on top with actual armor that tear helis to shits
  13. How is the map in size compared to chernarus? Same size? bigger? smaller?
  14. Not really needed anymore because jordan, winky, livejasmin etc stopped spamming them
  15. We are releasing a new server on the 25th July on the new Livonia map! The server will open soon after the Arma 3 update on the 25th. Please note that the new Arma 3 Contact DLC will be required to play. We've already given away 2 copies of the DLC, but we're giving away more! Go to our Discord to enter that giveaway! The required mods can be found HERE They're currently the same mods as our Altis server. Thanks to @William Wallace @I'm Trash @Jordan' to the help with map edits. Below is our "finished" map. Somethings can still be changed.
  16. safe inside and can be abused like shit with the HE ammo, this is why we have stingers.
  17. Last suggestion for the week i promise. Can we at higher levels of respect even get the choice of an arid or semi arid ghillie as well as the lush and the huge bush spawn kit? Just one choice of each would be nice if its not too much of a pain in the ass.
  18. hi ist dein interesse noch da wir haben eine gute base
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