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  1. Today
  2. FREE 20k Poptabs - Collect Here

    Ludvig hilderød
  3. Yesterday

    Next time, try harder ;)
  5. The changelog hasn't been updated in awhile but some things have been changed/fixed/added. I am just waiting for the Exile update before I add anything major to the server. All of the following changes have been made since the 2nd of January until today. I have probably missed a few changes, but it will be nothing major. Changed: Day/night cycle. It is now permanently day. Armed HMG hunter and striders ect. have been removed from AI vehicle list. Fixed: Rearming at trader/fuel stations. Simulation on some map edits causing them to not open. Added: Fuel stations you can place at your base. Buy them from the Hardware trader for 30k. SPAR-16S to traders. New NIArms sniper rifles to traders. Some missions displaying the wrong information. "NO PVP ZONE" on screen messages. Removed: "Advanced Towing" as it was just making vehicles fall under the map.
  6. Last week
  7. Yes I know, maybe futuristic was the wrong word to use but from just looking at them they look like a more modern version of the HMMWV.
  8. Vamtacs are just a spanish version of hmmwvs not futuristic pretty sure spanish army uses them :)
  9. There is an armed HMMWV from Exile in the Black Market I believe. Other than that you can use the Vamtacs, which are basically futuristic HMMWVs.
  10. new sg logo

    Okhe :)))
  11. Hmvees are a nice idea :)
  12. Kinda wanna solo teammate. Just a 2 man army. Get to know eachother and blow some peoples heads off
  13. Lithuania requiting

    Requiting Lithuanian player
  14. Potato(killer) with beef parts and funkx sauce :)

    Very nice Desync on some of those players there
  15. You spelt Vikings wrong ;)
  16. Haven't had any since wipe - if still applicable my IGN is Shiv_P
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