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  4. moopy999


    ah i only had 2 on me at the time . ty
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to play with me on any map! I'm 25 and french and I can speak english let me know here G'day !
  6. Last week
  7. I like the kit system, Its alot better than spawning with no weapon and being killed by spawn campers. At least you have a chance to defend yourself when you spawn
  8. William Wallace


    i have just tested this and it does appear that if you have multiple it will use 2 of them and no more thanks for the report and it will be looked into @Sean can this be fixed?
  9.   Nos produits ont aidé des milliers d'athlètes à devenir meilleurs dans leur catégorie. Tous nos produits ont passé les contrôles nécessaires et possèdent tous les certificats de qualité. Une large gamme pour que vous puissiez choisir celle qui vous convient. Voir le site Web pour plus de détails.  https://musclesfax.ws/

  10. looking for a group with good players no 0.3kd guys (sorry). stats: AVG K/D 2.75 TOTAL KILLS 168 TOTAL DEATHS 61 AVG KILL DISTANCE 262 Meters EXP LEVEL 18 TOTAL HOMIE KILLS 0 TOTAL RAID KILLS 3 TOTAL CONNECTIONS 35 FIRST CONNECTED 2020-03-19 16:36:01 LAST CONNECTED 2020-03-25 15:02:32 FAMILY [Null]
  11. moopy999


    after using a bush kit if you have multiple it seems to use them all rather than just one of the stack.
  12. Hey, my name is Diego i have 453h in arma 3, mostly zeus, wasteland and Exile. Looking for a group. Im from Portugal
  13. Nothing can be done because none of this makes sense. Can you try to describe your issue better or with more detail? Because we do not understand.
  14. After restarting me or deleting the cars from the garage refined before the second restart I had no place to enter the server altis. I lost a zamac a chevrolet and a golf 4. Can anything be done?
  15. Watch in 1440p
  16. Crates are meant to take and sell as a whole, then spend those poptabs to buy what you want.
  17. also to get the scopes etc for the gun out of the crates id need to go to a trader half the time anyways where i could just buy a better gun and its attachments.
  18. I might be the only one but after doing a mission or however i come across a loot crate unless the gun is a navid spmg cyrus kinda gun ill never even think about using it . they usually are 10 dmg have no attachments and are kinda trash id rather just run to a trader or around a few houses and come out with a MAR or some other gun with a suppressor bi-pod and scope after 5 mins. I think it would be better if the guns in crates were replaced by ones with attachments so they are usable right out of the crate especially when they sell for almost nothing too so id rather leave them than waste even 5 seconds to grab them risking my life for like 5k in total. makes it even less worth the money it when you consider how much space guns take up so how hard it is to even carry alot of them to sell.
  19. Earlier
  20. not been on arma for a few month so a late reply but i get 300k on both altis and cherno as its the only achievement you can really go for. being solo player a big base isnt that good as it makes people want to raid you more and you cant defend a 10 man raid very well. so hording loot and money isnt very useful or fun so the only thing left is the reputation and KDa comes with it as you want to kill and die as little as possible to maintain the rep. and i went to balota alot keeping the rep isnt that much of a problem
  21. if this has changed already i don't know as i haven't played for a few months now. however when i did play it was solo and having several spare rockets was a need as when i encounter large groups with multiple vehicles i need to have the rockets on me alone. an example could be when i was fighting at a CP and i used 3 rockets to kill a strider and armed quilin and the armed cap point car when someone was driving it. if i was limited to how many rockets i could have taken then the fact i was out numbered would have meant i couldn't have taken that fight and would have had to leave rather than having one of the best fights ive ever had on arma along with picking up several full sets of gear an the cap point loot. im not sure if changing it so you can carry fewer rockets would nerf the groups or make them even stronger as smaller groups or solo players cant carry enough rockets to take them out when they drive around with multiple armed vehicles. a tactic i saw quite alot from larger groups is members would kill the players in the CP and take the loot well protected by helicopters scouting from above well armoured cars would drive rings around the cap point scouting for players and preventing them from getting close the the CP so they could get the loot. And as a solo player the only way i could beat them was using my several rockets to take out all the cars before taking out the players trying to loot the CP.
  22. Please make a ticket in our Discord. Will be much easier to get your info from there Invite: https://discord.gg/BYpagPx
  23. Logged in today to all my rep being gone from 300K to 7K for some random reason..prolly just a glitch but I need fixed asap..thank you ily
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