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  2. Fixed: Family Moderator permissions. Should all work as expected. Added: A method to combat players shooting through walls by peaking through them. Grenades get refunded when thrown in SafeZone's.
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  4. if this was a telltale game i'm sure as hell that we would get the message "CapturePointHustlers will remember that"
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  6. rofl @ where you shoot me hanging at the elektro bridge. went for a poo.. came back and was ded
  7. ahh nice, just in time for bed. should help me fall asleep.
  8. U have the same information (about ammo, scope) in the lower left corner
  9. After being shot in the skull by one last night I agree with DTail but it was funny .
  10. Nah, that heli comes in a range where it can be engaged from infantry. It's everything, but not the same. 500m > 2500m
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  12. Your KSVK? Comrade... You mean "OUR" KSVK?
  13. same as when you are just chilling somewhere doing a mission and a armed heli sprays u down, or you just chilling in a spawntown with spawn gear and same heli comes...
  14. So for the past 5 months I have not had much time to work on new stuff for the servers, but some stuff has been changing slowly. The following changes are the few that I remebered/found since the last changelog, there is probably a few more but it's hard to back track over 5 months. Changed: Fixed SafeZone ESP displaying duplicate names for players in vehicles. Mines get refunded when placed in SafeZones. Ladders can no longer be crafted as they were just being abused and it's imposibble for staff to manage. Added a checkbox to the kit selection menu to spawn with or without NVGs. Stopped some vehicles ability to shoot when there is less then x amount of players online: Altis: 35 Players Chernarus: 45 Players PO-30 Orca WY-55 Hellcat AH-9 Pawnee Spitfire Added moderators to families. Family owners can promote/demote current members. Moderators can kick/invite players. Added Repsect reward to the Discord loaderboard. PS: If anyone has scripting/modeling knowledge for Arma. Message me
  15. I agree that its OP as fuck, but on the other end of the gun, its hella fun to use it, but also its very annoying when you are just chilling and doing missions and you get bonked by a fucking 20mm HE bullet
  16. Hi. When I'm using Bullet cam the windows with the camera is blocking info about ammo left, scope setting etc. Tried to move everything I can find in the Editor but its still there. Is there a way to move it? I can't open the Game menu ingame because of infiSTAR. Any ides? cheers
  17. But then what are the groups of people who sit 2k in the air on the side of a heli with that thing supposed to do? We all know they can't cqb or use a real gun....
  18. I know, I may step on some peoples toes.. But to be honest, is it really necessary that we have an Anti Material Rifle which also fires explosive ammunition from a Heli? Sure, it's expensive, but after you finished your base and are fully upgraded 'Poptabs' become somewhat useless and you can buy loads of the explo magazines. Sure, you can counter it with EOD, becoming a two-shot not a one-shot, offering you a window of 2 - 3 seconds to run. (Which I do most of the time, but gets me killed anyway.. Just a little later). But the real issue we experienced since we joined, is that it's nearly impossible to counter while doing missions. Of course, we could buy a attack chopper and try to find the white/blue heli hovering at 2.5km up in the sky somewhere. But this shouldn't be the task of someone all the time if they want to play Exile. For example, this is nearly impossible for a solo or a small group. It's extremely time consuming to fight the explo sniping bird 2.5km in the air and its also expensive. The main issue is the time it takes to find, engage and scare that heli away. I don't mind this gun and ammunition type in a ground to ground scenario, but for a sniperheli our group believes that it's way to OP and should be either restricted through rules or scriptwise to disable that gun on a heli.
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  20. Event starts at 9:30 PM BST | 4:30 PM EST | Saturday 15/08/2020 FREE FOR ALL TANK BATTLE How It Works How this game mode will go, Each tank will have a team of 2 players a gunner and a driver ( you can decide between you who takes what role) The event will take place on CDF area. The winner is the last tank standing Rules Do not break any of the original server rules. Do not leave the area doing so will result in a teleport and elimination. Do not troll, bans will be given out instantly and you will not be able to participate. Prizes Last alive: +400,000 poptabs per team 2nd last alive +300,000 poptabs per team 3rd last alive +250,000 poptabs per team +30,000 participation award There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Do NOT bring your own gear as you will geared by us. Any of your previous gear will be deleted. No refunds On poptabs, Gear or respect you have been warned! Admins running event: @Dexter M
  21. Also: 9600k usually can be overclocked to 5Ghz on all cores easily.. i only needed to up the voltage by like 0.015V or something..
  22. Salut Vincent! Laisse moi un MP
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