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  4. 76561198010979522 IG NAME : Nomes
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  6. It’s arma it happens from time to time. Best just suck it up.
  7. Hm, so there is no way of preventing it when we don't know what happens I guess. Well #JustArmaThings, thanks for the replies
  8. Part with Altis is very nice👍
  9. lmao spraydown incoming in 3...2...1...
  10. Noone's watching the flank! R.I.P them.
  11. The ending was my favorite part lol 😁
  12. It could be that your character was bugged so you were an NPC and logging back in set you back to being a regular player. Although, I don't know for sure.
  13. Hello Arkei, thank you for the bug report. I’m sorry to hear this happened I will check into this. This happened to someone before in his case he was able to retrieve his body by going back to the spot where he was and found his body.
  14. Last kill seems completely normal
  15. I threw together some of my spare clips from abramia and some new ones from altis. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Danke danke btw that last thing wont be happening 😛 WE AINT NO SELLOUTS these files are a secret recipe LUL
  17. Hey, I logged out today around 6 pm and logged in just now. Suddenly, I had the spawn menu on my screen and could not spawn at my base. Is this common and can I prevent it from happening? Got a bit triggered. o7, Arkei
  18. Honestly mate , having tried to explain to so many Australian communities that What you limit in Safe zone traders , what you make available only via non safe zone traders ( Black market Trader ) , Missions and loot tables is what gives value to items ... That custom DMS with custom object.sqf object placements etc is what makes a server unique ... I am really impressed. Our guys are playing from West Coast and East Coast cities of Australia , North and South Islands of NewZealand , and we are all having a blast. Overall player base is fairly mature - have yet to see more than 1 new player have a whine about getting killed. Linked Player history via Database to Forum is a good move , did same thing for another community back in the day - and its those little touches ... the quality of life things .. that makes this server fantastic. Honestly - if I could be invested to spend enough time managing another community ( I cant lol - too many hours not enough killing ) - I would be very tempted to paypal over Funds for a clone of the server files minus identiting references ( Server name banners etc ) because Australia ... pretty much Oceania has no exile servers that are remotely this good. Hosting a clone of this in Australia and you'd be full server pop within 48 hours. Peace out and thank you - this is the most fun weve had on an exile server in a long time. Regards Stalker Rudd Dyet Raiboos El Soldardo Sam and crew ( Too tired to type the rest )
  19. Yeah needed uploading and deleting so make hd space.
  20. Yes gear up and save and then it tells you how many pop tabs it would cost to rebuy. I have a few saved. Very useful. Just be warned make sure you are naked when you do buy as it overwrites what you have on.
  21. ohh...so it just buys that gear set straight away instead of having to search through all the gear to find what you want. i get it now. thxs
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