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  1. New Added a marker for the last AI on CDF, A red marker will show up after 10min where the last AI is.
  2. Changed: ALTIS Some quality of life changes done to New CDF. Some quality of life changes to Fotia and Sideras Safezone, more to come, Work in progress. Fixed: Chernarus & ALTIS Fixed bug when reviving people over water.
  3. Changed: ALTIS Concrete Towers around Salt Flats are now destructible. Military Towers on Salt Flats are now destructible.
  4. Added: Warning if you try to build to close to your flag. Fixed: A bug with crate loading. Increased tolerances for snapping base parts around flag. Multiple tweaks to CDF on Altis and Chernarus. Tweaked airdrop spawn radius. Multiple fixes to traders on Altis. Multiple minor bugs and issues fixed, to many to list. Fixes and tweaks to missions, to many to list. Added missing Marshall-variant to the base fire exclusion list Added price for the Offroad Woodland (mission reward vehicle) Changed: Crate unloa
  5. and again you got outplayed and got salty about it, its the same for everyone, has been since the no-pvp zone was implemented years ago.
  6. Squeekie is the best GM in Dungeons and Dragons
  7. already had night time the first days of the server, did not go well...
  8. Because they are using VPN's and other people have used VPN that are banned, this is why we dont allow VPN's to be used on our servers. You need to tell them to make ban appeal on forum
  9. UPDATED! Added: Safes must be placed on ground level on a floor or on terrain, this means no more safes up on or in towers\helipads etc, ground means on ground. Tweaked: All safes must be accessible at all times with floor\terrain underneath them. You can block them off but players must be able to access the safes inventory.
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