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  1. then i dont know, use Troy Sopmod better gun
  2. you need to buy the mags without using that, just try all the 17dmg ones from NiArms
  3. you can use the ammo from modded guns in it
  4. already had night time the first days of the server, did not go well...
  5. Yupp and when stingers are removed, the same big groups farm Armed helis and starts destroying everything with them, been tried before.
  6. put your terrain to High or Ultra, that fixes it
  7. Because they are using VPN's and other people have used VPN that are banned, this is why we dont allow VPN's to be used on our servers. You need to tell them to make ban appeal on forum
  8. UPDATED! Added: Safes must be placed on ground level on a floor or on terrain, this means no more safes up on or in towers\helipads etc, ground means on ground. Tweaked: All safes must be accessible at all times with floor\terrain underneath them. You can block them off but players must be able to access the safes inventory.
  9. This is a nice dude someone please take him in
  10. but we dont want to blacklist that area
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