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  1. Jordan'

    Stevos montage <3

    Let's be friends
  2. Holy phuk, Sony vegas closed on me halfway through rendering. I thought the vid was done so i deleted every clip etc. So this is all i got...
  3. Please wait for good quality! 1440p
  4. Wait for 1440p tho.
  5. PS: Wait for better quality (1440p)
  6. Jordan'

    KSVK Action

    @Sean really likes this, because he also used to sit 5k away sniping.
  7. I'm sorry, but he's really dragging u down as an american.
  8. He simply said thanks to the guy who put in some work. Shut the fuck up na trash
  9. Jordan'


    face reveal next
  10. Thanks for the offer big man. But i cant play with a broken arm.
  11. Thanks. Not playing that much anymore.
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