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  1. @Krzysztof (CRUDO) You can be the best shot in the game but it will only get you half way in Exile. This chess like aspect is what makes this game what it is. Few tips: Turn off grass and 8g network. Know what weapons to use/avoid.Maybe stick with MK48 at first if you buy at regular trader. The most armoured car in the game is not going to safe you,fast and cheap is usually better. Avalance is a good choice. Get to know the map and where players do missions from.Also players bases as that is where they spawn. Know the names of the Alph
  2. I agree the learning curve for arma is pretty big,then there is all the things exile adds. Now you are also playing on a server with 100+ tweaks modded weapons and vehicles. There are organized squads that play daily and don't really die or lose there gear unless they run in one of the other organized squads. The server seems to be catered towards this competitive gameplay and that is why most of us play it. This means the server is more balanced against organized groups and less towards new learning solo players or small groups. Hence why r
  3. No problem. Bought on Black Market.
  4. Don't use static weapons! Its in the change logs but it didnt specify that it would bann you. (Ps static titan sells for 0 poptabs so i thought it would be fine.) I guess there is something wrong with them but this isn't the prettiest way of solving it.
  5. You guys just had a bad day yesterday. Don't expect to just do mission after mission uncontested on peak hours. Its not that kind of server.
  6. ACAB

    Return to SG

    We could eat our patatos without beef, But it's just not going to be the same.
  7. You can't account me for my groups actions. They all have there own motivations for doing so. This doesn't mean I agree with it. Please note my +800 hours and zero player reports.
  8. The players that are running armed vehicles like HMGs/ pawnees are typically not the guys that have to cambat avoid. The players that run to safezone are usually(key word usually) not the guys that have a group backing them up to ambush said individuals. I think the guy has a point and it might be hitting the wrong group of people the hardest. Just think about it. It's usually the smalltimers that have to resort to running to safezone. I am not saying the rule should be changed on the spot, but realize that is a easy griefing
  9. I suppose nostalgia might have something to do with it.
  10. Personally i see this rule more of a hassle then what its worth. But it has gotten to the point that there are multiple rules and terms for combat, Yet unarmed helicopters still flee to safezone first chance they get. And i dont blame them. I am a shit pilot trying to take out a littlebird and if i dont kill him before he gets to safezone then i should have tried harder. Also what if i am being shot at while almost at trader? Now i have to make a 180 just to drive in to the guys shooting at me? Or am i allowed to continue my path but not enter s
  11. You were just really unlucky my friend. I just got mowed down at Balota by a HMG and was looting that town to cool down a bit after punching my coffee table. But you made me laugh though so kudos for you.
  12. Go go power rangers!! No seriously good work.
  13. Mad Arma Mad max inspired Arma mod. steam: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=815962700 •No replacement for removed mods but hey Altis and mad max ? •Mod creator (in005) might even allow for a repack if asked nicely. At the moment the mod features: 5 Vehicles, 10 Weapons, 3 Helmets, 10 Masks, 1 Vest and 5 Charakters. More will follow soonTM
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