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  1. I understand what you are saying and I think it can safely be summed up as, "The rules are the way they are because it would be too difficult to evaluate situations otherwise". I do completely disagree with the second situation, I can somewhat get your point regarding the hummingbird as really its just some shitty chase and nothing can really happen, but at the same time, if safe zones didn't exist, my friends could hop in a Pawnee or ghost hawk and destroy the guy I'm chasing. But regarding being in the gunner of a vehicle while someone drives you to the safe zone, this presents many problems. What does it mean to be in combat? The red icon which doesn't accurately show up half the time when in vehicles? Being shot at? Well although the gunner seat technically can't shoot the vehicle, bullets are landing next to the vehicle which should put him in combat, but most of the time it doesn't. Also... Why is the driver the owner of the vehicle?. That presents a whole other question which I don't believe anyone can answer well. Its understood that if someone steals a vehicle and they drive it to a safe zone, they own it. But when a friendly and enemy are inside a vehicle, I don't really see why that rule still applies unquestioned. And for that matter, what If I lock the car while in gunner, am I breaking the rules even if I do it outside the safe zone? Apparently, I don't own the car. I feel questions like these show that any simple answer is flawed and can really only be determined on a case by case basis. I still fully believe that any abuse of safe zone godmode should be against the rules but I also understand that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to determine if someone is abusing safe zone protection for various reasons.
  2. I have a few questions regarding the rules concerning safe zone combat and what counts as avoiding combat. Scenario 1: Unarmed little bird(myself) chasing enemy unarmed little bird. Enemy little bird flies directly to safe zone and lands. This initial chase started over 10k away from a safezone at a mission. Scenario 2: (Happened tonight) Got myself into the gunner seat of a stolen hmg truck. Guy (enemy driver) proceeds to book it directly to the safe zone. Admin said that this was ok and the guy rightfully owned vehicle. The initial situation started at the work camp mission. Both these scenarios are as far as I am aware allowed in the servers rules. Now I'll give my argument why I feel this is bullshit. Argument 1: Both scenarios these people were abusing the god mode safe zone in their favor. They are allowed to go directly to the safe zone and once they get there if I continue to follow them, I am breaking the rules. Definitely ok right? lol... Argument 2: If these people didn't go to the safe zone and abuse the god mode, the situation could have gone completely differently, they would have to outrun me or land and kill me. Or on the other hand, one of my online teammates that were actively chasing them down could have landed and killed them as well. In my mind, these might not technically be 'running to safe zone when in combat' due to a shot not being technically taken at them, but they are clearly in some sort of combat, and they choose to take the easy abuse way out.
  3. It also needs to be said that with server restarts that happen around every 3 hours, any mission that takes a long time to complete is pretty annoying if not useless to complete. The workcamp usually takes a whole restart to complete due to many people fighting over it.
  4. PIP (Picture in picture) is a rendering technique used by the game to essentially have two cameras at once. They have one camera rendering to an offscreen texture that is being rendered onto the ingame view. The reason why this is normally intensive for fps is that two entire game worlds must be rendered, scaled and copied so it hits the gpu quite hard. So definitely, disabling PIP or even lowering it will make 8g bullets not work well or stop working entirely.
  5. Is that something that users should really resort to though? Anyways to me, it seems logical to allow someone to sell a perk they have bought. Say you are allowed to sell one perk per 24 hours such that you cannot swap perks to abuse the system. What needs to be understood though is the necessity of certain perks change over time and over hours. A starter player may put all their unlock tokens into increasing the wages because they have no money, but after that player plays for a bit and has a lot of disposable income the perk becomes essentially worthless. BL2 Style reset skills, anyone?
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