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  1. this thread started as a talk and you've made it a shittalk unknowncheats developers give you even bigger advantage,what a stupid advice
  2. This is a thread that will contain a lot of butthurt that pros might not understand. I'm an casual gamer,recently upgraded my rig to get into ArmA 3 as I had a lot of hours in ArmA 2. Like ~600. I loved firstly DayZ which was the reason I bought ArmA 2,then Epoch and then Overpoch. When I saw how things work on Exile i was stunned-closely the same game but with less ArmA "features" and I didn't know what shithole I jumped into. Tell me:What am I doing wrong? Go to mission to get some money to upgrade to at least metal->Get shrekt by some retard that bu
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