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  3. Why do you even wonder or care about people disappearing from online games ?
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen I don't know if there has been a topic concerning this but have you guys thought about a virtual garage slot at the safezone? Whenever you want to play the spitfire it will end up in a one uptime fun period since its quite hard to land it outside the safezone. So the idea would be: Virtual Garage slot at the safezone. This could be combined with some limitations such as 7day cleanups or so. Additionally it would even make the beginning for new players or people that don't have a base a bit easier. Let me know what you guys think, over and out.
  5. How do you improve server frames like this? Shifting missions and stuff to a headless client? Since the server is running on a good setup afaik.
  6. Totally agree with @Finance in most points. Unfortunately most players wouldn't like it for some reasons: Fog: they can't camp missions from 1k and above Grass: Can't camp lying in forests using a tripod Nighttime/darkness: idk why people don't like Chaning all of these would make the gameplay so much more interesting. Imagine to play in fog, only close range or in darkness using nightvision. But I guess it wouln't even make sense to make a poll for it since people don't like things changed in general.
  7. Well why would you do missions for respect? Go and kill players of you want to go and flex with respect lol. And killing npc is not that hard imho. I do missions from ~300m with a spawn kit weapon and RCO scope. Just don’t stay at the same position for too long and move a bit after every shot. And a pro tip at the end : if you die once, don’t come back to your body, in like 8 of 10 situations it’s very likely to die again. I’m on ~430k, only playing some hours in the evening as a lone wolf which should even make it harder to have a decent amount of respect.
  8. To complete this a little: - XM8 visibility can be turned off with custom control 9. Head to settings, controls, set the combo box to custom controls and add a key for custom control 9. - environmental sound can be turned off by pressing 9 on your keyboard. and just as @LiveJasmin said, best vehicles are the avalanche for 6k and the golf for 10k, great handling and pretty fast.
  9. This is my first video. You'll immediately see only the best of editing and worlds best cutting skills. Roast me
  10. Dont want to open an additional thread for this. Just an other event suggestion, should be easy to handle and be pretty funny imho. Participants get teleported to one spot of the map, Everyone gets the exact same gear containing a rocket launcher with some rockets and lets say an axe in their backpack in case they run out of ammo. So no primary and secondary weapon. From the start on basically everybody against everybody. Last man standing gets a price and probably some booby prizes for places 2 and 3.
  11. If killing people is messing with them sure, so should I expect getting insulted when killing people now?
  12. I'm replying to this because other people should know before joining a team. And I'm not heading to the"Report Player Section" because I'm not interested in anyones ban. And third approaching does not make any sense which can be seen below. I'm not bored doing kills. I'm doing missions which I want to get the loot from. And no I am not flying around with a heli. Sometimes I even let people get their stuff back which I know I'm not going to loot anyway. Hell am I not a good Samaritan?
  13. Some things need to be said here. I don't want to cry in any way because I dont really care and won't deal with immature people. Well tbh, everything you want from "prospects" is not applicable with your behavior and manner on the server. To be mad and show this in sidechat is probably part of arma, for most people at least. But becoming abusive with every single thing one writes in side chat is just too childish. Especially when it comes to insulting other peoples mom. So I can just discourage everyone joining you guys, but to each man his own. Just wanted to share this with everyone considering. Nothing left to say, have a nice day
  14. Try to create a new arma profile since these settings are probably not loaded/saved properly.
  15. Larry Melone

    Spray can

    This would only be fun if perstistent which would need Database save and load and of course limitations so that one can’t spray unlimited giant penises on someone’s base. Then it would be nice to have
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