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  1. Try to create a new arma profile since these settings are probably not loaded/saved properly.
  2. Larry Melone

    Spray can

    This would only be fun if perstistent which would need Database save and load and of course limitations so that one can’t spray unlimited giant penises on someone’s base. Then it would be nice to have
  3. Can confirm that it has something to do with PIP settings since it probably uses its techniques. Had it once, game restart fixed it.
  4. Good evening everyone. I don't know if there's anyone sharing my opinion but wouldn't it be awesome to open garage doors on the go? I find it super annoying to manually open/close and lock/unlock base entries. So this is what I came up with: An extra menu on the XM8 where territory members can select their base parts like doors, garage doors and so on to be opened with a shortcut via XM8 or even a keybind. Of course with some limitations e.g. just within a certain range just like real remote controls work😁This could also be set as a purchasable option.. many things to script/configure. I know that this would need an extra database table and request functions but should not be too hard to get together. Greets Larry Melone
  5. Did you check Arma for corrupt files with steam? Bc if you verified/redownloaded the entire mods the problem should be with your game/battleye. If that doesn’t help try to get an admin on team speak and ask him if there appears anything in the server logs.