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  1. The video was cool at all, I remembered some moments from the video and shed tears of happiness😁
  2. Pennywise

    Boom Boom

    Rape, rob and kill constantly and you will have the same respect😄
  3. Pennywise

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    I promise next time I will write a murder with a marid for you😉 p.s. what a maDrid ?!😄
  4. Pennywise

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    Ohhh, for me it's easy killings for this reason I do not record and do not spread😄
  5. Pennywise

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    This video is dedicated to all those who are bombed because I kill them from their base, I ask to forgive and understand😂
  6. Although it is possible to find a compromise, that is, you can make a night in the last 10-20 minutes before the restart
  7. At night, very beautiful military operations are obtained when explosions occur and tracer bullets fly everywhere, BUT, as practice shows with the onset of night on the server, players also go into hibernation😂
  8. And look at the game statistics of the whole server, no one else on the server shoots with GMG since I am and even more so at such distances. how do you think why?😉
  9. O_o Cool, my shooting on the video got, I'm very happy :-D and by the way for you for information, look at the distance on which I killed you GMG cars do not shoot at such a distance😁
  10. Pennywise


    Yes, I'm aware of the fact that cars open after 2 days and are deleted after 3 days, in my opinion this method works but is not very effective and useful. My version would be more interesting because for the players there would be additional conditions for shooting and killing. Well, okay, my business is to offer your business to refuse.😉
  11. Pennywise


    Good afternoon, dear admins I'll go straight to the matter today driving through the Black Market the one that is next to Myshino I counted about 12 abandoned cars (I was not looking for it yet if I started it would have found 2 times more) then players start complaining that very low FPS on the server, yes, where does it come from if there is so much garbage on the server. My suggestion: to create near small cities on the shore of small parking lots or parking (call it what you want) where cars will move, that is, for example, if a player does not sit in the car for 2-3 days, he opens and moves to shore, where anyone can pick up or sell from a merchant (and a player from the shore will be able to quickly get to the mission, his base or to the trader) I think this will solve the problem with FPS on the server, but it will solve it slightly! And the second question is that with regard to car repairs, I understand perfectly that our server is not aimed at creating a super realistic gameplay and it's good, but let's look sober at things, where did you see in your life that cars would be repaired using Duct tape? I propose to replace Duct tape with TollKit (the one that is on the photo below) is a trifle of course, but still it will be nice that our server will differ from other servers by another not a big cool feature. I also invested not bad music, this music will be pleasant to read the nonsense that I wrote to you😁 Powerwolf - Stronger Than The Sacrament.mp3
  12. you probably misunderstood me, I also about the whole map also meant
  13. Yes, the problem with FPS was on the server when the traders were updated, since I also fell FPS. But now everything is fine with me. FPS became the same as it was before changes on the server, I think admins solved this problem
  14. At 17 seconds I liked the words of the Prince even touched the tears😥