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  1. Sorry for the question, are you suggesting we play?? No, thanks
  2. This server is available only for the elite as I understand it. You have me very intrigued and I couldn't resist and decided for the deduction of the great Sherlock Holmes to find this server. And so begin... I go to the site www.gametracker.com (for those who don't know this site deals with attendance monitoring servers in all online games) In the search filter enter the following, I think I will not explain, and so everything is clear what we are looking for... In the resulting table which gave us the site click on the magic button that is, I additionally filtered the received servers from "more" visited servers to" less " visited servers in descending order. And so attention, there should be the sound of drums...) What I see... And looking at the 5 best Exile servers... 1 and 2 place among servers Exile occupy server sparta gaming and 20 and 22 among all servers Arma 3, I why is not surprised by this. This is to congratulate the administration server for the done the hard work it makes the server so popular now.? And so I went away a little bit from the original plan for me to find my server. Keep looking... As I understood from dear WD-40: 1. a militarised server 2. on the server a lot of mods 3. the maximum number of players reaches 80 people. Search for in 5 best... No, by these 3 criteria I do not see such a server Then I was thinking maybe WD-40 made a mistake not 80 maximum number of 70 people and reaches a maximum of the server. Then the "Infinity Exile" server is suitable for this 3 parameter. On the Infinity server Exile looking information in its attendance... As you can see from the schedule of attendance for 7 days, the full server was 6 days ago and then 1-2 hours But what should be the attendance at a good server for example SG? I went to this server, on the server when online the 40 people I gave 35-40 FPS as the server SG with the same online issues I have 60-70 FPS Okay I think I'm going to look maybe not still not Infinity server... In the end, what can I say in 30 minutes of searching I checked a lot of servers in the parameters venerable WD-40 I found and checked about 10 servers chose one with the largest online but there are the largest online in the last month, there were 25 people Dear WD-40 send me a private message to the address of the magic server. Well, I really want to go there...
  3. Even if you leave the issue with the missiles and them realizing that they are more powerful and therefore their cost is more expensive. I know the capabilities of the SMAW MK153 Mod 0 rocket launcher compared to the m AA WS Mk 4. M AA WS Mk 4 more advantages such as the best reticle, you can instantly know the distance, the longer the range of the shot, and the best accuracy of the missile hit the target. SMAW MK153 Mod 0 this rocket launcher max 15K poptabs. For a great price, I see no reason to take
  4. - 1. MK80 Mod 0 NE I tested in different conditions this rocket and unfortunately I did not notice the difference from the mk3 mod 0 HEDP rocket and he 44 rocket. I still think that it does not work properly in Arma - 2. MK3 Mod 0 HEDP Yes I know that this rocket is something between MK80 Mod 0 NE and MK6 Mod 0 HEA. and that doesn't excuse why she has such a high price. - 3. MK6 Mod 0 HEA Yes, I know all this and I think that about this price for this rocket I fully agree SMAW Spotting Rifle - I think it's nonsense, I better rangefinder check the distance especially if I do a very expensive shot. Yes powerful missiles and it does not give 100% guarantee that you will hit the target. I better get a MAAWS Mk4 for 15K and take the shot from 1km and I am sure that it will fly to the target and if you miss I will strangle the toad from over 3K for a missile. I better buy MAAWS Mk4 15K + 6 missiles to it and this me would cost 33K, this in my opinion better will than buy SMAW MK153 Mod 0 for 30K and + 6 missiles = 78K. I think this is not who does not need. Yes, I still know that the maximum distance of 900 meters and the fact that the SMAW MK153 Mod 0 is almost impossible to hit the target at this distance
  5. I'll start with the little things. 1. What's it? why do I see it that way?? I feel like this.. - 2. SMAW Spotting Rifle - why was it added to the server? If it is used for its intended purpose it is not practical and not convenient, especially "Pizdec nahoi blyat" what it is noisy, it will be faster to know the distance from the rangefinder. And if you try to kill someone they need to make about 10 hits 3. Now the main reason why I do not agree with such a high price on MK153 Mod 0. I will give a comparison with launcher MAAWS Mk4. To get a rocket from launcher MAAWS Mk4 on a static target at a distance of 1500m I needed 2-3 missiles. To get to the MK153 Mod 0 to 900m (this is the way the maximum range, missiles do not fly further) I needed 7-8 missiles! Those damn missiles go anywhere but the target. 4. Now I want to talk about the rockets themselves. - 1. MK80 Mod 0 NE - 10K poptabs what?!? why is it so expensive? 1) If you have a rocket MK3 Mod 0 HEDP the MK80 Mod 0 NE become not need a so as they fully interchangeable. 2) MK80 Mod 0 NE the function to be performed by this missile it just does not work properly as it is intended. - 2. MK3 Mod 0 HEDP - 8K poptabs what?!? why is it so expensive? Comparison with HE 44 rocket from the rocket launcher MAAWS Mk4 power and radius of destruction of manpower of the opponent are exactly the same. - 3. MK6 Mod 0 HEAA rocket that I really liked, and she's the only one worth the price. I explain why, it has a very high striking force in contrast to the rocket HEAT 75 from the rocket launcher MAAWS Mk4. In other words, to destroy a two-storey building with the help of HEAT 75 in arma need 5-7 missiles and MK6 Mod 0 HEAA enough 2 missiles? Me English is not very good, I hope I was able to convey his thoughts.
  6. They don't promote drugs here. It's medicinal marijuana.?
  7. I'll try to help you. Can you tell me what mods you're trying to run to get to the server? I see that you do not have enough files hlcweapons_acr and hlcweapons_core, the problem is that these do not need to get to the server and they should not be at all. I understand you have a problem with the NIArms mod. Make sure you use the correct NIArms all in One mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208517358
  8. Серге́й Серге́евич Бодро́в  27.12.1971 - 20.09.2002 Eternal memory to you ...





    Hey, tell your thugs

    I keep my word!

    Hey, tell your thugs Who will touch my brother I'll kill you!


    I got my leg pierced on a fishing trip, and you dragged me home. And remember, I catfish scared?

    And you laughed at me I got my leg pierced on a fishing trip, and you dragged me home.

    You brother! My brother!


    Tell me, tell me, what is the force, brother

    I'm thinking that the power of the truth

    Who is right-the and stronger

    ...The power of truth, brother.


    I found out I have a huge family.

    Path, and the woods, in the field every ear

    I found out I have a huge family.

    It is my homeland, all the love in the world I have!


    You're smart. Why live?

    You know, brother, you're a good man!

    Break through bro! You wait dear!

    Break through bro! Don't worry, I'm with you!


    I got my leg pierced on a fishing trip, and you dragged me home.

    And remember, I catfish scared? And you laughed at me

    I got my leg pierced on a fishing trip, and you dragged me home.

    You brother! My brother!

  9. well, why did you write that? do you think it's funny to write it anywhere?!
  10. That is, you are the fact that if the player dies through the fault (error) of the administrator, the player does not need nothing more to report after that?!? so the player died and that's his problem??! Normal you guys, nothing to say!
  11. What are you trying to prove to me now? You want to say that it did not admin? Then another question if database was built by the admins at the time of the event, why they gave the player base at the time of the event? Why did they let the player remove the tower during the event? If you started a conversation to explain, and don't need no one to justify his actions.
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