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  1. ACAB

    To much rpg!

    Its a fine balance and the scale is easily tipped. Let me put it this way, When launchers are rare: HMG vehicles will dominate almost every battle/mission with little to no fear of losing one. (They are also pretty common as a mission reward.) When launcher are way to common: HMG vehicles are less common and are only effective tools for some situations.long range and fast moving. You guys wont leave the server for losing some HMGs but some noobs getting rekt on 25+HMG killstreaks will.
  2. Do they actually offer something different then all the other 78 unused civilian vehicles in the trader? Everyone just uses Avalances,BTRs and a hand full of other vehicles anyway. They wont get used if they only look pretty i think.
  3. ACAB

    Some debug`s changes

    I remember having some good debug fights on other servers. Never saw any issues with being able to go in debug. Is there someone that can clarify why this rule is actually in place? The way i see it is: The less rules, *the less reporting *less work for admins *more time to play if you dont have to bother with reporting players.
  4. You were just really unlucky my friend. I just got mowed down at Balota by a HMG and was looting that town to cool down a bit after punching my coffee table. But you made me laugh though so kudos for you.
  5. ACAB

    New military uniform

    Go go power rangers!! No seriously good work.
  6. Mad Arma Mad max inspired Arma mod. steam: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=815962700 •No replacement for removed mods but hey Altis and mad max 🙂 •Mod creator (in005) might even allow for a repack if asked nicely. At the moment the mod features: 5 Vehicles, 10 Weapons, 3 Helmets, 10 Masks, 1 Vest and 5 Charakters. More will follow soonTM
  7. @andTw0 just volunteered to make custom uniforms for free? I would like a Tryk suit brown that’s not bugged please.
  8. Agree on the dusk till dawn. No one likes night because of the gamma boosting but Arma looks so sexy with the dusk/dawn lighting.
  9. •Inmate market is a custom script made by someone else then Sean I am pretty sure. •Lowering the price would be abused to store items/refill magazines. Upping the price to 5k minimum would be better but I got used to refilling magazines :). •Price changing would also lead to said abuse.(There is a expire date to items I believe but I don’t know the # days.)
  10. Damn nice work. Now there is a brown uniform that’s not bugged like my tryk suit.
  11. Prices are actually pretty balanced. The amount of launchers that drop at missions balances out the effectiveness of the HMG vehices.
  12. I do not care about any historic in-corrections as long as its fun and balanced. The way i see it : its a basically bomber that you have to sell after you are done with it. Unless someone proves otherwise by, *consistently storing one is his VG, *Making kills with the guns, I think my point is pretty valid. Maybe i suck but i am looking forward of all these landings,killstreaks and avoiding missile videos😀.
  13. •Lower the price to 30k, •Add flares, •Soak up the 15k+ loss when selling or risk losing it over night. Don’t think landing besides on a airfield is a option on Altis.
  14. I was about to post this same suggestion seeing how the map is hella big. More safezones has been denied and i kind off agree with that but there is some occasions where we have to drive the entire size of cherno just to get to the closest waste dump for a 12k dump. Please have a second look on the map and possible add some waste dumps in strategic locations(*no safezone). Then its always the players choice if they want to risk it being camped or take the long road toward a proper trader. Suggestion: 1or2 food traders(with waste dumps) on the abandoned pieces of the map and add waste dumps on the aircraft traders. Picture added for size comparison. I believe there are the same amount of waste dumps as cherno yet the size is twice as big! PS:Please keep snappy comments and jokes that are not relevant to the suggestions to sidechat.