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  1. ACAB

    Terrain quality

    Is there not a way to force the terrain grid to ultra but have the grass render at 0 distance. Would fix both FPS and Hill glitch issues. @ mastercoder @Sean
  2. ACAB

    And still...

    I get what you were saying now mako.The pixelation is pretty bad.
  3. ACAB

    New prices on BM

    All right I tried using the new stinger and a heli was able to flare my round 3 times from about 700m. This is about what I see as balanced because that costed me 30k without any results. This means a decent pilot should be able to stay up in the air if he keeps his altitude and has flares. This means it’s not like the vanilla Titan AA that’s balanced to also take out jets. Good addition. Sorry for al the fuzz. This is not sarcasm btw ?.
  4. ACAB

    New prices on BM

    I am with you on that.But there is also a point where it goes the other way and every big base has a guy on top with a stinger.
  5. ACAB

    New prices on BM

    Let’s keep it mature. I will try the new stinger some more first and see if it’s really as easy as it seems. I know I am one of the few but I’ve had the most fun I’ve had in ages when the redeyes were broken. This includes flying and hunting the Pawnees with a static.
  6. ACAB

    New prices on BM

    I can write down some fun facts right here to tackle every argument presented. But I know that you guys might feel offended even though it’s true. Just saying that not everybody was screaming for there mums when a Pawnee shows up. Not even when it was 3 of them.
  7. ACAB

    New prices on BM

    I think most prices are spot on and made by someone that knows Arma. Only the hellcat seems a bit much. Pawnees would still be the nr1 choice for most pilots even if the prices would be the same. This because of its sheer agility and stealth. I could have overlooked it but it seems like the RG31 and Vamtac HMG were missing from Black market. Assuming this is on purpose because of the inability to take out the gun?(base camper vehicles). This is a good tweak as well. Buuuuuuut...... lets talk about them new stingers. I understand everybody was getting sick and tired of the pawnees when the Redeyes were broken but right now its seems a bit to easy. Yes pawnees are a bitch to take out with a normal gun but 1v1 someone with a navid or pkp and the pilots faith wasn't that sure. What was wrong with driving around with a Static Titan hunting pawnees? Now we cater to the masses because of a few good pilots that can be shot down all day if we put in some effort. Flipside of this "we need a easy way to take out pawnees"mentality is that it is going to destroy helicopter usage entirely. Why you ask? There are plenty of base campers around what is fine but we are also giving them a tool to lock down entire areas with zero effort. Dont try the its a expensive hobby argument because we all know 10k for taking down heli is peanuts. Please try to find a way to balance the stingers to the point where there effectiveness is about 300 to max 500 meters so there is still a point to buying a heli. (500 is about max effective range on the pawnee.yes some 650m kills are done but that pretty rare.) This same logic off course applies to the MAAWS launcher as well. There should be a decent balance for vehicles vs infantry.
  8. Cherno is still struggling performence wise and from what I have heard it does eat performance. Some nice day/(almost)night cycle like abramia wouldn’t hurt performence though. hint Sean hint.
  9. Tech.problems uploading. D1BC3103-F3E5-458F-B075-FBF98A7B8EA1.jpeg
  10. Alright well thanks for your time anyway. They probably get fixed by Bohemia at one point.
  11. MRAPs have actually been nerfed recently as you guys probably noticed(no more BEEFRITS). You can get shot out by smaller calibers from front and sides now. But all RCWS (HMG)turrets should be harder to take out next update. Source :Bohemia. Dont know if they did anything to buff the wheels though. @Nick @Rosco ColtraneI hope it’s a screw up but it could very well be the new balance if they get the caging to work properly. Is there a way get dynamic vehicle load outs to work in Exile?
  12. So with the new Tank DLC I have noticed that Panthers/Marids and Bobcats now get destroyed with one well placed Alamut HEAT round. Personally I think this is a bad game mechanic choice by Bohemia but it makes sense when thinking logically. They are charge shaped AT rounds aren’t they. This got me thinking about the effects if you guys would remove HEAT rounds. Think about it : Hunter/Striders/Ifrits now take 2RPG hits in stead of one.So the occupants might have a change of getting away with there lives. Panthers/Bobcats and Marids might be viable again if they don’t get one banged. Anti HEAT round protection cages are dynamic but only stop one round. (They are bugged ATM and don’t work properly). It’s not nr1 of things I would like to see changed to the server but I wanted to point out this new balance that came with the Tanks DLC.
  13. I just think maps like abramia or takistan should not be able to be played on low terrain settings. Force ultra! I had a friend over once that was pissing his pants when I told him this is normal in Arma multiplayer. • =player ^ / \ =mountaintop on my screen. In his defense:this was right after he saw the autorun hover board animation.
  14. ACAB

    New here

    If you try KOTH(King of the hill) then start off on the "infantry" servers. They are overall less chaos because they only allow light armed vehicles. No jets,attack choppers and tanks. It makes a big difference.