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  1. ACAB


    No problem. Bought on Black Market.
  2. ACAB


    Don't use static weapons! Its in the change logs but it didnt specify that it would bann you. (Ps static titan sells for 0 poptabs so i thought it would be fine.) I guess there is something wrong with them but this isn't the prettiest way of solving it.
  3. New player top tips: *You can turn off grass in the xm8 viewdistance settings. *You have to turn off the 8g network in the xm8 or you can get scanned by other players within 500m.(there is a key bind as well). *You can pack your quad to craft another one. *Armed vehicles cant load crates. Most other things speak for them self.
  4. You guys just had a bad day yesterday. Don't expect to just do mission after mission uncontested on peak hours. Its not that kind of server.
  5. ACAB

    Return to SG

    We could eat our patatos without beef, But it's just not going to be the same.
  6. You can't account me for my groups actions. They all have there own motivations for doing so. This doesn't mean I agree with it. Please note my +800 hours and zero player reports.
  7. The players that are running armed vehicles like HMGs/ pawnees are typically not the guys that have to cambat avoid. The players that run to safezone are usually(key word usually) not the guys that have a group backing them up to ambush said individuals. I think the guy has a point and it might be hitting the wrong group of people the hardest. Just think about it. It's usually the smalltimers that have to resort to running to safezone. I am not saying the rule should be changed on the spot, but realize that is a easy griefing tool for big groups to use.... You get the point. Fuck now I made another long post i am out.
  8. I suppose nostalgia might have something to do with it.
  9. Personally i see this rule more of a hassle then what its worth. But it has gotten to the point that there are multiple rules and terms for combat, Yet unarmed helicopters still flee to safezone first chance they get. And i dont blame them. I am a shit pilot trying to take out a littlebird and if i dont kill him before he gets to safezone then i should have tried harder. Also what if i am being shot at while almost at trader? Now i have to make a 180 just to drive in to the guys shooting at me? Or am i allowed to continue my path but not enter safezone? Does this answer change when i was just in/outside the red circle? Am i allowed to abuse this rule by randomly shooting at everything that is heading towards a trader just so the guys on the ground have time to catch up and kill them? When players do go to no pvp zone while in combat,how long am i allowed to shoot at them without breaking the rules? Or would me following the rules by not shooting feed the guys argument that he was not taking shots? This is all day to day situations that feed the overall saltyness of the community as everybody has his own interpretation. Whats the problem with going back to a black and white situation of in=save out=not safe. Rule: Do not abuse safezone godmode. PS;Traders are not like Disneyland, they can be camped.
  10. ACAB

    To much rpg!

    Apex dlc forgot about that.
  11. ACAB

    To much rpg!

    Deja vu Compromise: Replace the C90 with the RPG-7? So missions spawn rpg7 and Alamut like the old balance did.
  12. ACAB

    To much rpg!

    I guess the thing that has to be agreed upon is what is a excess amount? German make a decent point but i think the inmate market is a good gauge. Inmate market will fill up completely with this excess of launchers if this is the case. So if i cant buy a launcher with 2 rounds for 5k every time i die i think we are good. I understand that you two groups have the complete opposite of play-styles so this will always be a discussion in favor of yourself. Same for me.
  13. ACAB

    To much rpg!

    Its a fine balance and the scale is easily tipped. Let me put it this way, When launchers are rare: HMG vehicles will dominate almost every battle/mission with little to no fear of losing one. (They are also pretty common as a mission reward.) When launcher are way to common: HMG vehicles are less common and are only effective tools for some situations.long range and fast moving. You guys wont leave the server for losing some HMGs but some noobs getting rekt on 25+HMG killstreaks will.
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