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  1. Nighttime

    Normies don’t like the dark. But agree it does take a lot away from the game. Problem with going full on nighttime is the gamma abuse. Makes the game looks like crap and if you don’t do it you can’t use most scopes. That said,I’ve seen a nighttime vote plenty of times when the more seasoned players were on. I would recommend a 2X multiplier. with a starting time of 12:00 On a 3h restart this would end up with: •2 hours full day (12:00/16:00) •30 minutes off sunset(16:00/17:00) •30 minutes off light darkness transitioning to complete darkness at restart.(17:00/18:00) Dependent on season it needs some fine tuning.
  2. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Isle Abramia: +Looks pretty and most will play it in the beginning but it seems like a bad map for Exile gameplay. Altis: +Nice because it’s caters to a different playstyle then Cherno. -Have to come up with a different setup/theme to stand out from all the other Altis servers. Altis small(use radiation zone to cut off the boring 30% off the map would be nice).A mad max themed server would be cool as well if you can get the mod permission. Takistan: +Has a decent fanbase because of the life servers. Would be a nice vehicle combat map(but I am pretty biased). -Terrain deformation on low terrain setting is pretty bad.(could be forced?), You guys ready to shed some light on the current train of thoughts when it comes to a new map?
  3. Pawnee prices

    •You have Ghost Hawks people complain. •You have Pawnees people complain. •You have stingers people still complain. •If they put stingers at normal trader with a 50%discount people would still complain. Its balanced as is. Pawnee : BM 50k effective range 500m decent skill level needed. Redeye :BM 26k effective range 500m low skill level needed just basic knowledge. Seems like Rock Paper Scissors to me.
  4. Park like a God

  5. Nighttime

    Could there be a option to vote for partially dark? So not 30minutes of nighttime but 30 minutes of dusk.
  6. ZeHouseTour's by TheAngryGerman

    Give us a break. No one in Vikings likes to build and it doesn't seem like that is going to change any time soon. But its a nice approach to a raid video though.
  7. [SG] Vehicle Information Database

    Very very good work. I will be using this list a lot.
  8. SG gameplay vol.7

    Sounds like someone has a parrot and doesn’t use PTT. What a tool.
  9. gimme moneyz I feel cheap right now.
  10. Why do i still play this crap?
  11. Whoop Whoop server wipe hype.