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  1. @Krzysztof (CRUDO) You can be the best shot in the game but it will only get you half way in Exile. This chess like aspect is what makes this game what it is. Few tips: Turn off grass and 8g network. Know what weapons to use/avoid.Maybe stick with MK48 at first if you buy at regular trader. The most armoured car in the game is not going to safe you,fast and cheap is usually better. Avalance is a good choice. Get to know the map and where players do missions from.Also players bases as that is where they spawn. Know the names of the Alpha groups players (or respect level) so you know when you killed someone that has a good backup. Play with a squad, having a pilot spotting can give your squad i big advantage. Learn from every death. No sense shooting something you cant kill, wait for a better weapon or position (bipod). Do not use light colored outfits. You stick out like a sore thumb in forests. Dark jungle ghilly for the win.
  2. Nice one . Why quit making videos?
  3. Server: livonia Suggestion #1:increase stinger price by +-50% Reason: *Air superiority is less common. *Avoid stingers being used as entertainment. Suggestion #2:Drop player count with - 10 players. Reason: *Performence increase! *VIP revenue
  4. Livonia maybe? (not nighttime but some overcast/dusk.)
  5. It has a big impact on shadows when the sun sit low on the sky. I also like the more yellow tint that occurs during sundown. Not to mention the look of tracer-fire at dusk or dawn is epic. +1 -1 for fps eating rain.
  6. I agree the learning curve for arma is pretty big,then there is all the things exile adds. Now you are also playing on a server with 100+ tweaks modded weapons and vehicles. There are organized squads that play daily and don't really die or lose there gear unless they run in one of the other organized squads. The server seems to be catered towards this competitive gameplay and that is why most of us play it. This means the server is more balanced against organized groups and less towards new learning solo players or small groups. Hence why removing kill distance and removing player-scan will never happen as they are tools for the advanced players to triangulate noobs and slaughter them in big numbers. Dont get me wrong i like this CHESS side of the gameplay and this is why i am moderately effective as a console player still playing with a xbox controller but i see your problem. Tip: Join a decent group and your opinion will probably change.
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