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  1. Totally agree, as a tip we usually use Avalanches (6k, 2 Crate Storage) or Golfs (10k, 0 crate storage but faster/ easier to handle) Those 2 have the best price / performance imo
  2. Why didnt you include this? 😞 https://i.imgur.com/vfQEXNW.gifv
  3. LiveJasmin

    Base Boy Taric

    G O O D K I L L
  4. Apparently you can throw C4 through base walls, so dont do that as you will get a 3 day ban for it even if you didnt know about it or did it the first the or even both. Figured I might want to warn you guys before the admins do
  5. Just want to throw some hours / levels in here that are actually accurate (data pulled from stats page and battlemetrics used from random players with different playstyles so x hours doesnt equal x level) 1484 hours EXP LEVEL 77 1351 hours EXP LEVEL 71 812 hours EXP LEVEL 41 626 hours EXP LEVEL 47 303 hours EXP LEVEL 35 304 hours EXP LEVEL 27 209 hours EXP LEVEL 21 208 hours EXP LEVEL 22 133 hours EXP LEVEL 23 132 hours EXP LEVEL 18
  6. LiveJasmin

    Spray can

    i want to spray big penises on other peoples bases ty
  7. I dont feel like it would get used much as it provides no real benefit. On the other hand a stripped down version of it with only the 20mm with magazine size of like 10 bullets and max 5 clips or anything like that would give you more options than the spitfire or other armed helicopters without adding something that is overpowered / too militarized. Not having to deal with more mods / licenses is also a thing. The only problem I see here would be finding the ideal balance of the magazine sizes and how many you should be able to carry.
  8. Hello, my name is DomiCaptiva I was banned by Mellow from your server 2 days ago because I supposedly used lag-switch. I already said that I only have a bad internet connection and that's why lets call them lags happen. I have 2 friends who can testify that I have no lag switch. The problem right now is I got an Infistar permaban on all servers which pisses me off at the moment because I have been banned on my first account too because of my bad internet connection and I do not want to buy Arma3 for the third time. It would be nice if you could at least pull back the infistar as I would like to play on my regular servers like on Zero-One or DK-Ballerbude. It makes me angry and sad at the same time that without doing anything wrong I got banned again while I really didnt use a lag switch. If I really used a lagswitch I wouldnt be against a ban but I didnt do anything. Thank you. PlayerID: 76561198854994988 (Just wanted to translate this for people that cant speak the language of the gods dont speak german.)
  9. First of all, I dont like option 1. I also think it shouldnt be added as it changes the attack angles on safes and flags which means redesigning. That can be hard for already designed bases and thats why I suggest that if a change like this were to happen it should only be added on a wipe. The way it is is right now is fine as is and in my opinion should stay the same.
  10. That's what im hoping too, its just that there was no updates at all regarding that. I even asked in the thread 2 days ago.
  11. they even had a poll and 2 out of 3 people wanted to have that changed too but I guess some of the staff didnt like that idea and they scrapped it.
  12. Just stay 1 below the limit?
  13. Rare footage, will be the last one of that kind Music shouldve been this though:
  14. I like base camping. See homie kills.
  15. Currently when you leave a vehicle on a floor that is not flat it will explode either: 1. When you park it in and you park it out again it will spawn flat inside the floor meaning it will explode 2. You leave it over restart and it explodes too Drawing is attached lol Also i've noticed a floor inside the ground at our base that can only be seen from a heli high up, I asked a admin and he couldnt delete it so idk if theres a fix for that as im probably not the only one with that problem.
  16. that was me shooting at you, fucking hate the GMG at that range cuz bullets fly for 10 seconds...
  17. If you're ever near Stary or Novy, look south and stand still for a second
  18. Look in the shoutbox, Sean posted this
  19. LiveJasmin

    SG Wattage

    im in there too much PlZ BlUr My FaCe nExT tImE
  20. Hangar Door? Watch Tower? When are those bad boys coming?