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  1. Most of you guys always run with m107 or navids, why not use them to take out an hmg? Takes a bit more effort than 1 shot with an rpg. We're not speaking of removing the rocket launchers in the first place, we want to reduce the spawning rate of them ( which was already a thing pre wipe but some update must've rolled it back) and no one was complaining back then.
  2. Armed heli's are common as well, yet the only way to get stingers is to buy them at black market? 🤔 When a fresh spawn, that looted a launcher with 4 rockets from an old mission, rather shoots 3 rockets (misses the first two) at a guy that stands next to an open pickuptruck (which has ~0 armor), than shoots him with an mx that he can find everywhere in the spawn towns.... That shows me he (a fresh spawn) doesn't value the rockets or the launcher in the slightest. > Shows me there are too many of them. A 7500k launcher with a 1500k rocket can destroy a 150k armed vehicle with in one shot, a 50k stinger with a 20k rocket MIGHT shoot down a 100k armed heli.... Whats the logic in this? And don't tell me you can't do fck all as a solo player without a launcher... I rarely use any kind of launcher when I'm on foot in the morning (1 out of 7 days?) and its not impossible (or extremly hard) to disable an armed vehicle with a 850poptabs gun that you can buy at the normal trader... Ofcourse that means if you don't sitt in an open field while he spots you. I rather take the challenge myself ☺️ How about keeping the launchers up but removing the rockets from the mission? That means fresh spawns only have to invest 1500poptabs to get a rocket for their 7500k launcher.
  3. I can only back them up, but don't you worry its already being looked into 🙂
  4. Not at the moment, but you'll see it ingame in the crafting menu.
  5. They still need to be tested & balanced, right now every bigger gun goes through (7.62+)
  6. Updated the post with screenshots of the upcomming Tall Gate, the concrete box and the concrete-glass wall/floor.
  7. Finally someone that knows the deal, its a game and if you raid you get raided simple answer 🙂 Looking forward to fight you guys again.
  8. Who doesn't like it 😱 Amazing work as always 🙂
  9. Updated with informations and screenshots of the upcomming items.
  10. I haven't been doing loot runs on the rad island since the removal of the FFA weapons (barett etc), but I used to make 120-200k a run.
  11. Updated post with screenshots of the watchtower and the concrete block.
  12. Updated post with screenshots of the Hangar Gate.
  13. I've tested the minigun few weeks ago, there is pretty much 0 recoil on it 🤐 But I have to say that I love the minigun itself, so maybe the recoil can be changed 😁