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  1. There was a day/night cycle on the server, but the players kept voting day time all the time.
  2. I feel like a certain person is gonna kill me for the intro music 😬 Damn I said don't use it! 😂
  3. Let's say a group of 7 people is raiding a group of 2: Current Raiding System: One of the 2 player group manages it to sneak through or throws a grenade into their safe room, boom! Hacker dead and the they have to start from scratch. (chances are slim, but this is more likely gonna happen than #2) Bring back the old system: The 2 players have to wipe out the whole team of 7 players (most likely inside the circle) to stop the safe hack. Find the issue.
  4. as much as it helps solo raiders, it also gives a massive advantage to big groups (including us)
  5. Every group has a Shiv_P in their team.
  6. It's because that pier has the destruction effect of a fence, so you can knock it over with a boat or car ?
  7. to 1: It's not about the capacity its about the amount of storage containers. The group I'm playing with (for example) started sharing safes, means 1 safe for 2 players and that works just fine. to 2: We already made a poll and are working on it. Exile only allows 2 different groups of permission classes, means it might get changed the following way: Basic Level (Freshly added to base) can open doors and spawn on base, Moderator Level can do everything else.
  8. haha zip ties for the win! ? can not wait for the tazer... ?
  9. damn that tune is old! missed that ?
  10. I don't like base campers. See raid kills.