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  1. chernarus 2035, eh no thanks No development and no support from the mod creator.
  2. Esseker is an awesome map, but buggy as hell and the creater left that project, means its most likely not gonna see any updates or fixes ?
  3. There was a day/night cycle on the server, but the players kept voting day time all the time.
  4. I feel like a certain person is gonna kill me for the intro music ? Damn I said don't use it! ?
  5. Let's say a group of 7 people is raiding a group of 2: Current Raiding System: One of the 2 player group manages it to sneak through or throws a grenade into their safe room, boom! Hacker dead and the they have to start from scratch. (chances are slim, but this is more likely gonna happen than #2) Bring back the old system: The 2 players have to wipe out the whole team of 7 players (most likely inside the circle) to stop the safe hack. Find the issue.
  6. as much as it helps solo raiders, it also gives a massive advantage to big groups (including us)
  7. It's because that pier has the destruction effect of a fence, so you can knock it over with a boat or car ?
  8. to 1: It's not about the capacity its about the amount of storage containers. The group I'm playing with (for example) started sharing safes, means 1 safe for 2 players and that works just fine. to 2: We already made a poll and are working on it. Exile only allows 2 different groups of permission classes, means it might get changed the following way: Basic Level (Freshly added to base) can open doors and spawn on base, Moderator Level can do everything else.
  9. haha zip ties for the win! ? can not wait for the tazer... ?
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