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  1. I think, sean's already tried to do that on abramia, but the current setting on there is the best and only option. @ACAB
  2. TheAngryGerman 76561198033588007
  3. PvE? Exile is based on PvP, why would there be a base raiding feature if it was made for PvE lol.
  4. In the end its not a sniper with APDS rounds, so it would be like the mar10, more powerfull but also bolt action. I would like to have a new bolt action sniper rifle that can fit a surpressor (the other sniper that got removedwas the same and even had explosive rounds)
  5. I know that the admins won't disable that low settings feature (for what reason idk) but is there a way to make both sides happy? Can we force high terrain but still give players the option to disable the grass somehow?
  6. Got a different mic and a new computer, but everything else is still up to date
  7. What about a "boat capture" mission, like the vehicle missions but with a boat and in water ;)
  8. I know the map isn't "huge" but it takes you some time to get to your closest trader by car. Would it be possible to have single traders and waste dumps scattered around the map? (without a safezone ofcourse) I mean a food trader in a shop for example, a medic trader in a hospital and so on and maybe even some waste dumps at junk yards or something like that. Players can still decide where they want to go (either safezone to be 100% safe, or the closest single trader).
  9. found my new favorite boats
  10. I really like that boat you posted, it would be a good alternative to the ferry. But I think this boat is part of RHS... so it's not gonna happen :/
  11. Are vehicle skins still planned? I like custom uniforms, but I would love our very own vehicle skins
  12. I think there needs to be something slightly bigger than the bergen but 600 is a bit too much.
  13. Another trader in the SE area would be nice to be honest ;)
  14. The taru can lift the bobcat and I doubt there is anything more heavy than that.