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  1. Fu lol i dont struggle for respect i only care about k/d not respect @Jordan'
  2. Just comming back to exile after a year or so and wanted to find a english speaking crew to team up with. I prefer long range combat and i cant fly a heli worth a crap but i enjoy teamwork n tactics. Little rusty on some of the keybindings but doing pretty good so far XD. Altis or Chern is fine with me just been testing Altis atm to get back into things. My steam id is 76561198064545319 i am 26 and live in Sweden tho im from Murrica. Got good mic and always have shadowplay on. Usually on from 19:30-00:00 GMT+1 but not on fridays. Looking for a crew that can handle most things on thier own but wouldnt mind a extra spotter watching them do things n scouting the area
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