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  1. I'm Trash

    Return to SG

    Officially quit Arma 3. - You wont be seeing them on the server for a long or at all anymore I'd assume
  2. Thats the EXO mindset you got on you still ACAB. - Its been talked about and discussed and its not gonna change to that on this server ? . - The whole ideology of discussing what sort of scenarios can happen or not happen is gonna be more of a hassle than its worth mate. - Report the dude fleeing and eventually he'll be banned for it. If you dont feel like doing that cause its time consuming, lets be honest. Then that fault is on you for not caring enough about the guy fleeing from you while being actively shot at. - If you're at the border of the red zone, obviously you're not s
  3. Its very simple and how we determine if its a combat evade. - If you're being actively shot at while fleeing into the safezone. Doesn't matter if you're 300m out or 4km. Then you cant go into the " No Pvp Zone " and essentially that means the " Safezone " in its entirety. (If you've been chased, give it a solid minute to see you're still being shot before going to the safezone. That way you avoid any hassles) - About you managing to get into the gunner seat, then yes. Since the driver is the "owner" of set vehicle. Then he can do what he wants. You cant really shoot at him or do anythi
  4. Exile is sadly made this way Tyler - if you hit the limit which in this case is 300 parts. So upon moving an object it creates a new ID for that part, but it also saves the old one. If that makes sense, so until you put that particular part in the place you wanna put it. You'll have 2 potential parts while moving something. Atleast according to how Exile decided to count its parts - So as LiveJasmin Says. Stay 1 part below the max and this should never happen. Its also what we suggest to anyone who asks about this problem ? .
  5. Regardless of your thoughts Jimlad. This is not a discussion thread, people team up every day. From small to big groups. So unless its an idea then we dont need to discuss about why some teams have this issue ?
  6. We've talked about the territory permissions and what it grants you and doesn't grant you when added to the territory. Right now simply being added allows you to move/remove baseparts. But doesn't allow you access to the virtual garage or the convenience of not typing in codes for your base doors. In our eyes being able to move parts in a territory without being promoted is a risk when befriending new people on the server. So we want to know what the community think and if an option you think is better that isn't listed here, then feel free to leave a reply and we'll take it into our con
  7. Not heard any of that. Pretty sure thats fake news mate. Sorry to dissappoint you
  8. Penny. The admin tools does the exact same as you " removing " an object on your base. - it deletes the tower and leaves a crate behind.
  9. https://gyazo.com/9570c47605b3f900dfdc9f75fdbd3ed5 Is the box left when something gets deleted Penny ? .
  10. Honest mistake when deleting the corpses that was already stripped around the base. - Most likely spamming the delete button and accidently raised the crosshair a bit too much ? .
  11. And on that note we're leaving it there ? . - Dont wanna listen to the 2 bigger groups saying this and that and who did what and when. - There is negatives and positives about this event from what I have gathered. Its in the past, so if you want to continue arguring then do it in private ? .
  12. If you find a mod that with their license allows us to add it to the SG mod. Then it can atleast be discussed ? .
  13. Both of those helicopters are owned by a license that prevents us to put it on the server without removing our monetization. Unless the owners of CUP decides to change this at some point, they wont ever be added. - I'm Trash -
  14. I'm Trash


    If you feel like making it, be my guest mate. It tells you the armor values etc ingame. - Sorry if I came across as rude. But its not something we've considered needed. Sorry if that answer disappoint you.
  15. @Conzole Its a good thing that he is only taking the piss like he was regarding this
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