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  1. True to a certain aspect. But removing the group markers would not be the ideal choice I would make. Needs a different approach if you ask me. - the idea sounds interesting but in all honesty, then people in bigger groups dont always turn it off either since they cant be bothered
  2. Yeah I dont see how that would benefit anyone tbh. - Not to sound rude or mean cause I think your heart is in the right place. - But if you lost your group when you're off the network. That would also ruin it for the smaller groups - Going off the network only makes it impossible to invite you to a family or a group. - You can still use the private chat if you want to get in contact with the person. - Hotkey was made in the hopes that more people would take use of the function to turn off the 8G network so that you can't rely on the scan even if it says " 0 " - Regarding a balance issue, then I dont see one. Perhaps the other admins have a different viewpoint than my own of course.
  3. There never really is a " best method " tbh - Depends if you're solo, in a team, how good is your team and how many are you etc etc. - If solo: Going to Radiation island and loot is pretty profitable (needs a gas mask) - In team: Doing missions, the faster you do them when they spawn, the less chance of people camping them CP's are the ones that gives the most if you're not doing the island mission. But they are camped more or less 85 % of all cases. So my suggestion is doing CP's in the mornings when the activity of players is lower than prime time. The only way forward is to keep trying and see what works best for you.