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  1. the NWAF is not packed with objects compared to other servers I've played on. There is a whole half of the airstrip not used for the exact purpose of saving fps. We can't just delete 50 % of the map with the purpose of increasing fps. The map would look empty as hell then. The main issue is the amount of vehicles, which last time I checked was at 1300-1400. The amount of building objects due to people being allowed 2 bases. Server fps when I've checked it is steady and not in the danger field. I'm happy that you're thinking about increasing server fps. But at this point its not the custom content I'm afraid. Personally my pc is not even average and I manage to pull 40fps on the most fps heavy places on Chernarus. With that said, I dont see it happening that we're getting rid of 50 % of the current NWAF, Ghost Town, Island etc. Just my own opinion ofc.
  2. I dont see why it couldn't happen. - Only thing that comes to mind is that its easier to get rid of stuff you want to put on the inmate market instead of risking going to trader. - With that said. The idea might be brought up on the next staff meeting 🙂 .
  3. I'm Trash


    If you feel like making it, be my guest mate. It tells you the armor values etc ingame. - Sorry if I came across as rude. But its not something we've considered needed. Sorry if that answer disappoint you.
  4. Believe this has been discussed once. - Main issue with that is that people such as yourself with no money issues can change their perks depending if they want to raid someone or if they feel like farming respect etc. - Choose your points wisely before selecting them! 🙂
  5. Yeah, sorry. Personally I'm not a fan of having anything regarding safezone storages. As Jimlad said, experienced it before and it got abused loads. Sure there is a way to limit what you can and cannot do. - But at the end of the day. People that wants to fly in planes will find a way to abuse it somehow. - In my head, buying a plane and using it is a high risk, high reward. People like @ImUnleasheD spent hours upon hours in the editor trying to perfect landing the Spitfire at his base on Chernarus. - I think your mind is in the right place, but I would really not like to see it become a thing on the servers.
  6. @Conzole Its a good thing that he is only taking the piss like he was regarding this
  7. I'll look into it @ACAB .
  8. The idea is nice and its something we've already talked about trying to do. - Only major problem is that the AI run off the ships and starts swimming in the water. So until a solution for that has been made. It'll have to be a thought put on hold.
  9. Sadly so. For now we're not planning on releasing a 3rd map yet. Its not been denied, but its not been discussed either. So as @Nick says. " Maybe in the future it could happen "
  10. Personally I think it would be to easy if we planted too many wastedumps around the map. There is already a wastedump at the black markets as well. Putting them at the aircraft traders would further lower the risk people have to take to sell their items and bank the money. Not a bad suggestion. But dont think its gonna happen on any SG server.
  11. Like a true Slave. Knew i could count on you 😛
  12. I dont have 12 other players available to come and push my plane...?
  13. Not so sure about this part. This I personally dont agree with Although the Ultralight is a paperthin object. Having a helicopter like vehicle to spawn in would not suit the server I think. The Quad and Go-kart from how I see it already is fast enough to bring you back into the action? Dont see the reason to add a spawn vehicle that goes far beyond the 100mph.
  14. Really old kills. Funny video nonetheless though