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    Due to low submissions and loss of interest, this competition is over. We are going to be starting up "Clip of the week" where you publish a clip with a chance of winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This will be done weekly, Chernarus and Altis will have their own individual competition. Prizes: 1st Place - 200k 2nd Place - 150k 3rd Place - 100k Rules for the Clips: Clips must be from [SG] Chernarus/Altis Clips can contain funny moments, kills or whatever you find interesting. Videos must be submitted by Sunday 6:00 GMT. Results will be judged and announced by 9:00 GMT. Can only post 1 Clip per individual! Submit your videos in pinned topic under the "Events" sub-forum: Chernarus Altis
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    Added: New and improved Virtual Garage: New GUI to make storing and retrieving vehicles more fluent. Ability to search through your stored vehicles. Auto complete on vehicle nicknames so vehicles can be stored with just a button press.
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    Mod: [SG] Mod Removed some content due to permission issues. Buffed SMA Honeybadger to be similar to the NIArms version. Changed MRC damage to be more similar to other weapons in its class. Added: Crate Storage amount for each vehicle to display in the vehicle trader dialog. New Chernarus CDF mission. (A new Altis one is coming very soon. Sorry ) New Chernarus Radiation Island. Buildings are more spread out across the island. New bridge that connects Utes Island (CDF Island) and Skalisty Island (Radiation Island). Tier 11 spawn kits that have level 4 vests. You get forced into 3rd person while doing any raiding actions. Changed: Kill Messages to show the players vehicle rather than the weapon on the vehicle. You can no longer move constructions while you have maximum objects placed. Due to an issue that would delete the moved construction. Fixed: Vehicle Factory mission on Chernarus vehicle spawns causing them to blow up on mission completion. An exploit that would earn you more respect while holding a melee weapon and getting long range kills.
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    Changed: Stinger launcher price changed from 50,000 to 30,000 Poptabs. The state of "Environment Sounds" saves over relogs/restarts. Fixed: An issue that wouldn't let you open the Loadout Trader. The server randomly not unlocking on restarts.
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    First attempt at making this style of edit. Colors were a bit off at times and some cinematic felt a bit weird, but hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to give feedback on it as id like to make more like this in the future.
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    Fucking communists these days.
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    Not going to happen. We don't need to publicly shame anyone. There are reasons on why we have player reports and ban appeals private.
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    @Cerin I didn’t know you took your rig to exhibitions?
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    Sorry there hasn't been many updates recently. Had a lot to deal with IRL. I still won't be active for another week or so. The following changes been made since the last changelog, some might be interesting for someone . Changed: Safe/Flag Hacking now only checks for alive players within the laptop radius. Stops dead players from allowing the hack to continue. Altis CDF now has walls around it. A new one possibly coming soon. Reverted Auto-Run to default Exile. Armed Orca price increased to 100,000 from 70,000. Armed Nyx price decreased to 69,000 from 100,000. Scout Nyx price decreased to 35,000 from 70,000. Respect loss percentage from NPC's changed to 1% from 2%. Fixed: Kamyshovo spawn point should no longer spawn you on the smaller islands in the water. Free Premium for the first 2 people to claim it. Use code at checkout: GIMME
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    Don't use static weapons! Its in the change logs but it didnt specify that it would bann you. (Ps static titan sells for 0 poptabs so i thought it would be fine.) I guess there is something wrong with them but this isn't the prettiest way of solving it.
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    dont shoot me or ill 25 man raid you - the mentally disabled guy
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