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  1. Dordy


    Hacks Improved.
  2. Friendly reminder you are a nice guy, keep being you.
  3. Dordy

    Pawnee Dogfight

    Thanks to all the participants that took part in the event. The winners are: 1st - @Winky 2nd - @K00K00 3rd - Sasha Grey
  4. Dordy

    Pawnee Dogfight

    Chernarus Pawnee Dogfight: 9:30 GMT Saturday 20th July. Players will be teleported outside into the debug area, there will be Pawnees spawned ready. When all players are ready, you will get inside the Pawnees. There will be a 1 minute grace period, the grace period expiring will be announced by a global message. ALL players must leave their groups before you take off otherwise you will be disqualified immediately, as its FFA. If you run out of ammo you must land the heli and ask a admin to be refilled, as this is done manually. Rules: Do not leave the marked area, if you leave the area you will be eliminated. Do not kill other players before the grace period has expired. If you are caught teaming you will be banned from future events and temporarily banned from the server. Prizes: 1st Place - 100K or Large Building Crate 2nd Place - 75K 3rd Place - 50K Participation - 20K to all players that took part in the event. Respect and KD will NOT be affected during the event!
  5. We are not going to make a change that only 10% of players want on the server, as it will have affects on the server.
  6. There isn’t night because 90% players dont want it, thats why it was disabled a long time ago. Night is very very doubtful to ever happen.
  7. Saturday 9:30 GMT 13/07/2019 1 vs 1 Knockout Tournament Once instructed you will type "TP" in chat if you wish to participate, only do this ONCE. After each arena has finished you will be proceeded to the next stage if you won your duel. Once the event has finished all players will receive the participation reward. Players must follow regular server rules during the event, any trolling in the event will lead to a 6 hour ban. Each player must leave their current group, all players will be distributed with a partner for the round, this will occur each round until we have a winner, winning leads to the next level, if you lose you are out. You will wait in the starting area and instructed by admins what to do, this will occur once all players have been TPed. Instructions will be given throughout and global messages will announce when rounds start/finish. ALL gear will be provided to the participants once the event has started. Respect + KD will not be affected during the event. ALL players will wait until each rounds start, it will be started by an admin announcing a global message, if any people engage before this they will be eliminated. Prizes: 1st Building Crate or 100k 2nd 75k 3rd 50k Participation 25k (Given to all players when event has finished) Hope to see as many players as possible. Good Luck!
  8. Highly unlikely we are going to change the spawn system, this is exile not DayZ.
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