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DS Houses mod has been added back to Chernarus. Sorry for the inconvenience but the Livonia buildings cause FPS drops.


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  1. There is no need for other AA launchers or anything. If you cant shoot heli down ur doing it wrong or the pilot had perfect flare timing. It's all about luck with pawnee flares.
  2. I prob have about 100+ spitfire kills and i got shot down twice by stinger and dodged alot of them.. Flares would be too OP.
  3. It's 3 tries and after that you can only try once per 5 mins.
  4. Also you can get like 10 hmg vehicles per restart if you really want to. Soo i dont see any problem with current system..
  5. Pretty sure you were getting shot by rockets last night in that house and logged straight after that ?
  6. Spawn town same distance and none of the "big team" took new gear from base. So not sure why that matters.
  7. I thought Altis would be boring because it's so big. I was wrong ?
  8. 3300 hours in arma always hiding in bushes like a pus and flying pawnees ? Can i have invite? ?
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