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  1. It's 3 tries and after that you can only try once per 5 mins.
  2. Also you can get like 10 hmg vehicles per restart if you really want to. Soo i dont see any problem with current system..
  3. Pretty sure you were getting shot by rockets last night in that house and logged straight after that ?
  4. Spawn town same distance and none of the "big team" took new gear from base. So not sure why that matters.
  5. I thought Altis would be boring because it's so big. I was wrong ?
  6. Jordan can't wait to smash his keyboard
  7. 3300 hours in arma always hiding in bushes like a pus and flying pawnees ? Can i have invite? ?
  8. Aimbutt_exe


    No thermals thanks.
  9. Yeeh sit inside base with that thing learn all the mission spawn ranges near your base no thanks ?