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  1. Well than why should one be able to buy rockets? Its literally the same thing as buying flares as a gadget. Idk how much one rocket costs, ... 25k ? 30k? Doesnt matter when the plane costs 100. And whats wrong with more people buying the spitfire? 70% of the bases dont have enough space to land them nearby, so people will think twice to invest 100k for a bit of fun that is definetly lost as soon as you dont want to fly anymore, if you didnt get shot down before already. I think its just a bit out of balance to have a rocketlauncher that has like a kill percentage of at least 90% and blasts veh
  2. I tried about one hour to dodge any rockets in the editor. I tried as an soldier by shooting on AI planes that made U-Turns in high and low altitude, and i also tried as the pilot with bots shooting them at me. Not a single rocket missed me. And if it was one that did not destroy the plane, it killed the pilot for sure. Why not make flares kind of a gadget for pop tabs? If i want to make the plane safer i can do it for more money. In comparison to older armed planes this one is pretty hard to master since its so fast. The speed makes it pretty hard to land at open fields near your base for
  3. Thats disappointing Why could you not add flares to expensive air vehicles. Its pretty lame if you fly at 400m and you dont have any room to dodge that rocket.
  4. Is there any counter to the stinger rocket launcher? Just bought a plane for 100k and didnt even fly for 5 minutes until i got shot down by that. L i t .
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