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  1. Well, that's good, man. For Abrami million likes, loved that map. For the moment at 3: 48, a separate like. Now to cons, am asking seriously adequately. 1) Fucking long time, seriously. 2) a Lot of mediocre kills, which is nothing and the feeling is inserted to. 3) the music jam, at some point, and you had to change when the map changes, with Gills on Altis. 4) a Lot of the same transitions, which are also tired. Again, I write the cons are not because of the stupid Haight, but because of the respect that he has played on one project and just point out mistakes, again IN MY OPINION. Good luck brother. I apologize for my English, this is a translator)
  2. Oh, my friend. Altis and in recognized big. On Aramii could quite rapidly redeployed by helicopter. But not on the technique because of the mountain-rocky terrain. Anyway Altis plain, Chernarus is a solid forest of trees, Abramia was something interesting in terms of terrain there and the woods was small, and was incredible, beautiful mountains
  3. Chernarus think of the hideous map. Kill campers with 2-3 km. Everywhere the same landscape, eyes as much as the guys. Altis, the most boring map in the world of ARMA 3. You could still go to Altis, but when I come home from school, it's full. There is very problematic to fly my squad where I had lag, unlike abrami
  4. Disclaimer. I apologize for my English. The translator is to blame. I would like to start by welcoming everyone. Including the administration of the project, and the players themselves, with whom once fought on the battlefield. Left the project after the closure of the Abrami. Waited for the third server with my team for very long, tired walked all servers Exile and to be honest nothing like your project is not found. In terms of optimization, balance and other things. Of the minuses probably this rule of construction, the flag being built just as they can, it infuriated remember + the "eternal war" (died, respawn, died, respawn and in a circle, until someone will give up), apparently it was difficult to put a restriction on the conditional spawn after 2, 3 death. In General, I want to thank the project and Express my gratitude. It is thanks to you, I discovered in General such a mod as Exile spent the day here. Want to remember with you how it was PS Utopian await the release of the third server.. Thank you for listening
  5. And to be honest, very good) You're really good) good Luck on the battlefield
  6. That sounds very silly to me. You have a huge influx of people. And you can't give them a place. Altis and Chernarus Packed, to leave it, polovye servers cause lag. Unfortunately, you will have to leave your server project. Because to stand in queues on the server. Well, I'm sorry, I want to go in when it's convenient for me, and not constantly poking the button to go in. The problem is to go alone, but about the whole Park in General I keep silent. Fucked up, as it's a shame and in my opinion not rationally. There is demand, there must be supply.
  7. That is, one server close and all? Nothing new?
  8. Where are the screenings? The topic to the top
  9. In fact, there were always people on the server, in the evening of 50 people, on weekdays 30-40. But understand the map was small, peculiar, with an excellent FPS and with unusual fighting clashes because of the terrain. There was a chip. Yes, and ktomu same card is small for him, 40 people with a head enough. For me, it was Abramia who gave your project glory. As the leadership says, but only do not let the second black Russia PLEASE Goggle translate ONE LOVE
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