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  1. pretty bad idea, it s the way the map is. you can make a separate suggestion for this
  2. That would be nice. Kavala to athira in 2-3 mins. In all honesty though an offroad isn't that exagerated.
  3. I don t see how the few with the top tier respect could throw off the balance with some offroads, which are not persistent so no crate storage.. just a simple offroad. Nothing op about it
  4. because he is a medic and he has more instadocs than the other tiers
  5. well that s in the core exile thing so .. no problem
  6. an offroad or smth would be nice to deploy yea
  7. not a bad idea, yea. would benefit long term playing groups
  8. Solomon

    Terrain quality

    Hm weird it isn t that bad for me, don t know if it s a problem with the server though
  9. Solomon

    Terrain quality

    I only experience the thing you re saying at 600/700m+. Also turn the settings of terrain to Ultra in arma settings and also to the highest in the view distance setting in xm8
  10. That s what missions are for. Roaming AI would literally spoil it if you re just driving chilling and then get killed by some random ai? If you want to kill AI s there s plenty of missions. CDF has 60 of them
  11. No, only at missions and other objectives usually marked on the map. They might bug and go far away from those though
  12. https://imgur.com/a/jM7nnls This seems way to big for a CP. Imagine 2-3 people hiding somewhere there, also with bots lurking around. Good luck trying to find them, constested forever.
  13. Bottom line, this debate is pointless since it can't change anything, people always complain about it but it is just the way it is, either quit or adapt :)
  14. Solomon


    Hello Pennywise. There are indeed a lot of vehicles on the server and that is because the high traffic of players, and it s hard to be avoided. As you can see at the bottom of the post, there are cleanup routines that unlock/reset unused vehicles after 2 days and delete them after 3 days. These are 2 suggestions and I think the better place to post them is in cherno suggestions, not in the general discussions :) I suggest you to put them in different topics if you do