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  1. Yea, changing the height limit won't impact base camping that much. But the 2nd question got absolutely ignored. You could make a separate topic for it but still, would be nice to see some MAAWS and C90 in rad or even alamuts.
  2. Ok so since I really like football and the World Cup is upon us, I decided to start kind of a "competition". You can say who you think will win, and if your guess was right you'll get a certain amount of money. The prize is going to be 100k from my own pocket, and if more people are right it will be split between them. You can only say 1 country. My prediction : Argentina
  3. Solomon

    Flag value

    Yeah I don't know his ideas seem pretty weird lol, not just this one
  4. Solomon

    Guess I'll die?

    Wanted to get the full experience of truck flying :P
  5. Solomon

    Guess I'll die?

    well it was one of my friends.. we were just fooling around for a bit
  6. Solomon

    Guess I'll die?

    http://plays.tv/video/5b2105d56250ec684a/nicee Sorry for the sound lol
  7. Solomon

    Flag value

    Oh it is indeed actually.. that explains it
  8. Solomon

    Flag value

    We have 53 parts and it costs 2.1k it s a small base. Weird since it s not 10/part nor 100.
  9. Solomon

    Flag value

    Virtual garage is at the flag tho
  10. Solomon

    Flag value

    I agree the prices for flags are pretty low indeed but let's not forget there's also solo players out there and that raiding supplies are also easy to get and to raid and building concrete is costly.
  11. Can t raid back if u have no idea who offline raided u. Anyway, if the limit is indeed 25 then the post can be locked, i was suggesting it to be raised because I thought it was 15, according to this post. So yea an admin can lock&update the post https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/topic/4-tips-and-useful-information-exile-chernarus-isles/
  12. Solomon


    Hello! Our group is recruiting. We have both EU and US players, the group is pretty new. Join the discord to find out more ! https://discord.gg/sRuWBWn
  13. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/1447962?playerCount=7D battlemetrics... well that s kind of the purpose.. u raid every night..raid when people are on
  14. Not really a problem for myself personally but I don't know how that stops people plenty of times. If you'd look on the stats I posted you'd see that only ONCE the player count dropped under 15.
  15. The 8G Network is a tool to help you not to rely on it 100%. However it would be nice if there'd be some disadvantages if you disable it. Most people don't disable it though because they either don't know about it or just forget about it from time to time.