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  1. If see us in game pop msg people do few missions if we short
  2. @Lou your the building boy that's for sure we good with that lad , need make sheet for codes ect so ppl can look at em
  3. Btw lads one rule in this group , don't touch vehicles if they ayours and don't have name your it unless you have permission, if I have to chase up people loosing stuff because they greedy and don't wanna buy own shit/don't replace lost stuff that is lost you can do one and make your own group cuz last 2 times did exile ppl took piss , won't be happening this time . you can borrow stuff and replace its fine but if summit goes and no one owns up I'll just boot all you tag along asses with ease . It's a group so play as a group lads and let's pop some heads @avocado @GloriousM @Lou @Cliff @BULLETS @Zonic @Robins @paramontana
  4. With a lot of playin now we will switch over to AZA ts tonight private msg me if need details for it ... have group farming missions and others building prob
  5. Ahhhhhhg hookers and champagne will flow tonight good sir
  6. Working mate till 10pm then I'm on , you need invite in game just use group section for now as I'm o my one who can do family invites
  7. @paramontana casual pop on or playin for the name of AZA the big fight
  8. Oh fk not you also xd 

  9. Cliff you dribble get back on shits going down