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  1. 35mins in 4 weeks so yeh cool pull down boy
  2. It’s closed I don’t play arma anymore
  3. Think you confuse this the other place . No "gangs" here sugartits and he don't play
  4. The big man come play ofc mate but server wipe tommrow so we just buying big toys and fookin about right now , pm me in ts for pass
  5. ? comparing a BR game to a sandbox game
  6. What's reason behind the wipe ? I'm down to play still be good fresh start
  7. Even worse for RP communities , let some servers do one thing and then tell others no but hey them shit dlcs make money right ?
  8. Ahhh Bohemia strikes again ? do one thing say another company
  9. Heard you been a busy boy mr solar 

    1. Avion Solar

      Avion Solar

      Ye a little you guys wernt about to help though lol

    2. Proxy1


      We on tonight mate 

  10. Ohh pipe down lad I said my opion was invalid you fookin spoon ? Now re read my post , what a melt
  11. Yes sir I am drinking I shall exit to the bar with my invalid opion ?
  12. Oh der may have to consider playing here