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  1. Why not have one but cost 2mil or something, kind of end game toy i doht want the server to be full military but why not one expensive tank
  2. That’s was quite entertaining the jump drops I like
  3. Boys are coming back to SG after our break
  4. Proxy1


    Yeh sound mate non of us will if we do but when we had 10 man squads on we slapped everything ez msg me in other forums on gta about if I don’t check here much
  5. Proxy1


    Cherno I’m sick of Altis
  6. Proxy1


    We did as pretty big group mate I’m thinking of coming back again though I can bring me other boys , I stopped after they wiped the server in September
  7. Proxy1


    I know your name from gta
  8. Proxy1


    I know your face mhmmmm
  9. 35mins in 4 weeks so yeh cool pull down boy
  10. It’s closed I don’t play arma anymore
  11. Think you confuse this the other place . No "gangs" here sugartits and he don't play
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