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  1. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    He pays me, you don't <22:40:40> "Matrix": liked ur post on forums, send the money to my paypal please
  2. Event - Don't Get Caught!

  3. clarification needed

    No this is against our rules: Legitimately stolen vehicles are owned by the person that drove it into the Safe Zone. You cannot take it back if you got it taken from you! Please feel free to fill out a player report against the people who did this: https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/forum/25-player-reports/
  4. Event - Don't Get Caught!

    Don't Get Caught! Don't Get Caught is a last man standing game mode. What to do: Players will be given the load-out of 20 zip ties and 1 sledge hammer and will have to battle it out to be the last alive. To start with all players will make their way to the C130 which will drop the players over the playzone. When the plane is near the event area, the pilot will give the green light to go. If you jump before this green light then you will be disqualified! Once the players have landed, they have to battle it out until one person is left ALIVE. This means that all ziptied players will have to be killed before the game is finished. To avoid camping, we'll add a marker randomly on the map. players have to get closer to this marker when announced on the server. players who havent reached the radius of the marker will be terminated without warning. Event starts on: Sunday, 11th - 9:15 PM GMT There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Do NOT bring your own gear as you will geared by us. Any of your previous gear will be deleted. No refunds, you have been warned! Rules: - No Hacking / Glitching / Bugusing - If you jump out before the plane reaches the event area, you will be disqualified. - If you stay in the plane too long, you'll die by its explosion. - There wont be a grace-period. Feel free to kill others directly when landed. - Do not team up with other teams, doing so will end up with both teams being eliminated. Prizes: Each player will carry 10k on their person, this means that you need to loot each player in order to get the prize
  5. Flag room issue

    I have spoken to you in game and told you what needs to be changed. Your room has many items in the 1x1 area, although this room is a larger room there are items within the 1x1 space which is why it does not comply with our server rules.
  6. Inmate Market Suggestion

    Isn't it called a max bank for a reason? In my opinion it doesn't really need changed, you need to start storing money in safes if you haven't already so that your bank isn't full allowing the money to go in.
  7. The real learning to fly

    Still not sure how you can see these people, going to have to teach me. Nice shots though
  8. Best Sniper/DMRs in Exile?

    - MK48 LMG - Very Accurate - Very Cheap - High Damage - Shoots a long range - All around good gun - Suppressor can be bought from the normal trader
  9. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills

    Not bad, Not bad
  10. What Wat? Parts 9 & 10

    Pretty decent shot on that littlebird lol
  11. Change Kamenka

    Theres one on the east cost aswell.
  12. Change Kamenka

    Im not too sure that we need another trader. Kamenka is pretty close to a trader and even then Berizino is right next to Klen trader which is fairly coastal. There are also 2 places that you are able to purchase boats from that are situated along the coast and at these places are waste dumps which you are able to sell the crates at.
  13. texture problem exile server

    Try deleting all of your user profiles then making a brand new one. I had this issue a while back and that resolved it for me.