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  1. Matrix


    That is literally the point of reserve slots...
  2. Matrix

    Second Server

    There is actually 65 slots, the last 5 slots are for people who have purchased premium. Without these people purchasing premium then they would be unable to keep the servers alive.
  3. To lift with a heli, you need to detach tow ropes. If you can't do it from inside, hop out and scroll on it then pick up the ropes and attach them to the other vehicle. To tow vehicles, scroll on the vehicle and press select vehicle to tow, then press tow vehicle on the other vehicle. To put crates in your car, scroll and press open crate storage then select the crate and load it. Only certain cars are able to load crates though. This must be done from outside.
  4. Many people would disagree with this due to them finding respect useful. The more respect you have, the better load out you spawn with. This can make a big difference as the current highest tier weapon is the Ishmash AK with an RCO. Many players also try to get their respect higher as they have already maxed out their bank meaning that there main reason to be there is to get kills or respect. If it was to be changed then what reward would you suggest for the capper? The locker would not really be a good solution in my eyes due to it removing the actual point of having pop tabs on you.
  5. The same applies to this, do you have a link to the mod?
  6. Yeah unfortunately we are unable to review mods without a link to them. Suggestions are nice, although in order for us to review them, we need to be able to see them.
  7. From what I am aware this was suggested previously but turned down due to us not wanting to have invisible backpacks.
  8. @Mr. Soap After doing some testing, the AA Titan is still very OP. It is able to hit targets at next to any range, regardless of if they flare or not. Sadly I don't think it would be suitable to be added.
  9. @Mr. Soap Il do some testing, but no promises as it is an Arma weapon whereas the red-eye is part of a mod pack. Theres no harm in looking though :)
  10. I'm not too sure about this. If this was implemented it would ruin things such as balota PVP and it would make more users rage quit due to being unable to get back to their gear in time. As Nick said, such features could be implemented such as a timer which is set at default at 2 minutes. This could then work along side the XP system so as you rank up, you would be able to unlock a lower spawn zone timer.
  11. Nice video, some very nice shots in there dude!
  12. Hi Dark, yeah that bug sucks! The best solution I have personally found it to navigate to %appdata% then click local then delete the arma 3 folder. Then navigate to your arma 3 folder that is in your steamapps folder and delete the folder called battle eye. Once you have done that, find arma 3 on steam, right click, properties, local files then verify the integrity of your game cache. This should redownload them files and download the newest update. It should then allow you to join the server!
  13. That is a very cool set up though dude. Very nice although Jager and arma don't mix. I tried that one lol
  14. Right, I see many people are finding it difficult or do not know how to join the Arma 3 exile server so I have decided to make this post to show you how to do it! Stage 1! Download A3 Launcher from the following link: https://a3launcher.com/ Stage 2! Set your Arma 3 Path This is done by navigating to the setting button in the top right (as shown in image) You then need to find your Arma 3 path folder. It would most likely look like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Make sure you press save at the bottom! Stage 3! Set your parameters It is always helpful to set parameters, these can help improve the performance of your game and can also make it load up faster. This is done by ticking the boxes as shown in the image. Stage 4! Download the Mods The next step is to download the mods for the server. This is done by searching [SG] in the search box to bring up our server. The following server will pop up: In the image above there is an arrow on the far right, for you it will be an arrow pointing down. Press this arrow to start downloading the mods. Stage 5! Join the server Once the mods have finished downloading, press the arrow pointing to the right button to join our server!
  15. Matrix

    Respect Perks

    Yes I do quite like the idea of some more perks. As it currently stands there is nothing to go for after 200k respect. /
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