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  1. It said I had to monotize it tho share profits with the owner, but obviously my channel isn’t big enough to do so, I could be wrong it was late and I was very tired.
  2. Sadly, I had to take out the fun music cause some of the songs were copyrighted but our voices are musical to. Also if it is in bad quality its cause its still processing.
  3. Since there is an open post regarding staff positions being open, it would be really really nice to have at least one or two American admins who would be on sometime between 6-12 PST, There is no help available until the normal admins get on anytime between mid night and 3 AM, unless Kristian fucks up sleep schedule.
  4. LJK...

    Love me

    Couldnt find you as therea re thousands of people under your same name. If you want you can look up LJK... people seem to find it pretty quick
  5. LJK...

    Love me

    I said I think who ever is doing it are glitching in cause both of the servers I had played on before, thermal scanners were very unused and rare, and batteries were so cheap that there was no point in using anything else. Once your buddy mentioned it I didnt question it, just didnt consider it at the time.
  6. LJK...

    Love me

    Im looking for people to play with as everyone I do other than occasionally one or two dont like the server, I personally am from the US but have an odd schedule so I tend to be on during peak hours. Ive played arma since 2009 so I much prefer people that have a decent amount of experience.
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