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  1. ACAB is flying a pew pew chopper again, I better Just sit in my base... again.. This is fine.
  2. Loading modfiles: Minecraft-Textures.Exe
  3. I only read the first line.. But yeah Nick the man! In general all of the staff is awesome.
  4. I would love esseker, my favourite map by far. However, i feel cherno is a worthy alternative to esseker. But by all means, id love to see esseker!
  5. Then dont do that again. I suppose we cant find a good solution to get people to come inside capture points to contest them, so be it. Im fine with the rewards and the toughness of capture points, i just wish it would be hard doing the mission instead of it being hard to claim the rewards afterwards. Anyways, Ive shared enough of my toughts and will probably leave it here with discussing this matter. Id rather spend my time camping the cappers i guess ? Xait out.
  6. The poptabs doesnt have to be increased, everyone would agree on that. I Just want to see more people contest cap points instead of them sitting a mile away in a bush waiting for the loot crates to spawn. Something worth their time needs to be in the capture point while its being capped. Otherwise this meta will continue. And is that fun? One player capping, 5-10 waiting on the outside in bushes. What if those other 5-10 players were inside contesting? That would be whats fun and exiting about arma 3 exile if you ask me
  7. Who said there should be No pvp involved? Who said that no pvp should be involved? The global messages original intent is to let people know that unless they Come and overtake the capture point, they Will loose out on the rewards. It is there to create a conflict/exitement for players. The camping players are a bi-product of this. I am okay with campers in Arma. Its what sniping is all about. Im arguing the sake of how rewarding a players efforts should be. This became quite a spicy topic lol
  8. I suppose the issue wont be dealt with then. At least not in a way that will give proper results. You dont have to make it easier for solo players to cap, its suppose to be a challenge. Thats not what the issue is. The issue is that im gonna have to start camping crates like everyone Else. Because thats the "meta" and any other method is Just hard work with small rewards unless you get very Lucky.
  9. Having a lot of respect is usefull to some extent, but if it was that important to people they would contest capture points, or at the very least just start them. At the moment i know people who are waiting for caps to start instead of doing it themselves.. Its just easier. But the subject of whats more appealing to who depends on each player. All i can do is look at the majority and to them Poptabs seem to outweigh Respect. Also i do agree with you that maybe poptabs on you in person or in locker is a flaw aswell and perhaps not the right solution
  10. I Appereciate the feedback. I agree mostly with you guys. There are many things to consider. However, at the end of the day i just wish capturing would be an objective that actually includes capping and contesting. Whether its getting poptabs in your locker, XP reward buff etc.. it does not matter, as long as its more appealing for players to contest the capture point. Glad to see that im not the only one seeing a flaw though!
  11. Be adviced: Some strong language may occur. I want to bring up an issue mostly about capping points. So.. Currently when capping you get respect (which is for the most part pretty useless) no matter what, and you get Poptabs (what most people are after) in looting crates. The problem I have is the way the rewards gets distributed. - Story Mode (you may skip to the conclution if you dont like reading) - Once upon a time I decided to go for a Capture point. I roll out in my amazing Quad bike like the champ i am, I scan the capture point from a "safe"
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