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  1. ZeHouseTour's by TheAngryGerman

    Hahaha, lol. I need to have a talk with my crew about how to lock stuff ;-p
  2. Pennywise accumulated #1 SpartanGaming

    Hahaha, Nice RPG on me in the strider HMG ;-) I had a simular rpg kill in my first video. Last sec hit ;-p
  3. N3xoN (Vikings!) Exile SG-Gameplay E02

    New edit of the video will come soon, need to change music-track ;-p
  4. N3xoN (Vikings!) Exile SG-Gameplay E01

    I got 60 fps in game, it lagged after i render the video. I dont know why... ;-(
  5. Some AN 94 Assault Rifle testing ;-)
  6. Old video, still funny ;-p

  7. Promise is a promise...

    Never heard Mako so hyped to kill somebody before. That was funny as f..k ;-) " bad the server crashed right after so we all lost the gear ;-(
  8. Old and new friends

    LoL Jimlad, I gave him a warning and some spanking ;-p
  9. SG gameplay vol.2

    Se u on the battlefield ;-)