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    Next time, try harder ;)
  2. NPC lost in action

    Makes for better gameplay when u find an unexpected npc ;) Or it finds u....
  3. Randomly getting kicked

    Getting same thing here, me and 2 buddy's, this is new for us, all mods verified etc, lag on opening doors, safes, building as well, seems SG guys need to do a little work here, u have too much on 1 server rig for it to handle everything?
  4. Lag on doors/safes?

    lately seem to be getting lag on opening/closing/locking doors, opening safes, building etc, 2 buddy's reporting the same, anyone else?
  5. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    My Kitty Smells Of Fish!
  6. Base

    Or just don't pay the rent and it will delete after 7 days and u can start again somewhere else on the map.
  7. Thanks for the details Supafly, our little band of brothers are happy after discussions and look forward to frequenting the new "wiped" server :)
  8. Will we be able to use this feature to restore our bases after wipe? I can live without it and start a new base but what pains me most is losing my xp & $$$, Have you tried a process of elimination for crashing issues? ie test server with 0 mods/missions adding one at a time until crash points reached etc etc? Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs here but I have quite a bit of experience with hosting Arma 3 and it's various mods and a full understanding lol of what a pita it can be but a full wipe and restart can be like using a sledgehammer to break an egg. The following log files can be opened using the server's Webinterface: arma3server_YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.rpt content_log.txt connection_log_2302.txt If the actual server crashed completely (process aborted) a crash dump (.bidmp / .mdmp) with hte same name as the respective .rpt log file will be crated inside of the server's "/arma3/config/" directory.The log files can be used to check whether the server crashes due to performed changes or for another reason. In most cases, installed addons, mods or mission files lead to a crash of the server.
  9. No compensation? Start from scratch after months of graft to get where we are/were? OMFG......
  10. Terrain Setting to Low in or out ?

    Agrees settings should be left as they are to assist lower spec players.
  11. Weapon Cursor Off?

    Crosshairs require 0 skill, custom crosshairs wont work because of battleye, like my games as realistic as possible, jus sayin ;)
  12. Distance

    No distance required...
  13. Weapon Cursor Off?

    Weapon cursor is a cheat that's not required ;)
  14. Name changers..

    Bit of a moan really but name changing should not be a thing, be proud of ur name, don't log out then come back with another name trying to pretend u have logged... your stats give you way ffs ;)