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  1. Just when I thought I was out, you drag me back in! Thank you!
  2. Can we get a boat trader at each end of the river to travel across Livonia east to west etc?
  3. 1st rule of Arma, NEVER get attached to your gear!
  4. RIP Server wipe 13/06/2019. For posterity! Spent a lot of time here but we're moving! See you on the other side Amigos!
  5. Have to say this, after 4500k hrs in A3, hosting servers, scripting servers, admining servers, the SG team are fucking gods! That is all. ?
  6. Lost all my gear due to water glitch leaving jetski on beach at base died getting off it again lol, lost LRR with silencer + nightstalker + a shit ton of gear on me, wouldnt normally complain but this is the 4th time today lol, any chance of compo/help? No admins in Altis atm. Water glitch.docx
  7. https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/community/join_teamspeak.php Speak to an admin here, your issues are easily resolved. The message about enemy territory means you are trying to build outside of your max flag/build radius, enable radius markers in your xm8/territory to see where to build. Upgrade your territory to increase your maximum build radius. Be careful when placing floors and walls on uneven ground or at height as you will encounter the issues mentioned. That is all ?
  8. Keep a wooden skin around/over ur concrete base after completion, annoys the fck outta peeps who think they can blow in nice n easy ?
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