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  1. Can't find the edit button: Also most "cough" players that frequent the servers know jack about rig configs or tweaking, getting them to understand your in the main valid point would is like trying to ask cavemen to fly an air-plane. ;)
  2. 5 years old or not this game engine will still bring 80% of current rigs to their knees, graphics this game isn't about it's all cpu. As for forcing settings which will nerf those 80% of rigs is probably not the best idea? Imho..
  3. Since update sub fuel capacity has been reduced from 100l to 30l, is this hardcoded or a variable sg can change back? Thanks
  4. Dumps and traders are easily added anywhere on the map, a few tweaks from SG and this will become a classic map without doubt.
  5. I'm Razorman, I have 4k hours in A3 and 3k hours in A2, prolly 2k hours in Arma and play with the same 4 players since day 1 and we will kill u all ;) . I love Arma!
  7. Thank You Sir! For many happy hours (mostly lol) on a great server and community, here's to many more,cheers!
  8. Using buildings at rotated angles that could not happen in RL should be banned imho....
  9. More love to contents of underwater loot (currently weps only), scuba trader at boat traders, extended base mod? Gracias x
  10. Razorman


    If you can mod the current sdv stats ie speed, crew capacity, crate capacity, and a weapon to the gunner seat I would be in heaven lol.
  11. Razorman


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Submarine_S622.jpg Something like this would be awsome, 4 man midget submarine.
  12. Razorman


    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25517 Would love to see more submarine variants like this, what are the chances?
  13. Razorman

    Respect Perks

    I'm talking 3k+ respect for this/these perks so it will hardly be an "aids fest" lol.