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  1. What a random request the spmg does not normally get bad press. . . You start removing them then may as well take out all lmgs as they do the same thing. Just learn to adapt. Many assault rifles aim and fire much quicker. They just don't spray
  2. people blow up cars for XP reward, best to assume that if you do not store in the virtual garage of your base that it will be taken or blown up, if not then feel lucky.
  3. Jimlad

    And still...

    Add keylogger carnah and I will give you 50 pop tabs
  4. Jimlad

    New prices on BM

    Don't worry acab you can still farm Bambie towns. Bambies don't have stingers
  5. Yeah a relog or commit suicide normally fixes it
  6. That sounds awesome. Look FWD to trying
  7. It's hard to adapt to being in cover on your pc and being exposed due to a glitch. I do get the FPS issue. But people really can do stuff themselves to improve FPS. Lots of guides on YouTube for optimisation of not only arma but windows. You can certainly reduce your view distance for example this will give you a lot more fps and not punish players who have a suitable pc to play the game. Also people who love arma like many of us know the demands. You need a SSD, you can overclock your CPU ect ect. You don't need high end you just need to configure a mid range gaming pc.
  8. i hope admin can find a way to meet both needs. but seeing people through the mountains which most of the terrain is a bit shitty
  9. Yes and no one wants to alienate anyone. But I would guess 90+ % have a pc that can play a game that is 5 years old now. Other options can be disabled / enabled like view distance to give those people with a lesser pc the FPS they need. It's better for have lower view distance than to be able to look at people through mountains.
  10. I know this has been covered before, i am not trying to be a dick @Conzole but on Isla Abramia when people flick to low settings they can see you through mountains, it is a real issue and a glitch. I was marked by another team behind a mountain and then killed from behind (confirmed by the enemy team) Other groups have voiced this concern, it is something that needs looking at on this map, I get you guys like the grass off option, but can the setting be tweaked so it does not make the terrain see through ? This map has no extended base mods, 1 base per family so FPS really should not be an issue. Also this game is super old now, if people don't have a pc that can play it they need to look that... or maybe we can crowd fund them Anyway my request is this option is looked at again on this map which is filled with mountains. I mainly play in Ultra but that does not help if someone is viewing you in low.