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  1. @Shiv_P wants his respect back as he was the lab rat we sent in to record this cheating shitbag #Drpatelthehero
  2. I was the one that alerted the admin. I watched you from 500m kill 12 people with "your bad internet" Dirty cheat you deserve the ban.
  3. To be fair I don't see many large groups raiding small bases. It's pretty low to take on a small wooden shack as a large group
  4. I genuinely don't mind. Both versions have pros and cons for small and large groups.
  5. Hate to say it but the big groups will vote "keep it how it is" and out number the solo voters. The reality is it's more fun to raid and stay in radius and allows smaller groups or solo / duo players a chance to have a pop without being a marked map target
  6. That's part of the fun unload a create in your base and then go look for it ! The whole sqaud is running around hunting the box
  7. I don't get your point. He just built the base or moved base. We have a rule to protect newly placed flags so the owners have time to secure them. Clearly he was not using the virtual garage and I am sure he will regret that now. But what's your point ? The rule is there for a reason. If you want revenge on him you know where he lives. Leave it a day or so and then pay him a visit.
  8. Yeah we used to have a base down where the boat trader is berizino and that happened a lot
  9. 20 safes is ample. If you say went for what you suggest and swapped all 20 level3 safes to 80 level 1 safes that would be aids for many reasons. I mean bases need to be raidable right ? If you had 80 safes that would be a joke. 20 is ample I would prefer if that was halved myself.
  10. Or could up the spawn rate a few %
  11. The real Jimlad is 6ft 3 and has tree truck legs
  12. This is issues relating to random groups. Team up with people you trust and you don't have to worry about these issues. Add a bunch of randoms because you want to outnumber people then you this comes with no pun intended the territory