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  1. It’s arma it happens from time to time. Best just suck it up.
  2. Yeah needed uploading and deleting so make hd space.
  3. Yes gear up and save and then it tells you how many pop tabs it would cost to rebuy. I have a few saved. Very useful. Just be warned make sure you are naked when you do buy as it overwrites what you have on.
  4. Yeah footage just sat in a folder. Needed compiling so I can delete !
  5. Sorry about the grain, i now have Vegas Pro... so next video will render better than cough, cough cough windows movie maker
  6. Sounds fun, sadly I am out on the beers, but hope you do a repeat. Maybe midweek I find it hard to get on over weekends
  7. Jimlad

    Boom Boom

    Bad man penny
  8. Yeah if it was added I would suggest it be a shorter and random cycle of dusk to dawn and not at the end of the server session as nothing seemed to happen when it was the last 30 mins
  9. In the past we have had a day / night vote and also night time in the last 30 mins. Both did not work so well when the novelty wore off. The day vote always past and when it was the last 30 mins the whole server ground to a halt, as in not much PvP or missions being done. If a change was made I would suggest a short change from dusk to dawn happening in a span of 30 mins during the middle of the session. Just my 2p's worth from seeing the two other options not really work so well for a game That is not really rollplay or pve but a PvP game.
  10. Awesome news. In my experience the drama is always over the one box with pops in. And also lots of people that flood over have no car so they look to pick up items and leave. Having the boxes each contain money as well as grabable useable items such as a good gun / ammo / scope / silencer will be good
  11. Just so you know the marid is not currently in the loot table anymore so whoever does have one won't have many left. I was using one the other day and I got rpg'ed and lost it. Risk and reward is on both sides. You can't really moan about being solo either as plenty of groups or people wanting to team up on these forums and in game. It's you choice as it is to cap a mission. After all you could camp it yourself or camp the guy with the GMG instead.