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  1. Nuclear Zone...

    Lol never seen group there
  2. A bit of everything

    Yeah I used covers. Best way now. YouTube is so strict on copyright now.
  3. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    I appreciated your last music selection as well
  4. A bit of everything

    Nice work. Funny ending
  5. Remove rappel mod.

  6. Pink Wat?

  7. What Wat? Part 13

    nice work
  8. Rocket Launchers

    Well to be fair hvar they do have to risk the BM and as a solo player that can be risky
  9. N3xoN (Vikings!) Exile SG-Gameplay E05

    Ha ha I think everyone knows Nice video on a serious note
  10. N3xoN (Vikings!) Exile SG-Gameplay E05

    Anyone else pause on 0.48 to see family markers ?
  11. Weekly Event #23

    The famous backtofront vehicle Does sound fun though
  12. Wages paid to person

    For the record I retired from balota about 4 weeks ago. Kept losing my respect to peasants Kill 3 guys and get 300 respect. Die once and lose 7k
  13. Wages paid to person

    Yep my view is that it will bring people out to loot and check bodies. It's to safe to get paid into a locker in my view.