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  1. You spelt Vikings wrong ;)
  2. New mods Red Hammer Studios

    I don't get some of these mods. CUP for example make some great stuff. They should change their stance to free for non monetisation servers and pay a licence if you monetise. Least that way everyone wins.
  3. More/New Spawn Locations

    You don't want it to easy ? You already have base spawning. I believe the admins were looking into a XP perk that would give you a northern spawn You can always spawn at balota and grab a cheap 4k Heli and jump where you need to be
  4. Pennywise accumulated #1 SpartanGaming

    Nice work man
  5. TheAngryGerman's Miniclips #2 feat. SpartanGaming

    Very good sir
  6. NPC lost in action

    The issue is when you use unsilenced guns. They tend to walk towards the person so if a bambie tries a mission with a random unsilenced gun then dies the AI keep heading towards that person. Makes it more random and fun.
  7. SG vol. 6

    Good video. Some nice kills
  8. Hate to say but if you drop money on floor and pickup again then log they keep it. I tested myself. Some people are abusing this regularly
  9. I am seeing a lot of this lately. People do a cap and then simply logout. Don't even shoot the AI. Just baracade themselves in and then log with money and rep. Any chance you can either add a 10 min delay so they lose the money and rep if they log or put the money in a create so they actually have to kill the waves of AI and retrieve the money ?
  10. Spawn town change Kamenka to Vybor

    Good shout vybor is a great spawn or lopatino That way you could remove ghost town and the buildings which would reduce the server load by a tiny %
  11. Anyway to keep stats ? Kind of nice to see who you are up against?
  12. I have to agree with the above a full wipe seems OTT. Surely a map wipe will do ? No need to strip money, stats and respect