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  1. Jimlad

    To much rpg!

    That sounds good but yes RPGs far to common. Some of the cheaper launchers and rockets need an increase in price as well. I use the Maws which costs 24k for a launcher and 3 shots which is well balanced between risk of losing and using. The alaumut equivalent (can't spell) can be had for a fraction of that cost or free which seems a bit easy
  2. It does have a timer if you need to list more than 15 and they are not selling in a day or two then it's over priced and you must be a peasant. It's not eBay
  3. Certainly a few shit ones that could go. Some look really bad and never get used. I am sure using the database and stats SG could see the lemons that never get purchased.
  4. Hohols love the debug. Reminds them of home
  5. "Mature gamer" called menstrualboy Now that's a oxymoron 😂
  6. Could add them remove some of the lesser used ones
  7. They are nice. I think SG would want them to sit the SG Mod so would need permission.
  8. Buying a vehicle needs to be over a certain vaule. 10k I think. And selling an item needs to be over 300 pop for the 5xp
  9. Planting bombs, grinding doors. Blowing up vehicles all give good rewards. Login daily and hope you win the 2500 XP on the daily reward
  10. Jimlad

    To much rpg!

    Fair enough. I tend to use a btr and no the risks 1 RPG it's death. I just feel there are a lot in circulation. I personally feel you should have to take the risk of BM to buy them and pay a bit more than 1500 Stingers for example if you wanna blow someone out the sky in a civi 6k Heli then that's fine but you will need to pay 20k for the privaldge
  11. Spawned in admit it 🤣
  12. Jimlad

    To much rpg!

    Seems to be an increase in the amount of rpg's floating around. In my view the AI should not be dropping as much and you should really go to Black Market if you want a RPG. As it stands the effort to kill is to easy in favour of the person with an RPG. For example a guy yesterday looted the dead AI at a cap point and had 10 rpg rockets in a molle. People are being lazy with them and using them over bullets for the same results. Basically I propose less RPGs dropped by ai at missions (including the spare rocket they have) and an increase in rocket prices at BM. 1500 is to cheap when it can one shot a 100k vehicle
  13. You were probably code scanned.