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  1. Event starts December 1st - Event Ends December 31st Christmas Holidays Events How It Works Throughout the month of December admins will be doing "Mini Events" and possibly events (will be posted separately). The events will range from hidden safes to just flying around with a lot of money on them. So be on the lookout for people flying/driving around it could possibly be an admin! *NOTE* We will be wearing something that will be pretty obvious btw (; Rules Do not break any of the original server rules. Prizes If yo
  2. @carter022 Yes Arma is past it's prime and not many are playing it anymore. It all depends what you want to play in arma, that may be Arma Life (Roleplaying) Altis Life (Roleplaying) Exile (What we are) Milsim (Military RP) there are many types but I would suggest you think what you would want to play and look into it more before buying.
  3. You can buy them at trader for 800 each or find them around industrial buildings (I believe) its just easier to purchase them at traders.
  4. Please make a ticket in discord. You can find how to make a ticket in the channel #new-tickets under the general community tab in discord.
  5. Who is this Admin named Dazhy? Seems like he camps in his base.
  6. This is really good but the Kid from Walmart remix makes this 10 times better.
  7. I do not think you need to have a particular amount of respect to buy, However, do you have the pop tabs in your hand?
  8. Best Song for a killing spree.
  9. Do you mean from the AI? The Player Market or other people?
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