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    And this is why @Rosco Coltrane makes fun of us any chance he gets. baseboi juice > baseboi tymek
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    Hands down.. my favorite part was the UAV Drone kill lmao!
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    Is the mission done? *pew* .... was killed by Raised HMG
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    suprise! suprise! ... when a 7.62 hits you between the eye's
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    Dazhy why are my frames so low? has 500mb space left on his C Drive...
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    Every group has a Shiv_P in their team.
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    why does everyone want to kill BrittenDK
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    I'ma blow you up with mah drone ~TheAngryGerman
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    I like base camping. See homie kills.
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    I don't like base campers. See raid kills.
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    If player.entity.emotion = "Rage" OR "Sadness" OR "Crying" Then exec{ playercon.kick}
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    Wanna buy some penis enlargement pills? It's only a level one mission, it shouldn't be that har... Does anyone have a defib?
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