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  1. Esseker is an awesome map, but buggy as hell and the creater left that project, means its most likely not gonna see any updates or fixes ?
  2. I feel like a certain person is gonna kill me for the intro music ? Damn I said don't use it! ?
  3. Let's say a group of 7 people is raiding a group of 2: Current Raiding System: One of the 2 player group manages it to sneak through or throws a grenade into their safe room, boom! Hacker dead and the they have to start from scratch. (chances are slim, but this is more likely gonna happen than #2) Bring back the old system: The 2 players have to wipe out the whole team of 7 players (most likely inside the circle) to stop the safe hack. Find the issue.
  4. as much as it helps solo raiders, it also gives a massive advantage to big groups (including us)
  5. It's because that pier has the destruction effect of a fence, so you can knock it over with a boat or car ?
  6. haha zip ties for the win! ? can not wait for the tazer... ?
  7. damn that tune is old! missed that ?
  8. I don't like base campers. See raid kills.
  9. As we already said, there are currently only 2 ranks and it can't be changed with little effort. For now there is only room for a quick change, means you have to decide inbetween the given answers. If the community wishes more ranks, I'm sure we can sort that out to a later date ?
  10. At the moment non promoted have the permission to build. Moderators can build, open doors without codes and access the virtual garage.
  11. Thats a bit too much don't you think? Half of the stuff you've listed can already be done via the discord bot btw. For now we want to spend as little effort as possible since we are busy working on the upcomming server/mod update (lots of goodies in there). Nothing needs to be changed it was just an idea we had to make a use out of the 2 ranks.
  12. It's not always only a "money" problem, with another map comes alot, alooooooot of work to set it up. +More servers = more staff needed.
  13. Not at the moment, but you'll see it ingame in the crafting menu.
  14. They still need to be tested & balanced, right now every bigger gun goes through (7.62+)
  15. Updated the post with screenshots of the upcomming Tall Gate, the concrete box and the concrete-glass wall/floor.
  16. Finally someone that knows the deal, its a game and if you raid you get raided simple answer ? Looking forward to fight you guys again.
  17. Who doesn't like it ? Amazing work as always ?
  18. Updated with informations and screenshots of the upcomming items.
  19. Updated post with screenshots of the watchtower and the concrete block.
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