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  1. New Added a black M107-X Added Offroad AT and MB 4WD AT (mission reward vehicles) Added some family uniforms Added new base paints (under misc. Needs premium.) Added new territory flags (useable by everyone) Added a Capture Point in the Radiation Zone with special loot Added new traders on Cherno, including both Black Markets New CDF on Cherno (alternates with the old one like on Altis) Altis: Players that logged out within 500m of the CDF will get moved to Sofia or Paros if they log in within the first 15 minutes after a restart.
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  2. New Added a marker for the last AI on CDF, A red marker will show up after 10min where the last AI is.
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  3. Changed: ALTIS Some quality of life changes done to New CDF. Some quality of life changes to Fotia and Sideras Safezone, more to come, Work in progress. Fixed: Chernarus & ALTIS Fixed bug when reviving people over water.
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