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  1. Dies ist ein englischsprachiger Server. Sie dürfen nur auf Englisch posten
  2. I'm not sure what's going on with my setup, I've got the following specs and I'm getting 30-40 FPS on a good day - i7 4790k - 32GB DDR3 Corsair - GTX 980 OC - Arma 3 Installed on SSD Raid 0 - Win 7 Ultimate x64 Any tips?
  3. It would be cool if each permission could be individually controlled for each member, that being a checkbox or something.
  4. I'ma blow you up with mah drone ~TheAngryGerman
  5. Any idea what is needed to build those items?
  6. Doing the ship wrecks is quite profitable, but it requires an upfront investment of about 15k to buy a RHIB and a SDV. You'll tow the SDV with the RHIB so you can move to each quicker than using an SDV alone.
  7. I thought stationary Titan AAs were a thing..
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