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    I suggest that we should have a World War 1 / 2 plane event. There should be two sides: allies and axis. Everyone on one side is in a party same with the other side in a different party. Then they battle it out having biplanes and that weird two-seater plane if you really don't care about each side having their traditional colored planes. (biplane with the French flag and the other German one. I think it would be extremely fun. Also, the price of those planes realllyyyy needs to be lowered.
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    Australian Player here. Ive designed servers for other communities before. From customizing DMS mission templates and custom object placement for bandit missions (anyone can create statics am i right) To creating loot tables , Trader tables and Mission loot that goes hand in hand to promote desired types of player play styles. Just wanted to say - the level of effort that has gone in - amazing job. Back end work done well leads to a great smooth transition for players that most probably wont notice. Seriously good job.
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    love how those people in the 2nd clip are hiding inside the rocks thinking theyre safe.. 😛
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    Problem is by limiting it to CDF is that the larger groups 5+ people will just farm it and murder you because of their numbers.
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    76561198195559678 IG Name: Alexei Corrone
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    I like this server, rekt the people during the day and the night when nobody defend our bases... /discuss
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    well sure that sucks but thats how it goes, if you want higher qualities in games (not talking about graphics specifically) you just have to upgrade your hardware from time to time and honestly...weve got a legal wallhack on the server thats absolutely garbage! i havent got a great pc too but would be ready to upgrade if its neccessary
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    TheApple Steam ID: 76561198075688363
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    76561198152348534 Thank you !
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    Very nice! 10:41is my favorite part!
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