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    Fixed: Tuning Shop not saving edits over restarts. Corrected the deployed vehicle despawn timer. Added: Safezone protection gets enabled on vehicles being sling loaded. Changed: Restricted the amount you can extend cargo ropes.
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    im in there too much PlZ BlUr My FaCe nExT tImE
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    Nic work. You have some pretty insane shots in there!
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    I would like to see a armed veh u can drive that can be shot by the drive like the pawnee does not sure if there is one but it would be good for solo guys
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    We do have the permission to use these already: https://steamcommunity.com/id/iFlarz/myworkshopfiles/ But do we really need more of these kind of vehicles?
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    How we all know debug is not a playable area, but there are so many people who is breaking this rule. Maybe they just don`t read the rules, or can`t translate them, maybe punishment is not strong enough, but they move in the debug and have advantage over the other players, it is fact. I suggest some different ways to solve this problem: 1) The strictest - if you go to debug you will die and loss all your inventory This way is so strict in my mind but it of course decide the problem (for notice new players, you can mark this place like die zones or sth else) 2)Make radiation in debug, this rad should be more dangerous then radiation in the rad zone and gaz mask shouldn`t work I see this solution on some servers, and it had warked. 3)Very annoying messages. When you go to debug you will have this message with warning that you can loss all your inventory I hope you pay attention to this problem. Thanks
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    Could add them remove some of the lesser used ones
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    well i already know some people that agree they would like those cars and as for a hand full used I'm pretty sure I've seen them been used more and people do like to drive something with style instead of old beat up BTR's all the time. Sides some groups got to make things interesting and give people a chance of fair gain instead of using armored stuff to hide behind all the time.
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    I remember having some good debug fights on other servers. Never saw any issues with being able to go in debug. Is there someone that can clarify why this rule is actually in place? The way i see it is: The less rules, *the less reporting *less work for admins *more time to play if you dont have to bother with reporting players.
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    Sadly no easy way to do that without making lag, we have tried a few options before and it lags the server.
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    Kharma i think Not i found nothing
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    Added: Ground vehicles cannot be stored when they are above 15m. This is to combat the increase of people making hideouts for their vehicles in the air dominating sections of the map. Fixed: Corrected vehicle trader dialog. The stats positions were off.
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    Thread Locked, just turned into a load of arguing 😂 Please try to keep things constructive in future 😛
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    What are you gonna do dab at your monitor till I'm dead or something
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    Thermals won't be added for the simple reason they make the game really easy and can be overpowered most of he time. No thermals = better gameplay in my opinion.
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    we are not adding any thermals
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