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    decided to start streaming again for a bit, any new players who want to ask me anything about the server or the game come by and ill try to help follow twitch.tv/simplicityyg too who gave me the idea to start streaming again
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    Changed: All building parts now only take 2 breaching charges to destroy.
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    Added: Altis: New Black Market in the ocean on a destroyer ship - Thanks to @William Wallace Altis: New Air Craft trader on the Salt Flats. Along with plenty of military buildings - Thanks to @I'm Trash Altis: Missions can now spawn on the Salt Flats. Nyx (Autocannon). HE ammo is removed. Personal map markers for your territory when using the spawn selection menu. The ability to use DLC vehicles without owning the DLC. Blackhawk to CDF rewards. The buy price also increased to 90k. Fixed: Discord leaderboard to correctly check for amount of deaths as well as kills.
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    For the record, we are hardly ever at the base, just when there is a mission as it's easier to camp it. We have never shot into the black market before, we know what happened to Some Clan and don't really want to get our base deleted. We DO NOT control the black market. Don't appreciate the bad rep for something we aren't doing.
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    DYK : SG Planet doesn't rotate around the Sun so there's no night time.
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    Fixed: SafeZone protection. If there are any more issues, please message me. Spetsnaz spawn kits. The primary weapon got removed in the latest NIArms update. Added: New NIArms Weapons/Scopes/Attachments to Traders/Loot/Missions - Thanks to @Rosco Coltrane Added a leaderboard in Discord each restart for most kills.
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    Jukka-Pekka Have a Snickers!!!
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    Zombies mean less frames. I've never hit negative FPS but I'm sure I would with them.
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    It was rigged against people with bad frames. -1 bad event.
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    Forwarding this to infiSTAR. Global Ban incoming!
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    I got a wocket in my pocket, I call it my pocket wocket.
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    The time has come for the arma God to appear
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    Loading FitnessGram pacer test...
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    Sending your nudes to local news outlets..
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    ALPHA CP CAPTURED .............. LiveJasmin [ Spitfire MkVb Green ] You [257m]
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    [SG] Exile Rules These rules only apply to our Exile Chernarus Isles server! General Rules No Hacking. No Advertising. No Duping. No Wall glitching. This includes but is not limited to, looking through walls or floors, running at walls/floors to gain access to a base, or peaking through an object to gain any advantage. No Exploiting. This includes but not limited to, laying inside of objects or abusing broken Arma mechanics. No "Stream Sniping". Caught doing so will result in an instant ban! Accusing players of doing something illegal must be backed up with proof! Suspect someone of hacking? Please let us know in TS or PM via the forums. Do not accuse in-game. If you have a problem with any of the admins, please contact Senior Management (Community Owners/Manager or Head Admin) on TS or via PM on the forums. Any form of public slandering or abuse in any chat will not be tolerated. Combat logging is not allowed. You will be punished. Air to Air, Air to Ground and Air to Base Kamikaze is strictly forbidden. Do not log out inside of other players bases. Logging out for the restart is fine as long you log back in after a very short amount of time. Impersonating Staff will result in an instant ban. Impersonating another group/person is not allowed. You will be kicked without warning. No inappropriate language, racism, sexual comments, health threats or life insults! Respect all players, no matter the situation. Admins are here to help. If you wish to speak to an Admin, please join our TeamSpeak. English only in side-chat. Use <NumPad 6> if you wish to speak another language, thanks. Admin decisions are final! We do run an appeal system on the forums for more serious matters where a more senior member will look at the issue. The decision made in these by the Community Owners/Manager or Head Admin is final and will not be reversed. Do not block off any traders with anything. This is malicious and not accepted. Deploying vehicles to destroy/kill any vehicle/player is an exploit. Do not do this. Placing/Crafting objects/items into vehicles/players is an exploit. Do not do this. Debug is not a playable area, being caught there will result in an instant death. Do not abuse the jumping mechanic to gain any advantage at any time. This is considered an exploit. (Flicking your mouse fast while jumping to gain an advantage - EXAMPLE) Rappelling is not to be used in such a way that the rappelling rope goes through objects making you reach positions that you wouldn't normally be able to access, doing this is considered glitching. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into a spawn zone or any kind of trader is not allowed. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) into the cement mixer area is not allowed. Shooting or scouting within the radius of any territory (even if it doesn't belong to you) to any static mission is not allowed. Safe Zone Rules No Safe Zone ramming. Your vehicle will be deleted without warning! No stealing in Safe Zones. If it's not yours, do not touch it. This is including dead bodies. Do not follow a player out of the Safe Zone and kill them or engage in any way. Do not block traders with vehicles or crates. Vehicles left in the Safe Zones on restarts will be unlocked and can be taken within the first 5 minutes. Once a vehicle is taken, the driver owns it. Do not attempt to take it back. Legitimately stolen vehicles are owned by the person that drove it into the Safe Zone. You cannot take it back if you got it taken from you! Do not troll the new owner by locking the vehicle etc... Destroying vehicles in the Safe Zone is forbidden. No trolling within the Safe Zones. Scouting from Safe Zone is not allowed. No shooting other players within 500m of the Safe Zone. This is considered the "NO PVP ZONE". (The red circle around the black circle) No combat evading into the Safe Zone or "NO PVP ZONE". If you have been shot at, do not enter these zones for at least 2 minutes of not being in combat unless you kill the player(s) shooting at you. Once you enter the "NO PVP ZONE", any form of combat or engagement is not allowed. Do not camp the border of the "NO PVP ZONE". Building Rules You can only have 1 base per family or group and only have access to that base! Bypassing this in any way will result in bases being deleted. (This includes but not limited to teaming up to do missions, capture points and looting with other groups\families) The entire thicker part of the flag must be visible and it must not be floating when placed. Your flag must be on ground level. (This means not floating, under the terrain, or over water) You cannot place anything on the bottom half of your flag. To protect your flag, you need to make at least a 1x1 flag room using Exile Wood/Metal/Concrete walls. You can place a roof for your flag room but there must be space for players to stand. The flag room must be empty, including map objects. If your flag room is more than 1x1, then you can have objects within the room but not within a 1x1 radius. Multiple layers of walls can be used for your flag room. You do not need a door to access this room. You can place destructible objects on the flag above the flag room roof to protect it. The use of indestructible items to surround your flag is not allowed. Removing/Placing building parts within your territory while being raided is not allowed. (This only applies once a hack/grind is initiated or when a charge is planted. This puts the territory into "Raid Mode" for 20 minutes. Each new hack/grind or charge plant will restart the 20-minute timer.) All safes must be accessible at all times. Yes, you can block them off but players must be able to access the safes inventory. Safes are not to placed within terrain or prebuilt objects. This includes but not limited to rocks, houses and trees. You are allowed to build objects on top of your safe (floors, walls, hatches, etc.). Floating rooms must be accessible via drawbridge or floors. Do not build on roads. You are allowed to build over roads but room has to be made for vehicles to pass under. You can build at end of the road such as a dead end. You have to pay protection to maintain your territory every 8 days when a base is not maintained for 8 days, it will be deleted! Recommend to pay every 7 days. Do not build over the 30m height limit! Objects above 30m will be automatically deleted on each restart. Walls are not to be used as floors/roofs. Due to walls not being a walkable surface. If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, doors and safe pins sets to 0000 after 2 days. If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, the base will be deleted after 3 days. You are not allowed to build in the debug. This includes the islands on the southern part of the map near CDF mission. Doing so will lead to your base being deleted. You are not allowed to build within 200 meters of major cities or towns, such as Vybor, Pustoshka, Lopatino, Zelenogorsk, Stary or Novy Sobor. (If it allows you to build a town then you're allowed to build there. Some towns are blocked, making it impossible to place any object.) You are not allowed to build within 800m of the bridge to Radiation Island (Measured from the start of the bridge on the map) You are not allowed to build within 800m of the bridge to CDF Island (Measured from the start of the bridge on the map) You are not allowed to build within 800 meters of an Aircraft trader. (Measured from the Aircraft marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 800 meters of a Boat Trader. (Measured from the Boat marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of any Safe Zones. (Measured from the poptab marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of any Black Market. (Measured from the grenade marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 800 meters and Bambi towns. (Measured from the Dummy marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 500 meters of any concrete mixer. (Measured from the concrete mixer marker on the map) You are not allowed to build within 200 meters of any fuel stations! (Measured from the petrol station markers) Raiding And Defending You are allowed to team up to raid bases with other groups\families. You are allowed to team up to defend against base raids if the owners of the base invites you to their party\group (Someone just running around outside the base does not mean it is a raid, the base has to be put in raid mode for it to be a valid reason) You're only able to steal flags when you're close to the bottom of the pole, doing this through a wall/floor is not allowed.
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    @mushi1996 The XP levels will also not get reset so as long as the servers up, people will keep their rank. So they can always make progression forwards and like Nick stated it's supposed to be a grind.
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    altis is big it has 4 safe zones and only 2 black markets the 3rd one will really help
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    i will look into the editor but when you look at the black markets now there are 2 bases very close controlling them like tsp with stingers cumb dunt and ... and the 50pnc
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