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    Got told I should submit the video here. So hope its for everyones liking as I'm not very fond of sharing my videos on other sites than just uploading them to youtube. Enjoy Nonetheless lads . (Copyrighted music. Not allowed to embed the video on other websites, sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phx1nJDlEOE
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    Strider GMG DEATHMATCH Sunday 24th 9:15 PM GMT Preparation: There will be an message on the server before the event starts. Only players writing *TP* in chat get teleported. Make sure to save your gear by putting it in your safe as you will lose anything on your body. Players will get teleported to the arena in the debug area. The arena has a lot of space to drive around as well as some ammo-refill & fuel-refill stations. You have to create groups of 2 players. After rules got explained to those who haven't read this topic, you will be teleported with your friend (or randomly with somebody if you have no one to play with) to an Strider GMG. What to do? You will need a driver and a gunner, decide in your group who's doing what. There will be a grace-period of a minute, you are not allowed to kill anyone during this phase. When the grace period ends, you have to kill any other Strider GMG driving around the event-area. The team with the only remaining Strider GMG wins the event. You will get some duct tape to repair your Strider GMG once it got damaged. Rules: 1. Do not glitch/hack/bug use 2. Do not team together with other Strider GMG's 3. Only leave your Strider GMG for repairing purposes 4. Do not leave the event-area 5. Do not enter the event area again when died Rewards: 1st team: 100k Poptabs each OR Large building crate each 2nd team: 75k Poptabs each OR Medium building crate each 3rd: 50k Poptabs each OR Small building crate each Participation reward: 25k poptabs
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    Wouldn't it be much easier to just remove Del Reys from the server to counter glitching?
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    Ban the glitchers not the mods ty.
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    I agree with Hvar. Remove people who glitch, not a mechanic that aids gameplay. People who glitch get dealt with. Rappel is a great mod. You can't remove everything because someone finds a way to abuse it.
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    swinging thru walls is illegal. There is simply no way to stop glitchers or prevent glitches. Heres an example: You can run and prone thru walls. "remove prone option". If you go read the rules I'm pretty sure it says something among the lines of: "do not abuse ingame mechanics for bugs or exploits." There will always be glitches to abuse, removing a mod that lets players rappel is just straight up stupid. 70% of players dont know the glitches and see the mod as a great addition to the server for more variable gameplay and more fun.
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    Hey guys! I'm Towlie, I have about 1.7k hours in Exile, I come from the jungle's of Tanoa, and after CCG died, am looking for a new home. I've been playing on chernarus for a couple of weeks, I feel confortable saying that I've adapted to the map. My playstile is dynamic, I get boored on stagnant gameplay, and I am always looking for a good laugh, always trying to mess with people. On CCG we were one of the most hated group, and the proud owners of the most complaints on the server (without ever getting banned). Aldo currently I have a decent KD ratio of over 2, I do not value in game life, and as long as I get a goot laugh out of it I'm happy to ram you with my hellicopter, or axe you if you are too buisy sniping :)). (Yes I have been told the first one might be illegal here) I am looking to team with a group of mature guys, (I myself am 29) that speak english well, who have established a good foothold on the server, and who aren't too serious in their gameplay... but quite the contrary I'm looking for a group that is Fun. I have the occasional Wolf Patrol member that I would like to bring along, 2-3 guys at most but rarely the same time, all loyal guy who I can vouch for, and want to play with when they are on. If you think your group fits the bill, hit me up. Be advised we are TeamSpeak users, if your group has Discord I will need to install and get used to it. As to everyone else out there, It's a great ommunity, happy to be here! And as always: Hope to see you first!
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    RIP Rehab squad Week 9 2018 - Week 10 2018
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    Added: Different hack times per safe level - Find out more here:
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    乡 Staff Team hates them ^^^^ signed by Staff team
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    the rappel is fine if someone really wants to glitch into a base they will but they will get banned so whats the point in removing a mod it'll change nothing..
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    Changed: Switched to Exile's Virtual Garage system. Our own flag hacking system to be compatible with Exile's Virtual Garage. Wages now go into your player wallet.
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    The famous backtofront vehicle Does sound fun though
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    take away bullets and guns too, because their OP when I am running in an open field <3
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    Added: Vehicle Painting for Premium members.
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    I'm all for night in the cycle. It adds to the play. You have NVG, vic lights and base lamps for a reason. Light weights can't take the dark.
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    Thread CLOSED We will not be removing the mod.
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    Hahaha. I love the redeye friendly fire from alt-tabbing back in.
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    Amen Kaleido <3. if you remove every single mod that can be exploited you will be put back to the core game. And after that we will still find ways to exploit the core mechanics of the game, therefore, making us delete the entire game from our computers. Problem solved I guess
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    You will never over take me in likes m8. pls don't embarrass yourself.
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    also might want to add that reserved slots arent required, they are optional, you can get in the server without one by waiting for the playercount to go below 60, since only the last 5 slots are reserved, if you join while theres only 59 players or less on the server, you should be able to connect just fine
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    Suggestion closed. Decreased prices of launchers to stop the launcher farming at cap points. Decreased the spawn chance launchers spawning on AI's
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    You can swing through walls.
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    Hello! My IGN is The Suspect and im looking for a group to join. ive just recently started playing arma 3 again and decided to jump back on this server. Last time i was on was in December so some of you might even remember me. Ive been playing arma since 2013 and currently have 2000 hours of playtime on arma 3 exile alone. Hope to see you guys out there!
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    Anyone else pause on 0.48 to see family markers ?
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    •You have Ghost Hawks people complain. •You have Pawnees people complain. •You have stingers people still complain. •If they put stingers at normal trader with a 50%discount people would still complain. Its balanced as is. Pawnee : BM 50k effective range 500m decent skill level needed. Redeye :BM 26k effective range 500m low skill level needed just basic knowledge. Seems like Rock Paper Scissors to me.
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    Widsyy bring your nannies shopping in
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    Bit of a moan really but name changing should not be a thing, be proud of ur name, don't log out then come back with another name trying to pretend u have logged... your stats give you way ffs ;)