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    While RHS is a lot of fun, i dont believe they give permission to be used on monetized servers. It is also more aimed at militarised servers. Kinda pointless to add ~10gb of mods for 3-5 vehicles.
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    WEEKLY EVENT #15 - TRACKING DOWN TRUMP YOU WILL HAVE TO JOIN THE TEAMSPEAK IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. [TS3.SPARTANGAMING.CO.UK] Recently there was a presidential election. A new President has been selected. Anything worked fine until the new president decided to ban all Chips & Energy Drinks of Chernarus. The inhabtiants were shocked. How should they survive without Chips and Energy Drinks? Do they really have to cook fresh food and eat healthy vegetables? Some inhabitants didn't agree with this new rule. A cruel civial war started and some inhabitants are attempting to kill the new president. The president is located on the airfield inside his base. He's going to leave chernarus if nobody stops him. Preparation: There will be an announcement on the server right before the event starts. Make sure to leave your current equipment on a safe place as we will delete your gear before you get teleported. You will have to write *TP* into the side-chat to get teleported & to participate to the event. There will be an admin explaining the rules and what to do. Listen to him carefully as rules can change. After the admin explained everything, you will be teleported to either the president's current hide-out or to an outpost of the demonstrators. Do not enter a vehicle / run around before anyone has been teleported. What to do: The Demonstrators have to kill the president within 20 minutes before the airplane arrives (airplane will have godmode) while the president's guards have to protect him. Demonstrators will be given armed vehicles & helicopter while the guards get better & heavy equipment and static weapons. Anyone will also get equipped with a defibrilator in order to revive their teammates. The event ends when either the plane arrives [DOESN'T MATTER IF THE PRESIDENT IS INSIDE THE PLANE OR NOT] or the president got killed. Rules: - General Server Rules - Do not enter the NWAF after the 9:00 PM RESTART (unless you got tp'ed) - Do not come back when died & not been revived - Do not pick up enemies gear (stealing vehicles IS allowed) When: SAT., JAN 13th - 9:15 PM GMT Rewards: Winning Team: 65.000 Pop-Tabs Losing Team: 30.000 Pop-Tabs Special Prizes: Player killing the president: Medium Weapon Crate Destroying specific vehicle (will be announced before event starts - still in discussion): Medium Weapon Crate
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    Mods: Added JSRS Mod as an optional mod. Added JSRS NIA as an optional mod. Changed: Capture Point Poptabs reward is split up into the two reward crates. Kill message format is more simple. Cargo Tower mission is now harder. Night Stalker price increased to 1500. Capture Point AI has a %5 chance of spawning with a launcher. It was 25%. Added: Flares to Armed Little Birds Fixed: God mode not enabling on bought vehicles. Removed: Some buggy vehicles.
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    The changelog hasn't been updated in awhile but some things have been changed/fixed/added. I am just waiting for the Exile update before I add anything major to the server. All of the following changes have been made since the 2nd of January until today. I have probably missed a few changes, but it will be nothing major. Changed: Day/night cycle. It is now permanently day. Armed HMG hunter and striders ect. have been removed from AI vehicle list. Fixed: Rearming at trader/fuel stations. Simulation on some map edits causing them to not open. Added: Fuel stations you can place at your base. Buy them from the Hardware trader for 30k. SPAR-16S to traders. New NIArms sniper rifles to traders. Some missions displaying the wrong information. "NO PVP ZONE" on screen messages. Removed: "Advanced Towing" as it was just making vehicles fall under the map.
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    Thanks for a great event, just wish there were more players joining, but was fun while it lasted :D
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    I don't get some of these mods. CUP for example make some great stuff. They should change their stance to free for non monetisation servers and pay a licence if you monetise. Least that way everyone wins.
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    I´ve got suggestion about new/more spawn locations. There are too much on the coast, we need 1 or 2 more on the inland. A perfect location would be Novy Sobor! It just takes 15-20 minutes for new players to get somewhere with their quad. Another one, which is not so important, is to delete the Balota spawn. So that players have to spawn in Komarovo/Kamenka to get to Balota, because if you kill someone in Balota, they just respawn in Balota and it takes around 15-20 seconds to get to your position where you killed them.
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    I don' think there is anywhere you'll spawn and it's gonna take 20 minutes on a quad to get there, no way man. Spawns are okay!
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    Balota is Main PVP Town at the moment, that is why it is a spawntown, Military loot + Players = PVP Area Most people build bases in the middle of the map so they can spawn there, we also have a Perk u can grind towards that lets you spawn i think it is every 10min instead of 15min at your base.
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    everytime i hear this music i want to kill a small dog
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    Protect the President Event What is it? There will be 2 teams 10-16 Security Service defending a chosen President the first Group/Clan to Kill President wins there be a fortified Fortress with 3 sections you have to capture before you can kill the President. All players will start off 8k away All Capture points will have to be held by each group for 10 mins before moving on to the next capture point when a group is kill form the capture point time will reset back to 10 mins and roll back to last capture point All player can bring a gun with these restrictions Snipers 7.62, LMGs 5.56, assault rifles 6.8 NO rocket launchers Vehicle restrictions no air vehicles & armed vehicles Prizes: Winning Group/Clan = 150k poptabs President team = 150k poptabs Every Security Service members kill 5000k taken off there money
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    President Event What is it? There will be 1 teams 10 Security Service defending a chosen President the first Group/Clan to Kill President wins All players will start off 5k away in Cars There be a point A and B President and Security Service will be following a marked track that will be 12k long. they be traveling at 100-140kph but when they take shoots they pick up to Speed 160-210Kph. there be 6 vehicle. All player can bring a gun with these restrictions Snipers 7.62, LMGs 5.56, assault rifles 6.8 NO rocket launchers Prizes: Winning Group/Clan = 200k poptabs President team = 200k poptabs Every Security Service members kill 5000k taken off there money winning every vehicle destroyed 1500k off their winnings
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    Seeing as there has been a large amount of requests for information regarding our vehicles and crate loading system I decided to make a database of all our vehicles currently on the server. [SG] Vehicle Information Database Clicking this link will open a Google Sheets containing all available vehicles in the traders. On the first page you will find all the vehicles in regular traders. While on the second page you can find all vehicles found in the Black Market. This list is a temporary solution while we work on some other things to improve this feature in the future, but due to demand we'll put this out for now. To clarify a few of the things mentioned in the Sheet I would like to explain that "FFV Position" is a position which a player can shoot with their weapons from their seat. "Mounted" means the weapon is operated physically by a player, "RWS" means the weapon(s) are remotely controlled by a player, and finally "Fixed" means the weapon(s) are controlled by the pilot of the vehicle and are pointing in the direction of the vehicle. If there is any information you are uncertain what means, let me know below and I will include an explanation here. Hopefully this can be a help for the few of you who want to know the stats and information behind all our vehicles. Considering, however, that this is quite an extensive list and the amount of changes we do there might be a slight few bits and pieces that are outdated, though I have tried my best to make it as accurate as possible. If you find any information that is incorrect, please let me know and I will update it as soon as possible. :)
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    I can fly helicopter.................dead minus respect............heli crashed
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    Thanks Obama Raided by Octavia Octavia's raiding service, how may assist you?
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    Salt generator booting up...... error too much salt ,generating more salt will cause the world to disintegrate( press 1 to proceed )
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    Hey Homeslice. I understand that this rules isn't clear and I am sorry for the confusion caused. The rule basically means that the flag can be covered with anything destructible (Almost everything is destructible using the correct explosive charge. Apart from H-Barriers. Not sure if anything else is not destructible). You don't need a direct door to access it your flag. You can cover your flag with destructible objects. The thicker bottom part of the flag must be above ground. (This is where the flag can be stolen from) About having your flag in a floating box. This is not allowed, it states in the rules to "Be sure to keep your flag on the ground.". Hope this clears everything up for you, I will work on rewriting the rules to make it clearer for everyone.