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    We are releasing a new server on the 25th July on the new Livonia map! The server will open soon after the Arma 3 update on the 25th. Please note that the new Arma 3 Contact DLC will be required to play. We've already given away 2 copies of the DLC, but we're giving away more! Go to our Discord to enter that giveaway! The required mods can be found HERE They're currently the same mods as our Altis server. Thanks to @William Wallace @I'm Trash @Jordan' to the help with map edits. Below is our "finished" map. Somethings can still be changed.
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    And you have the new Humvee's that has Minigun and Gau19 on top with actual armor that tear helis to shits
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    Just pay the $10, it's an hours work at McDonald's.
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    Literally everyone that asks for nightime is just gonna put up their gamma instead of using nightvision. So whats the point.
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    Chernarus Pawnee Dogfight: 9:30 GMT Saturday 20th July. Players will be teleported outside into the debug area, there will be Pawnees spawned ready. When all players are ready, you will get inside the Pawnees. There will be a 1 minute grace period, the grace period expiring will be announced by a global message. ALL players must leave their groups before you take off otherwise you will be disqualified immediately, as its FFA. If you run out of ammo you must land the heli and ask a admin to be refilled, as this is done manually. Rules: Do not leave the marked area, if you leave the area you will be eliminated. Do not kill other players before the grace period has expired. If you are caught teaming you will be banned from future events and temporarily banned from the server. Prizes: 1st Place - 100K or Large Building Crate 2nd Place - 75K 3rd Place - 50K Participation - 20K to all players that took part in the event. Respect and KD will NOT be affected during the event!
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    Can we have a boat trader somewhere along the river?
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    Im not sure if this has been brought up before but i've discussed this with someone within our group. Id like to propose a change to how much respect you lose to NPC's. Right now you lose the same ammount as you would to another player, (2% of you own respect). I suggest you make it 1%, or lower it to however you see fit. Or what do you guys think?
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    I have a suggestion that I would think could be fun and mix it up but wouldn't be big enough of an issue to matter. I suggest or would like to see some Night features. My two ideas are 1. maybe every couple of restarts have the server start at a earlier or later time to give it half day and half night or 2 hours of day and 1 hour of night and idea B. Maybe if that is unappealing then possibly making every 1 restart every 6 to 8 or less a night restart. That would be fun to use the NVGs, and tracers and get crazy. I am sure night servers have come up before but I didnt see a post and if they did maybe they didnt have the same ideas I propose. It could be fun to see. I only play altis currently so it doesnt have to be all servers.
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    We are not going to make a change that only 10% of players want on the server, as it will have affects on the server.
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    Changed: Base/Vehicle Painting: New dialog. New "Paint All" option for base parts. E.G: You select to paint a Conrete Floor, then "Paint All" and it will only paint all Conrete Floor's. Note that painting all is not instant. It may take a minute or two if you have a level 10 base with full 300 parts. It will notify when it completes. You can hold right click and drag to move your camera around the object. Please note that all current painted base parts have been reset to default.
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    You have been banned. Returning to title screen. Nah just kiddin' Loading File: My_Little_Pony_Candyland Depositing money on your bank .. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. You reposted on the wrong server. Please enjoy our top hits while waiting. Now playing: "Darude - Sandstorm" Looks like you have a corrupted file. Please reinstall 70 GB of Arma 3 files. Welcome to McSpartan's! Your order please.. "Once there was an ugly Barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. THE END." ~Wizard of Wisdom
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    Not really needed anymore because jordan, winky, livejasmin etc stopped spamming them
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    nah we like u getting spammed
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    make it cheaper plox navid gang gang
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    easy answer is don't die to NPCs
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