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    I was the one that alerted the admin. I watched you from 500m kill 12 people with "your bad internet" Dirty cheat you deserve the ban.
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    Wrong section on Forum, and we cant do anything about infistar ban, stop cheating in games and you wont get banned, BAD INTERNET is the excuse every lagswitcher use, its quiet obvious what u did, enjoy buying a new arma account that will get banned again if you dont stop cheating 😛
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    The main Esseker server is dead because it sucked so I say SG should step up and make a good Esseker server. A lot of people love the map and I'd say it would do well as a server. Just an idea.
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    I was messing around with it for a bit. Seems like verifying both tryk and ni fixed it! Lesson Learned: Verify!!! Thank you anyways
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    I think the server would be better with a day/night cycle. It would make the game seem more like a survival game rather than a massive deathmatch. It would also make floodlight kits etc. actually have a use. This would allow players to feel a bit more immersion in their gameplay as they would have to light fires and use power generators for floodlights in their bases. Also, you spawn with a nightvision headset, but there's never any use for it. I would suggest the server time starts around 12 midday and cycles through one night all the way to 12 noon the next day across the 3 hours of runtime. Please consider this :)
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    Hallo, mein name ist DomiCaptiva ich wurde vor 2 Tagen von Mellow von eurem Server gebannt da ich angeblich lag-switch benutzt haben sollte. Ich habe schon gesagt das ich nur eine schlecht Internetverbindung gehabt habe und es dadurch zu diesen ich sag jetzt einfach mal Lags kam. Ich habe 2 Freunde die es bezeugen können das ich keinen Lag-Switch habe. Das Problem gerade ist ich habe einen Infistar Permabann auf allen Server bekommen was mich zur Zeit ziemlich anpisst da ich schon mal wegen meiner schlechten Internetverbindung gebannt worden bin und ich mir nicht zum dritten mal Arma3 kaufen will. Es wäre nett wenn ihr wenigstens den Infistarbann zurück ziehen könntet da ich gerne wieder auf meinen Stamm Servern spielen würde wie z.b auf Zero-One oder DK-Ballerbude. Es macht mich wüten und traurig zu gleich das ich mal wieder ohne was zu machen gebannt worden bin wenn ich wirklich Lag-Switch benutzt hätte habe ich auch nichts gegen einen Bann aber ich habe eben überhaupt nichts gemacht. Danke. PlayerID: 76561198854994988
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    All witness his 56 kbit/s internet ! Take points @Jimlad! You might learn something!
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    Hello, my name is DomiCaptiva I was banned by Mellow from your server 2 days ago because I supposedly used lag-switch. I already said that I only have a bad internet connection and that's why lets call them lags happen. I have 2 friends who can testify that I have no lag switch. The problem right now is I got an Infistar permaban on all servers which pisses me off at the moment because I have been banned on my first account too because of my bad internet connection and I do not want to buy Arma3 for the third time. It would be nice if you could at least pull back the infistar as I would like to play on my regular servers like on Zero-One or DK-Ballerbude. It makes me angry and sad at the same time that without doing anything wrong I got banned again while I really didnt use a lag switch. If I really used a lagswitch I wouldnt be against a ban but I didnt do anything. Thank you. PlayerID: 76561198854994988 (Just wanted to translate this for people that cant speak the language of the gods dont speak german.)
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    We can't remove an infiSTAR ban. That's up to you to appeal on the infiSTAR Discord: https://discord.gg/jg8zVF Good luck with that though lol. Since you wanted to appeal publicly, Ill just leave this here:
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    I wouldn't mind a short night cycle if it wasn't pitch fucking black like 95% of servers. Visibility should be worse than daytime but still able to see without night vision.
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    I feel like iv created a monster by saving that sound clip 😂
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    Sadly it won't be added any time soon.
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    Haha prob the best one you have made 😜
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    Add 500 slots and get rid of premium cus the server doesn't need money to survive OK
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    Or buy premium and support the server?
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    Xm8 option toggle enable / disable explovise deploy via scroll wheel. That would be the only fair way to change it. That way if in base you can disable it.
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    The following list includes the Required Mods and the Optional Mods on our Exile Servers Required Exile Mod CBA_A3 NIArms All in One Multi-play Uniforms Specialist Military Arms (SMA) [SG] Mod (Direct Download) Optional JSRS SoundMod JSRS NIA (Requires the main JSRS) JSRS SMA (Required the main JSRS) DynaSound 2 Alternatively you can download all these mods on A3Launcher - Download Here