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  1. What are you, poor? Ha!
  2. Scuffed rewards @ChayW you can do better than that.
  3. K00K00

    wipe hype

    When did Simplicity begin to smile???
  4. Livonia - no more tree simulator for most.
  5. K00K00

    Server wipe memories

    a lil throwback to jsrs i like it.
  6. Bet I'm the first one to have 20 mil again.
  7. rt rt I heard @Kara is looking for teammates if you'd like to shoot him a message on the forum.
  8. Kara gave me the confidence to get the many many frags you see in this clip, too bad he's defected to the reds now.
  9. Looks really cool, choke me daddy @Sean pls add.
  10. It only took you all this long to realize that I'm too good for every other Pawnee pilot. Who do you think I am? Jimlad???
  11. Cliffnotes: he's admitting his self-confidence is at an all time low and he thinks he's bad at the game.
  12. K00K00


    Zombies mean less frames. I've never hit negative FPS but I'm sure I would with them.
  13. Exile Woodland or Survival Fatigues Kool Kids SWAT Vest (only the best) MollE 50L SOPMOD/Mk48/ACR MAAWS Mk1 w/ 3 HEAT & 2 HE
  14. It doesn't matter what's there - I'm getting in and tearing that shit up like Hulk Hogan deep in PornHub pussy.
  15. K00K00

    What Wat? Part 23

    Still waiting on my Newports and babywipes.
  16. K00K00

    What Wat? Part 23

    DMX owes nearly $10 million in child support.
  17. K00K00

    PAcket base?!?!?

    Yes, you can choose any spot to build as long as it's within the base building rules.
  18. I got a wocket in my pocket, I call it my pocket wocket.
  19. Better than Taric's. 6 > MORE > View Distance Settings > Terrain > Low
  20. K00K00


    Boing boop bop beep yoop coupe poop schute aim. 10/10 montage.
  21. Then let's make pawnees and any other armed vehicles only rearmable at the traders which you purchase them from. Edit: just buy more stingers and stop being pussies.
  22. Just buy more stingers, unless you're running out of the dinero.
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