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  1. Demples

    What Wat? Part 17

    This whole video was ruined by the aids music..........
  2. Demples

    Building Parts

    Yeah so from our discussion there will be no wipe there is no need we will more then likely remove the ebm parts that are aids. However, the only way we would be willing to wipe is if there something to put on the server i.e new mods or features that would greatly improve the server. If anyone wants to see a wipe then they need to come up with some good ideas on what to add...
  3. Demples

    Building Parts

    Well, in that case, we will talk about it tonight and then put a poll up to see if the server agrees
  4. Demples

    Building Parts

    So welcome back Mr supra thanks for the suggestion it will be brought up to sean when he is online. and we will see where we stand the only problem with removing EBM will be it will more than likely need to be a server wipe. However i may be wrong there could be other ways to go about it.
  5. The only difference between the none pvp and the safe zone will be the godmode. there is no need have a trader zone that large we will discuss it to see if it is viable but i doubt it. however thanks for your suggestion.
  6. are you volunteering then ???
  7. Jesus the size of your HUD! Are you playing on a Nokia 3210
  8. haha looks like you're trying to do the YMCA
  9. everytime i hear this music i want to kill a small dog
  10. Hi there. I have tracked down your money and have replaced it where its meant to be. i have added the 50k to your bank Demples
  11. I agree with your rant here and can see why that would frustrating. But there are many reasons why someone change there.
  12. I am also wanting AEM in the server i have used it alot and its great. Sean is aware of the suggestions people have made and is looking into it. Thanks for the ideas Demps
  13. Hi thanks for finding the time to post in the forums. Glad your enjoying the server hope to see you stick around Demps
  14. I was thinking about this and was wondering if it is possible to allow you to tow a vehicle at the same weight or lower with out rope. and if you were to tow a heavier vehicle then you would need a rope. ?
  15. Welcome to the server tell all your friends to come join you too ........
  16. Demples

    afk kick

    I have also been thinking about this but i think 10 minutes would be too soon. but thanks for the suggestion keep them coming bro
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