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  1. Remove rappel mod.

    Thread CLOSED We will not be removing the mod.
  2. Pink Wat?

    Msg me in a pm on the forum ill take care of it. Btw like this reply.
  3. Pink Wat?

    Like for like
  4. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    sorry i don't have people like Matrix sucking my dick all the time
  5. Jimlad's Cheap Kills & Thrills - Volume 2

    Okayy i like this! like i actually liked it so u should do the same..
  6. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    乡 Staff Team hates them ^^^^ signed by Staff team
  7. What Wat? Part 13

    Omg what wat is so good (have not even watched it) oooohhh Baby atriple
  8. Rocket Launchers

    Suggestion closed. Decreased prices of launchers to stop the launcher farming at cap points. Decreased the spawn chance launchers spawning on AI's
  9. What Wat? Part 13

    Like for like?
  10. Random Disconnect

    You are being kicked for multiple wrong signature files https://pastebin.com/RK3Rzhbz
  11. Exile PKP OP

    OMG Seannn
  12. Exile PKP OP

    ill see about adding it to Black market in the next couple of days personally i don't like the PKP anyways
  13. Pawnee prices

    Yeah we feel like the vehicle prices are fair and well balanced. the pawnee is more about who is flying it really depends on skill.
  14. Exile PKP OP

    I mean PKP fest or not people always use the same weapons SPGM,NAVID,mk.48 mod and now people are testing out the new features of the PKP
  15. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Rofl noice meme