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  1. Well as of right now almost all the players are happy with how they are we are not taking the money out of the creates again and we are not making it spawn in peoples banks thats way too easy for you the cap points are ment to be hard to do and hard to get out of. We made the money spawn in the creates for a reason so pussy's cant combat log with the money on them
  2. To be honest i think the 20k reward in the crates is plenty no need to increase the money in the creates. and like others have pointed out tge ais have 0-3000 poptabs on them aswell and then there are launchers and creates to sell you can easly get 100k just by doing it. In tge end arma is a game filled with people that just snipe from far away since they suck at CQC combat.
  3. i habent watched it but nice video! only postin a comment here to get like ayy.
  4. You go girl TELLEM
  5. I miss the arma 2 cheytac 😞
  6. Ive done ALOT of pawnee flying im my past and the real teuth is that it is pretty OP if you know how to fly and if you have some skill now but we are trying to make both people that are new and dont know how to shoot it down,players that know how to fuck up a pawnee and the pilots. Lets be real here its hard to make everyone happy but this is just how it is we put the pawnee price up by 50k its still worth buying we removed the shitty redeye that was completely broken and added a stinger that actually works if you are a pilot that has skill you should be able to flare them off with the incoming missile warning. Yhe guns on the pawnee are pretty ruthless when it comes to shooting armor on vehicles (best to shoot the bitches through the windows tho) and u can disable them really fast. After all we did have people leaving the community because of players buying like 6 pawnees a day and multiple flying around at the same time its sad to see the pawnees flying about not even trying to hunt each other dow instead they go for spawntowns and shit.. ps soz for my typing im at work but i just felt i have to put my input on the discussion.
  7. Why u getting the hype for that? really..... Ghillies in arma 3 are not ment to be edited so i cant really maken them
  8. Yes we will not be adding this in.
  9. well he is trying to report that it does not work. please take your stinky attitude off the forums!