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  1. Vamtacs are just a spanish version of hmmwvs not futuristic pretty sure spanish army uses them :)
  2. More/New Spawn Locations

    Currently we are working on making a perk that you can unlock to spawn at Vybor but that is all we will be doing nothing else will change on the spawns.
  3. Pennywise accumulated #1 SpartanGaming

    I hate this music tbh xD im more of a GUCCI GVANG guy :)
  4. Post your Media links here!

    Hey guys i just wanted to make a section for you guys to post your youtube and twitch.tv links here :) Please only post your channels links once dont spam everyone will see it :) Here are mine Youtube Twitch.tv
  5. New mods Red Hammer Studios

    Hello pennywise and thank you for the suggestion. As we are currently moneytized by bohemia we can not use RHS in our server.
  6. N3xoN (Vikings!) Exile SG-Gameplay E02

    You always want to kill any type of animal....
  7. TheAngryGerman's Miniclips #2 feat. SpartanGaming

    Nice video keep them coming :)
  8. When Conzole Failed as a Santa

    Fuck you. Im the best santa.
  9. Helis

    Tbh Mr.Andy we all know youre a shit pilot and im the best itz ez pz to get kills with pawnees
  10. Helis

    1. You can get UAV's to spot ppl you dont need thermal helis. 2. We are not adding in invisible helis with rockets. 3. We do not want to over militarize the server.
  11. Happy New year

    Happy new year from us at Spartan Gaming hope 2018 brings you good memmories and i hope you guys are as hungover as me. Community Founder Conzole
  12. Its already been discussed its simple Nop.
  13. lul this sounds like something i would do :D
  14. Hello Spartan Gaming members and happy holidays we have been working hard to try to find out what the issue with the server has been. We did a lot of testing yesterday bot network and server testing. We have not yet gotten results from our provider but we have come to the conclusion after creating a vanilla exile server with no mods or scripts to test the issue that its the dedicated box we are using we have currently been renting a box from OVH since July but it is time for us to part ways with their Dedicated Server serviced and we have bought a new dedicated server from a new company it will take 12-24 hours for them to set up the box. Only thing that will change about the server is a new IP thats all. As the Founder of Spartan Gaming i hope you guys stay with us through this and thank you to all the players guys really we love having a community like this and it would not be fun for us to host a server without players :) Thanks, Conzole PS: Product/Service: - LONDON - Core i7-8700k - 32GB DDR4 - 256GB NVMe SSD Network Speed: 1Gbps (1000Mbps) DDoS Mitigation: 20Gbps DDoS Mitigation (TCP+UDP - 10 Million PPS)
  15. SG vol. 6