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  1. Danke danke btw that last thing wont be happening 😛 WE AINT NO SELLOUTS these files are a secret recipe LUL
  2. Wew this touched me deeply... i wont be here for a couple of days i think.. Nah fo real thank you means a lot!
  3. Thank you for the feedback @Sean loves hearing stuff like this it makes him feel good about his life. Appreciate the feedback my man enjoy you time on Spartan Gaming!
  4. Wrong section please follow this depending on what server you are playing on: https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/forum/22-exile-forum-rewards/
  5. @Aimbutt_exe @Winky Castro wants in i can tell my the way he licks butts...
  6. My dick gets wet when i hear Mr.42 shout Kappa
  7. Papa conzole approves @Sean
  8. Kristians new autismo uniform makes me happy he can finally wear something ingame that describes him! https://imgur.com/a/TdWcmkr
  9. Just go to black market you pussy.
  10. Yall can get outta group but My country will handle you guys just like last time ?
  11. Iceland kappa but when iceland does not win it will be brazil
  12. Conzole

    WAT Boners?

    Noice memes