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  1. The only difference between the none pvp and the safe zone will be the godmode. there is no need have a trader zone that large we will discuss it to see if it is viable but i doubt it. however thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Demples


  3. are you volunteering then ???
  4. Jesus the size of your HUD! Are you playing on a Nokia 3210
  5. haha looks like you're trying to do the YMCA
  6. everytime i hear this music i want to kill a small dog
  7. Hi there. I have tracked down your money and have replaced it where its meant to be. i have added the 50k to your bank Demples
  8. I agree with your rant here and can see why that would frustrating. But there are many reasons why someone change there.
  9. Demples

    Event Week # 3

    VIP Event Will be held at 21:15 on Saturday 30th What is it? There will be 2 teams defending a chosen VIP the first team to the lose there VIP loses All players will start off in there teams side of our custom made arena Prizes: Winning team = 50k poptabs or any vehicle at the value Losing team = 20k poptabs The player that kills the VIP = Medium building create Rules: By taking part in the event you are agreeing to the rules. If we catch any participants or players on the server breaking or attempting to break the rules they will be subject to server bans. 1. No bringing gear to the event, if you ask to be tp'ed you will lose any gear that you have on. 2. No sitting in one building or area for the whole time, you may be disqualified from the event if you do. 3. Re-spawn once your are dead and continue with your normal game, Do not come back to the arena
  10. Hi thanks for finding the time to post in the forums. Glad your enjoying the server hope to see you stick around Demps
  11. I was thinking about this and was wondering if it is possible to allow you to tow a vehicle at the same weight or lower with out rope. and if you were to tow a heavier vehicle then you would need a rope. ?
  12. Welcome to the server tell all your friends to come join you too ........
  13. Demples

    afk kick

    I have also been thinking about this but i think 10 minutes would be too soon. but thanks for the suggestion keep them coming bro