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  1. Castro

    SG vol.11

  2. just play with normal humans and you will not have any issues thank me later
  3. Honestly just fly low and avoid Vybor to like Novy for air traffic unless you wanna get stingered instantly and you'll be alright. BTR-40 will get you the same place a little bird will just a few minutes longer + it's safer for the most part unless someone RPG's you
  4. Arambia was fun as shit on a full server, Chernarus is pretty stale but Altis is waaaay too big for me to enjoy, I don't like having to fly 10k away just to camp a mission >_< If SG ever does come out with a 3rd/2nd gets replaced I'd like a smaller map but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon ?
  5. honestly mang if you die to a AEK/MP5K you a big noob, I like the idea of having to watch your 6 after doing a mission/checkpoint etc
  6. Spending Emergency Funds On Emergency Funs
  7. rheinmetall + little bird and doing drive-bys with a chance of death by your own pilot sounds fun to me +1
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