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  1. Don't think so
  2. Sounds cool, will population be 60 or a higher number? Altis is a pretty big map
  3. Castro

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    lmao this song nice kills.. what do you spawn with at 200k respect?
  4. hi, i'm a newer player to SG and was wondering if there is any reasoning behind not being able to buy mags or even silencer's for that weapon that you found at a mission/off a dead body etc at a regular trader? nothing is more annoying imo then finding a Lynx on a body and then it only having 1 mag so you sell it sorry if there is a reason/this is a dumb request but if possible could we maybe be able to buy mags at the very minimum? at like double or triple the price? 😄 [in comparison to Black Market] Thank you for this map btw it's really refreshing in comparison to cherno 😄