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  1. Arambia was fun as shit on a full server, Chernarus is pretty stale but Altis is waaaay too big for me to enjoy, I don't like having to fly 10k away just to camp a mission >_< If SG ever does come out with a 3rd/2nd gets replaced I'd like a smaller map but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon 🙁
  2. honestly mang if you die to a AEK/MP5K you a big noob, I like the idea of having to watch your 6 after doing a mission/checkpoint etc
  3. Obvious cheating
  4. heli pad looks dope
  5. Spending Emergency Funds On Emergency Funs
  6. rheinmetall + little bird and doing drive-bys with a chance of death by your own pilot sounds fun to me +1
  7. Nick helped us out at 4am when he was sick Guy is the best +1
  8. Wheres the kill on me man? I honestly feel left out nice video tho
  9. You're right and wrong it would still take shots to "zero it in" unless there is some type of multiplier on the sides I don't see/notice but you're right, GMG Panther/Matrid or whatever is 100% more deadly then this in every single way however.