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  1. I wanted to take the time out to thank one of your staff - Nick - for assisting us in a base related issue. The actual situation is not the point of this post , but more of a tip of the hat so to speak for your community representatives taking the time out of their personal life to quickly and effectively address an issue for us - And to do so in not only a timely manner - but a impartial and fair one. It is not often in life that someone is willing to state the facts of what occured - and to offer explanation and assistance in resolving the issue - and for this - Nick - we are very much appreciative of both your time and actions. Peace out - AINC -
  2. Honestly mate , having tried to explain to so many Australian communities that What you limit in Safe zone traders , what you make available only via non safe zone traders ( Black market Trader ) , Missions and loot tables is what gives value to items ... That custom DMS with custom object.sqf object placements etc is what makes a server unique ... I am really impressed. Our guys are playing from West Coast and East Coast cities of Australia , North and South Islands of NewZealand , and we are all having a blast. Overall player base is fairly mature - have yet to see more than 1 new player have a whine about getting killed. Linked Player history via Database to Forum is a good move , did same thing for another community back in the day - and its those little touches ... the quality of life things .. that makes this server fantastic. Honestly - if I could be invested to spend enough time managing another community ( I cant lol - too many hours not enough killing ) - I would be very tempted to paypal over Funds for a clone of the server files minus identiting references ( Server name banners etc ) because Australia ... pretty much Oceania has no exile servers that are remotely this good. Hosting a clone of this in Australia and you'd be full server pop within 48 hours. Peace out and thank you - this is the most fun weve had on an exile server in a long time. Regards Stalker Rudd Dyet Raiboos El Soldardo Sam and crew ( Too tired to type the rest )
  3. Black market non safe zone trader is a solid high end limiter. If i am running a 5 man crew - and we all want 408 suppressors .... this just became a mission on its own. Set up a hide 2kms out. Move in on foot. Scout approaches. Clear towers. Send in 1 guy to buy suppressors and ammo. Dam hes down....... Move in .. clear out the camper... dam he has a mate.... pull back .... flank ... Although to be fair .. most purchases are pretty risk free. But its a logistical constraint and risk factor... do we run 7.62 suppressed or do we risk the team to get that one guy that dam suppressor ... Oh wait .. did we just run low on 408 ammo ... back to BMT guys.... ( Heck we started running " MIN BMT " ammo requirements - when we hit that limit ... we leave any engagement ... and go back to BMT for more ammo ) Good times ?
  4. CDF is the static mission right ? On the Top right island? Static mission is up once per reset? So your limiting it to 1 lot of stinger loot per reset. And that static mission is always contested. Ive managed solo to take out groups in an armed vehicle and bug out in a armed strider with some loot. Not saying its easy ... but its doable. If its on a mission ( Again im assuming CDF is the STATIC mission else <-- ignore the Aussie ) rotation ie: Bandit DMS then anyone can farm it muiltiple times. But static mission .. your limiting that farming to once per restart. Also - fairly drunk on J.Walker Red atm - so if i have this mission wrong - correct the Aussie below ?
  5. Adds value by limiting supply. Removes long term well cashed groups from endless base AA firing at anything that flies. +1
  6. Australian Player here. Ive designed servers for other communities before. From customizing DMS mission templates and custom object placement for bandit missions (anyone can create statics am i right) To creating loot tables , Trader tables and Mission loot that goes hand in hand to promote desired types of player play styles. Just wanted to say - the level of effort that has gone in - amazing job. Back end work done well leads to a great smooth transition for players that most probably wont notice. Seriously good job.