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  1. So just some free advice if you want to add some variation to your missions. On the mission.sqf you can set the paramater for the mission.obj file there. Example. // Create Buildings - use separate file as found in the mercbase mission _baseObjs = [ "Research_Camp_EASY_objects", _pos ] call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN; can be added to - //_msgStart = ['#FFFF00',format["A %1 research camp has been spotted, find out what they are up to",_difficulty]]; _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',"AINC Security have set up a _difficulty re-supply compound. Raid them before they complete operations"]; if (_difficulty isEqualTo "easy") then { _baseObjs = [ "Research_Camp_EASY_objects", _pos ] call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN; _pinCode = (1000 +(round (random 8999))); _vehicle = ["B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F",[(_pos select 0) +30, (_pos select 1) -0],_pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle; _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',"AINC Security have set up a _difficulty re-supply compound. Raid them before they complete operations"]; _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',format ["AINC compound secured.Vehicle Code secured.Code is %1...",_pinCode]]; }; Then you can load a different object file for the other difficulties . if (_difficulty isEqualTo "moderate") then { _baseObjs = [ "Research_Camp_MODERATE_objects", _pos ] call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN; _pinCode = (1000 +(round (random 8999))); _vehicle = ["B_LSV_01_armed_olive_F",[(_pos select 0) +30, (_pos select 1) -0],_pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle; _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',"AINC Security have set up a _difficulty re-supply compound. Raid them before they complete operations"]; _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',format ["AINC compound secured.Vehicle Code secured.Code is %1...",_pinCode]]; }; And so on etc. TLDR - You can create variant mission objects as Mission Object.sqfs for the varying difficulty levels. Thus creating changing and dynamic mission layouts. The EASY Sniper camp has a completely different lay out to the HARDCORE one. The EASY Sniper camp may be a couple of tents and 10-15 AI with a crate full of 5.56 marksman variants. The HARDCORE Sniper camp may be a full concrete compound , with a barracks building , some small scout towers , barb wire fencing and a firing range With a crate of 12.7 and below marksman / snipers + ammo etc. Easy to do , and makes approaching missions a little different and unique.
  2. Short version. New players are the life blood of the a server. Old players get bored - jump servers - jump communities - play the latest cyberpunk2077 etc. New players can not effectively get resources if ontop of already established groups with skill , resources , armed ground vehicles with GMG / HMG and air cover provided by UH60s and gaus little birds .... they now have to contend with Dumb Fire rockets from 1.5kms away outside of any reasonable chance of doing anything. Trust me - ive been that #[email protected] in the rocket armed heli hunting people who have just cleared missions. It is way too easy to get the kills , and way too easy to make the new guy decide the effort is not worth the bullshit. Besides - you need at least a decent pilot/gunner combo who work togeather to get effective kills with a UH60 on a ground target. NO skill level is required to squad wipe 4 guys in 2 armed striders if i can drop 12 rockets from 1.5kms out on them. Peace out.
  3. Sector B. Alternative CDF location to be used in conjuction with the current CDF. IE: Server restarts : Spawn STATIC MISSION Sector B CDF DMS alternates which one spawns per restart. Have SECTOR B focus on Large ARMED helicopters as reward vehicles. Have CDF focus on large ARMED ground vehicles as reward vehicles. Alternative loot boxes for specalized weapons etc. Also - a ROVING GROUND VEHICLE AI script would be awesome. For server pop during low times.
  4. yea i could .. then 5 mins later im in the air and 3 players disconnect - and the weapons dont work. Pretty sure that is less than ideal.
  5. Ok i understand. Spitfires can potentially out run stingers , thus no flares. I get it. High value asset that can do alot of damage , 100K to buy. I get it. You dont want Spitfires running rampant over the server during low pop. Cool have a pop limit. But server max's out at 60. And the current pop limit to use its weapons is 45. Can we get that dropped even to 30? Be nice to be able to take one out once in a while.
  6. I would agree with Jon Petter. At the risk of copying full verbatim what Jon said above - Allow me to summarize my understanding of your position. Your position is 3 fold. 1. Power in numbers > skill. 2. These groups always roll with singers at all times. 3. Stinger is a no skill item. If i can address your points respectfully. 1. Players do not lose skill because they have a social network of like minded friends. Ive seen both sides of the coin when it comes to large groups. Some have amazing skill in locking down an area - great co-ordination , comms etc. Others are more - we have 10 lemmings ... some of us my die .. but thats a sacrifice i am willing to make /Shrek.jpg 2. This is reasonably fair assertion. More players in a group - greater chance that AT and AA assets will be fielded. Fair point. 3. Yes and No. There are players who think firing a stinger from 2kms away at the rear of a retreating Merlin is a smart move. And there are those who know firing at same Merlin as it does a slow turn towards them is an almost guaranteed kill. Regardless - zig zagging your auto aim till you get a lock across the sky to simply press T then left click on your mouse is less a skill than any other kill in the game. However - i would argue the following even if you think my above views are incorrect and unsupported by your own personal experiences. (A) Armed Helicopters exist (B) As i manage a large player group of Australian / US players - getting 10+ guys on for a game on the weekend isnt hard. (C) As per point B , you dont want us in 1 UH60 - pilot - Left gunner - right gunner - 4000rnd belts - 3 belts spare each + 1 belt loaded , + 6 Little bIrd Gauz 12.7's flying around the map doing organized gun runs on you with your best option to fire back being An armed HMG MRAP. Yes you can take out 1 or two birds with some high caliber shots .... but trust me - between you and your armed humvee , vs Me and 1 side gunner in a UH60 ... plus supporting assets ... you want that stinger option.
  7. I think the issue that is being ignore here is not the cost of $100,000. I can purchase for $90,000 a UH-60 armed 7.62 transport helicopter with flares - that can survive 1 stinger direct hit and AUTO rotate to a safe landing to repair and refuel. No limitation on how many players on server before the weapons can be used by my gunners. VS $100,000 for a spitfire - that can not use its weapons with less than 25 players on server. Has no flares. Can not take a stinger hit without exploding. Why would anyone purchase a $100,000 armed vehicle that requires 25+ people before you can use it , and cant combat a stinger unless its going top speed , in which case it cant accurately shoot / bomb? I am not saying " GIVE IT FLARES ". I am saying - either reduce the price , or reduce the players needed to use it ,OR - give it flares. Because currently - i dont see anyone using this vehicle with a 25+ player limit on it. Sort of like hte pawnee requires 25+ people ... but a 12.7mm gauz heli doesnt..
  8. Under the general config for DMS ( Dynamic mission system ) , there is a SPAWN MISSION on % incline of terrain feature. CUrrently - missions are spawning on sheer cliff faces - with hurons etc instantly blowing up. Are you willing to reduce this incline % Setting ? Plenty of open areas on the map -
  9. Current Objective View Distance is maxed out at 2700 meters. Are we able to increase the view distance? Fog rolls in around 2kms and makes accurate long distance shooting problematic. As does the impact on following - tracking vehicles both ground and air. Thank you.
  10. Current Cost is $100,000 Vehicle is restricted to NO FIRE NO BOMB DROP with 34 or less players on server. Vehicle has no flares. Can i suggest - Reduce the price or add flares ( Even if that means increasing the price ). if neither Can we reduce the player limit for weapon usage?
  11. Not camping safe zone. You can literally see the base that my 3d marker is placed next to. Directing Jubear to attack on foot while i cover the heli parked next to it.
  12. This post goes out to THAIGUY and a bunch of idiots who do not understand the rules. 1. The BLACK CIRCLE is the safe zone. The RED CIRCLE is the : "No shooting other players within 500m of the Safe Zone. This is considered the "NO PVP ZONE". (The red circle around the black circle)" 2. The Blue circle is me. The Green Circle is Jubear. Noting how the BLUE ICON is NOT within the RED CIRCLE ( NO PVP ZONE ) , nor is it facing towards the no pvp zone. Jubear is moving towards a base. The base he is moving towards is the base i am actively shooting players at. 3. This is were you died THAI . FLYING over a base - OUTSIDE of NO PVP. So incase you are unaware. This is not safe zone camping. This is not breaching safe zone rules. And there is no such rule as DO NOT USE STINGERS WITHIN 3kms of a Safezone. The lesson to learn here is to buy a helicopter that has flares. $20,000 is the starting price. Save you alot of problems. Here in ends the lesson.
  13. Buy a code lock from Safe zone hardware trader. Walk up to your non lock vehicle. Scroll wheel - CLAIM - Set 4 digit code of your choice Wait for animation and load bar to finish Your welcome.
  14. First , allow me to quote the safe zone rule that people badly quote "Do not camp the border of the "NO PVP ZONE". The Sheer amount of people myself and Jubear killed with Stingers with us at KM's away from any NO PVP zone ... and the Killed players at least 1km often 2+ kms outside the No PVP zone... I would like to on behalf of AInc , offer the following advice. (1) Use a land vehicle - can not be AA'd if your on foot or in a ground vehicle. (2) Use an aircraft that allows you to quickly eject. You know ... not the default black little bird. (3) Ok .. this is a hard one for some people to consider... wait for it ... Buy an aircraft that has ...... (4) If you fly in predictable high traffic paths between safe zones and other mission areas - good chance that we will be sitting watching the skies. Maybe .. and again i know this part is hard... (5) If you actually 100% believe we have broken the DO NOT CAMP rule. You can record ( retroactive recording is a thing .... and its free ). Then .. and here is the really hard part ... *** Thank you for taking the time to read this and laugh , as we laugh often , so should we all ***
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