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  1. you say you had a passenger, why not let him jump out while you try to lure it into a position where your teammate can then shoot him down, or atleast split the pawnees focus so 1 of you can get out or in a position to do something that way you didnt have to abuse something like godmode that you get from a trader, but instead fight him using legitimate mechanics (this is the reason stingers are also in the game, to help you counter them) he was in a better position, he was better prepared (by bringing a pawnee) and managed to get a shot on you, and you just hard-countered that by not getting hit by a shot for 10 seconds.. how is that fair towards him? imagine you are in a pawnee, and you're fighting a blackhawk, or some other vehicle that takes a few shots to take down he needs to hit you like once and you'll go down, while he might take a few more shots.. you manage to hit it a couple times, enough to damage it but not quite enough to blow it up, now it flees into the trader, lands, repairs, and comes back out later fully repaired and rearmed and you no longer have the drop on it.. manages to hit you once, and kills you.. theres no fun in getting outplayed by a safezone..
  2. if you arent rendering in grass after 100-200 meters, then yes, it would start sinking them into the ground it doesnt do it at closer ranges because it assumes grass is rendered at those distances (which the server lets you disable at low terrain settings) its also partially the map though, for instance, if you look at a hill very far away, you'll notice things like rocks and trees are floating above the hill when you're on low terrain settings, and the same goes with enemy players, on low settings, you sometimes see enemies that are in fact behind the hill, and you shouldnt even be able to see, and cant hit either, but if you turn your terrain settings to ultra, you'll suddenly see that what you were looking at was in fact obscured by the top of the hill.. basically this is the game rendering things less accurately to try and reduce the impact it has on your fps, its not a great way of doing it but its what we have to deal with unfortunately also in your video it is indeed quite severe, part of it could be because that specific spot has quite tall grass, and to simulate that, the game sinks him quite deep into the ground, combine that with the low terrain detail setting and you might see people completely dissapearing
  3. it still happens to some degree even with terrain on ultra, though much less noticable, its the games way to represent your target being obscured by grass, without having to render it in at such large distances (which would kill your fps) so instead, it sinks them into the ground slightly, its just an arma thing you gotta keep in mind, at ultra you should be able to see atleast part of their body though
  4. the xp system isnt something that you're supposed to just go through and unlock everything though, part of the appeal in my opinion is that you need to prioritize which perks you want first depending on you and your role in your team, for me for instance, i went for the quicker revive speed and repair speed first, since i always carry a defib and often find myself in situations where i only have a little bit of time to get my team back together, and i tend to hold my W key while driving in the middle of forests quite alot.. and i still dont have all of the perks yet, nor do i need them, i dont raid.. i dont see myself using the hotkey healing, and i spend my poptabs before i ever reach the max bank amount.. its a bonus ontop of the rewards you get for doing basic stuff anyway, i dont think its designed to be the main reward for doing stuff..
  5. havent seen that one before.. 8g bullets work fine for me, theyre kinda pointless since it usually just shows me missing, but they never really cause any issues for me
  6. would be kind of annoying to be in the process of completing that mission and it just despawning and spawning somewhere else though, so it would need a visible timer for people to decide if its worth trying to cap it before it moves or wait for the next location if theres not enough time
  7. jokes on you i just leave my car unlocked
  8. I believe ban appeals are supposed to go to the following section: https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/forum/28-ban-appeals/
  9. so what im getting from this is: either you guys dont trust eachother enough to be able to share storage (in which case you should possibly reconsider merging your groups together..) or you guys just havent distributed the storage capacity properly/fairly if you have 3 different groups put together, just give each of them 6 safekits, and have 2 safekits spare to use for whatever (dumpsafe, sniper/stinger storage at top of your base, whatever) and if a group complains they need more storage, then they might have to reevaluate whats worth keeping and what isnt.. maybe im just looking at it from the wrong angle though, since even though we have quite alot of safekits available to us, i dont use any of em, and just roll with whatever i buy or loot from other players..
  10. i think making it easier to get kind of defeats its purpose.. either way, whenever you find a magazine, you store it in your base, you'll eventually have like 20x 1's and 20x 2's lying around, a few 4's maybe, and then whenever you find a 3, you basically found a free 50k.. you shouldnt think "oh, i found a 1, better go look for the others now", you should think "oh, i found a 1, better hang on to this until i find the rest some day"
  11. ok, so i just did the math, then accidentally clicked a link at the top and lost my entire post.. so im gonna make this (relatively) short, and will only talk about people actually thermalscanning all the way into your saferoom, 00:00 attempt 1 00:00 attempt 2 00:00 attempt 3 00:05 attempt 4 00:10 attempt 5 00:15 attempt 6 00:20 attempt 7 00:25 attempt 8 00:30 attempt 9 00:35 attempt 10 on average you'd probably get it in about 5 attempts then remember that you can only scan a door 15(?) minutes after its been used assume you have 10 doors 00:00 door 1, took 5 attempts 00:10 door 2, took 8 attempts 00:35 door 3 is cold and no longer gives a thermal signature an hour later you come back to your base, they dont make a move since they dont want to be spotted, 15 minutes later you leave your base again 01:50 opened door 1 and 2, scanned door 3, took 3 attempts 01:50 door 4, took 5 attempts 02:00 door 5, took 8 attempts 02:25 door 6 is cold so it took them over 2 hours of effort and they havent managed to take anything yet.. it takes 1 mistake for them to get spotted and for you to realize you need to change your codes.. i personally feel like theres no need to punish people willing to dedicate this much time into possibly nothing, if you spot them, they either have to start all over, or force the territory into raid mode and push through, after which its all up to both you and your base design
  12. what hes saying, is that after the first 3 attempts, it gets locked for 5 minutes then you try again, it gets locked immediately again after the first wrong attempt, it doesnt give you 3 attempts anymore unless you get it right
  13. Setavai

    Russians got aim :D

    they also had spawn pistols... which for whatever reason always seem to do at most 2 damage per bullet whenever i shoot them at someone
  14. Setavai

    More Slots

    the vip slots will free up once anyone on the server leaves at any point though.. i dont think we need admin only slots, especially since more slots = less stability, and even though they are admin, they still count as a player, and would still impact performance
  15. bonus points for whoever can count all the "I Kill"-s ?
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