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  1. Setavai

    Flag value

    this.. i dont raid to get stuff out of it or deny someone else stuff, i raid hoping for a good fight to come out of it, and it rarely does, its usually just 1 or 2 random people that see the map icon and come and investigate.. so between this and not playing as often as i used to, i pretty much never participate in any raids anymore, its just not worth it to me, and the flag value does not even factor into that yet.. i do have to say perhaps if the flag was worth more, people could be bothered defending more, but the risk of making people quit because they cant/cant be bothered to recover isnt worth that tradeoff in my opinion
  2. I think its fine as it is now, the spawnpoints are spread out enough to give you a chance of looting the guy you killed while at the same time giving the other a chance to get his gear back.. its up to you if you want to stick around for them to get back, or just disengage from the fight..
  3. just bait them out, have your teammate stare at the base with his scope abit further away from you, then expose yourself.. in order for him to get a shot on you he'd have to get in sight of your teammate whos already scoped in and zeroed onto it, your teammate should be able to take him out before he can get his shot off on you.. plenty of things you can do with a basecamper watching a mission.. once you know someones in their base camping a mission, just adapt your playstyle to it.. you know hes there, hes not gonna leave his base since he has a prime position, so just ignore him.. stay out of his sight and focus on spotting other people around you.. hes in his base, even if you kill him, you wont get anything out of it, so why worry about it?
  4. Setavai

    Flag value

    you cant expect us to have a stinger equipped and not shoot it at the very first thing it can lock onto, regardless of the type of heli.. its like shooting atv's with a MAAWS.. its overkill.. but it just had to be done..
  5. Your GPS map doesnt update your teammates locations unless you open your map.. an enemy might bump into you in a location where you thought a teammate was, you stop and ask your teammates if thats them, or check your map to confirm their locations.. he just straight up shoots you without a second of doubt because he knows there arent any teammates of his nearby.. that split second can easily be the difference between winning and losing a fight.. Not everyone can perfectly describe their exact location at all times, and not everyone can understand those descriptions at all times, once again, a split second of confusion is already a split second more then what your opponent would have.. It would make a difference.. because its not about being able to scan only once every 5 minutes, its about not showing up on those scans yourself.. your single scan will give you 5 players in the area, you know what to expect, you can adapt or prepare for it. their scan every 1 minute (theyre 5 players, if they rotate their scans they can do a scan every minute) isnt giving them anything.. sure, its a 5vs1 fight, but you know its at the very least a 5vs1, you'll play more carefully or just back off from the fight, and they wont even know you were there unless they spot you..
  6. Setavai

    Guess I'll die?

    and thats why ramming in the safezone isnt allowed ? cause people can do this to you.. still can be funny when its your teammates that do it though
  7. i like this, this means you can make the choice to not be in a group if you want to be stealthy, with the added side effect that you might shoot your supposed-teammates, which is easier for smaller groups, so it balances itself out.. ofc this should be group though, since i dont want to leave my family just because im the only one of my party who's online and i want to be stealthy.. i'd annoy the shit out of the rest of my group by constantly asking for new family invites ?
  8. Setavai

    Flag value

    adding to what solomon stated, by raiding someones base, you're affecting their economy, they lose money because they have to re-buy their flag, increasing the amount of money you can cost someone with each raid would mean you can drain someones bank quicker, forcing them to either give up on their base or farm more poptabs, some people might not be able to do that or cant be bothered to do that, meaning it becomes easier to ruin someones ability to enjoy playing here.. sure, you can already do that, it just requires more effort.. i dont think making this easier is beneficial to the server, people bullying eachother away is already an issue in my opinion, but i dont see a point in going down that rabbit hole discussion any further ?
  9. i like your commitment to the jumps, gotta ride them out all the way!
  10. also those bases you see popping up out of nowhere in full concrete are usually bases from groups that have been around for a while, and have decided to relocate their base for whatever reason, or already have established their first base and decided on building another with their stashed parts, we all had to start collecting at some point, some groups are just able to gather the parts quicker due to numbers, luck, or experience..
  11. thats one way of breaking into a base xD
  12. im not exactly sure what the issue here is.. there isnt a balancing issue.. anyone can get their hands on an SPMG, navid, lynx, and even an epilator (not sure why you'd buy one), so its balanced.. you chose not to bring one of those guns yourself, so thats on you.. in my opinion there would only be a balancing issue if i felt forced to use one of those guns because otherwise i wouldnt be able to win my fights, which isn't the case. i just use whatever gun i feel like using.. and i especially dont think any guns should be removed in general because removing guns would only limit my options, i'd get bored in no time ? aslong as you die when i repeatedly hit you in the face, its a fair fight in my eyes
  13. if you're going to do that i'd prefer the ability to choose where you want it, or even an option to disable it, because i prefer not to have the middle of my screen being blocked, especially since this is a 3rd person server, you'll often end up looking over stuff and having text in the top-center of your screen would just limit your ability to see over properly.. EDIT: also, if the group display thingy is natively in arma, wouldnt you be able to change its position from the main menu with the layout editor? cant check if its in there though since im not at home
  14. It goes both ways though, most of the times when i do a cap point, i dont actually care about the reward at all, i just want people to show up, even though im technically putting myself in a disadvantageous position, im confident enough in my ability to spot people, and that my teammates can handle them if needed, that i can take that risk. i can understand how this can be frustrating for those that play solo or dont have many teammates to help them out though, because even if you spot them, chances are if you try and shoot them, you'll get shot from some other direction, and i also agree that there should be some incentive for other players to push into the cappoint as you're capping it, since its scary when you're sitting in a cap point and suddenly the circle on your map turns red.. and thats what i want out of this game, that feeling. i dont think just straight up transferring a percentage of the poptabs to your locker is a good idea though, but there should be something to do inside the cap point, something which will make people want to come inside, i just havent figured out a good way of achieving that yet, but i still figured i'd share my thoughts ? last second edit: MrAndy mentioned an increase in the XP you gain from them, which would be an alright option, i dont play as often as i probably should so my main source of getting XP is from the daily bonus that i get maybe once or twice a week ? its quite a grind to get those levels if you dont play often, yet my teammates always play, so since they have all the perks, repairing and such is faster for them, so it makes more sense to let them repair the car when i crash it (never happens btw), which once again makes me miss out on that repair XP!
  15. a quick addition, all these arguments about how its easy to shoot down a pawnee have been based off of the player on the ground running around with an spmg, navid or pkp, or some other boring LMG.. we have such a nice variety of weapons on the server, and i personally like to use alot of different ones.. i dont want to be forced to limit myself to those 3-4 guns just on the offchance a pawnee appears. and yes, even with a bolt action you'd be able to take it down, but lets be honest, you'd still lose that fight 9/10 times..