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  1. a little extra info on why setting everything to low will result in a decrease in fps instead of an increase, because this might sound weird to some people, This game is very demanding of your CPU, most of the stuff get handled by it, when a setting is set to low, the game makes the CPU perform those tasks, meaning it will ask even more from your CPU, while your GPU is just idling, not doing much of the work, once those settings are set at or above the high preset, the game will ask the GPU to do them instead, meaning your CPU will perform all its normal tasks, and your GPU actually helping out, and doing stuff. For the average pc, its better to split up that workload between your GPU and CPU, therefor some settings when set to high will actually result in a higher fps.
  2. i believe those are noctua fans, theyre actually really high quality, even though their older versions are all that weird brown color :P they have newer ones that are in like black + red and such though, definitely worth looking at if you're thinking of buying new fans for your pc imho
  3. I've shot at an ifrits HMG's wheel yesterday with an m320, after a full mag of 7 shots i failed at taking out a wheel.. should probably also look at that, rather then just focusing on the rockets.. cause i feel like its much more difficult to take out / cripple or shoot someone out of them then it used to be.. or maybe the m320 just sucks now which is also a possibility since i actually never use it :P
  4. I think part of the issue here is that Hunters/striders/ifrits are still available as if they havent been buffed, i'd say making them harder to obtain would eventually balance it out abit more, since they are buffed quite abit now also some vehicles now have stuff like the protection cages, and deltawolf brought this up when we were playing earlier, but it would be nice to have a trader where you can attach such components to your vehicles so that (once they work properly) you can survive a rocket and the dynamic protection cage gets used up, you can make your way to a trader and replace it again
  5. so what you're really saying is you have too much garbage laying around on your desk to quickly take a picture and show us? :P
  6. my point was more about why it costs 10$ more for 10+ people even though the work to add one for 1 person or 10 people is basically the same apart for maybe how many people get added to a whitelist (if its even applied individually and not by family) it feels more natural to me to charge 15$ for a uniform, and another 15$ for a vest, assuming both take an equal amount of effort to add, that way the amount you pay corresponds with how much gets added to the mod, and not with how many people have to be whitelisted for it.. not complaining about it or anything, i just didnt understand the logic behind it :P it also seems theres a few things that are unclear to me, but might be discussed during the meeting, but i might aswell just ask them for people that are thinking about buying this: - if its applied to a family rather then individually, what if i have 10 people in my family now, and i invite 1 more, will he have access or not? - if its applied individually to players, and i have 5 people, can the other 5 i'm paying for be added to people im friendly with but dont directly play with? or do they have to be in my family aswell? - if its applied individually, and i have 5 people in my group now, what if someone joins? do i have to contact you to get them whitelisted too? - if i have 10+ people, but i pay 15$, would that mean i get to pick 10 people to apply it to or am i forced to pay $25?
  7. not sure i understand the pricing policy here.. i get that you dont want everyone to have them, but besides having to add users their steamid to a whitelist somewhere, the rest is the same for a group of an (exaggerated) 20 players and a group of merely 2 players.. or it could even be whitelisted by family, in which case it would require even less effort. Does that warrant a 15$ price difference? or is there something im missing here? from an outside point of view this just seems abit odd to me.. since once a skin is added its already in the SG mod, however many people can use it is at that point irrelevant.. you could for instance charge differently for uniform and vest, since those are both things that would need to be added to the SG mod, adding only a uniform if someone only wants a uniform is more efficient then adding both for everyone that wants it.. Looks good either way, however this would mean that i'd have to deal with the fashion sense of whoever one of our group decides to buy this :P
  8. also might want to add that reserved slots arent required, they are optional, you can get in the server without one by waiting for the playercount to go below 60, since only the last 5 slots are reserved, if you join while theres only 59 players or less on the server, you should be able to connect just fine
  9. although i appreciate the compliment, i think we're supposed to comment on the logo, not my appearances :P thanks guys, i saw a missed opportunity with the logo and figured i'd have a go at it, guess it turned out alright ^_^
  10. Setavai

    Old and new friends

    first time i actually see the no grass thing, and wow.. thats disgusting.. nice vid either way, always fun seeing my teammates do stupid things then get shot for it :P
  11. Like @Shiv_P said, arma sinks you into the ground at larger distances, to emulate being obscured by grass, and its alot more then just a visual effect thats an annoyance for the following reasons: 1. for close range, the grass can be a good emergency cover, say you're alone, and 3 people walk up to you, with nowhere to hide, you decide to just stay prone in the grass, since that grass is there for everyone, regardless of video settings, theres a chance they wont notice you and you can get away from there or better yet, find the right moment to strike and kill them. 2. for long range, a sniper is looking at you from far away, theres no cover, so your only 2 options are to run, serpentine, and hope he doesnt hit or.. find the tallest grass you can find and go prone, (assuming you dont have some stupid backpack sticking out), i personally had numerous situations where going prone in tall grass obscured me enough for an enemy sniper to completely lose sight of me, leaving him to fire blindly at the ground, doubting where he last saw me more and more with every shot he takes, eventually giving up or allowing my teammates to take him out.. disable grass does more then just block your sight.. it can also block you from your opponents sight.. and disabling it will make it impossible to hide from close range, and impossible to know if you're hidden from long range.. why punish the people that spent time and effort learning how to use this mechanic to their favor, when its a very clever mechanic that the arma engine does quite well at a minimum fps cost.. this game has much more potential then a simple shooter game.. why make it one?