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  1. Basically you being afraid it would be stolen created a situation where it could indeed be stolen that sucks though, but ye, you basically want to keep the cement mixer somewhere hard to reach, preferably seperate from your saferoom so chances of them going for it are smaller (they'd either go for your saferoom, or your cement mixer, and only if theyre really persistent for both)
  2. But im still recovering from the shock of having my loadouts wiped last week ? I look forward to it anyway, though it will be sad to see the leaderboards reset, since it is a kind of memory trip scrolling trough the leaderboards and seeing all my old teammates pass by ?
  3. with just a hatchet and some supplies from the trader (saw, screws, etc) you can build a fully wooden base in no time, then in my opinion the quickest way is to just do building supply missions to slowly replace wooden parts with concrete, if you can get the rewards from those missions atleast theres probably other methods out there, and since i dont really get involved in building any bases i never really had to go through the effort of gathering those parts on this server, im probably not the best person to answer this question ? if you have the poptabs to spare,
  4. Quite impressive to see how peoples playstyles evolve after being away for a few months.. see quite a few tactics in there that i havent seen before ? not sure if im happy about that or not cause it seems annoying to deal with ?
  5. Setavai


    Perhaps you'd have a bigger response if you share some info about you, since you mentioned possibly creating video content, what sort of content you plan on making, if you have an active channel already, etc.
  6. you say you had a passenger, why not let him jump out while you try to lure it into a position where your teammate can then shoot him down, or atleast split the pawnees focus so 1 of you can get out or in a position to do something that way you didnt have to abuse something like godmode that you get from a trader, but instead fight him using legitimate mechanics (this is the reason stingers are also in the game, to help you counter them) he was in a better position, he was better prepared (by bringing a pawnee) and managed to get a shot on you, and you just hard-countered that
  7. if you arent rendering in grass after 100-200 meters, then yes, it would start sinking them into the ground it doesnt do it at closer ranges because it assumes grass is rendered at those distances (which the server lets you disable at low terrain settings) its also partially the map though, for instance, if you look at a hill very far away, you'll notice things like rocks and trees are floating above the hill when you're on low terrain settings, and the same goes with enemy players, on low settings, you sometimes see enemies that are in fact behind the hill, and you
  8. it still happens to some degree even with terrain on ultra, though much less noticable, its the games way to represent your target being obscured by grass, without having to render it in at such large distances (which would kill your fps) so instead, it sinks them into the ground slightly, its just an arma thing you gotta keep in mind, at ultra you should be able to see atleast part of their body though
  9. I believe ban appeals are supposed to go to the following section: https://www.spartangaming.co.uk/forum/28-ban-appeals/
  10. they also had spawn pistols... which for whatever reason always seem to do at most 2 damage per bullet whenever i shoot them at someone
  11. bonus points for whoever can count all the "I Kill"-s ?
  12. unleashed put effort into that barbed wire and you will goddamn appreciate it ? but for real though, looking good unleashed, is the netting on the window removable/retractable like the shutters on the current windows? would be nice to be able to open it up to get a clear shot on something
  13. Its the same for me, if i dont zoom in (even in third person), i can see inbetween the branches of the trees alot easier, but if i zoom in the trees become more detailed and will block my vision.. pretty sure its just a cherno thing since its ported from arma2 though.. i generally dont need to zoom in further to take my shot though, my regular scope zoom works fine for me, i pretty much only zoom in because i want to see if a branch might stop my bullet or not
  14. gotta love pennies comms, 7:45, "oh fuck... I kill." xD
  15. love how those people in the 2nd clip are hiding inside the rocks thinking theyre safe.. ?
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