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  1. Try doing pistols only next time!
  2. We would need a video of the incident happening as William Wallace also said.
  3. We have tried this out in the past multiple times, and the majority of the players on the server are against it so its likely not to be implemented on the servers.
  4. Hell yeah! Lets goooo.. RUBBER DUCKS!
  5. Cameron

    Armed Vehicles

    Armed vehicles at the moment aren't considered that good, all it takes is simply for one guy to run up with a RPG of any sort and just blow it up. Already there is not that many OP armed vehicles so i don't think there is gonna be any downgrades for the current armed vehicles.
  6. Keep in mind that camping the Safezone is also rule breaking, and using stingers from any base into Safezone would also be rule breaking.
  7. Can't compensate you for what happened here. If you want compensation for your gear.. we do require video evidence of the incident. Besides.. the two screenshots are in two different places
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